Moonlighters is a trilogy of bestselling novels written by award-winning novelist Terri Blackstock. The first novel in the Moonlighters trilogy was “Truth Stained Lies” first published in 2013. The series of novels are generally regarded as Christian Fiction. The Moonlighters series of novels are about the women of the Cramer family, who moonlight as amateur … Continue reading “Moonlighters”

Orson Scott Card

An American national, Orson Scott Card is a scribbler whose place of birth is Richland upon Washington. A sexagenarian who spent his formative years in various states ranging from California to Arizona, Card was born on August 1951. Card, who is domiciled in Greensboro upon North Carolina, has many occupations; he writes novels, essays, reviews, … Continue reading “Orson Scott Card”

Tom Clancy’s Net Force

Net Force is a series of fantasy fiction novels by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. Steve Perry the science fiction writer and television scriptwriter was the original writer of the series. The original series was shelved in 2006, before it was launched in 2013. The first novel in the series was the 1998 published “Net … Continue reading “Tom Clancy’s Net Force”

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks refers to a bestselling American man of letters who doubles up as a filmmaker. The penman’s birth name is Nicholas Charles Sparks. A man in his early fifties, Sparks was born in December 1965 and his place of birth is Omaha upon Nebraska in the US. Presently, Sparks is a North Carolina resident. … Continue reading “Nicholas Sparks”

Jason Bourne

The name Jason Bourne refers to a series of novels that were initially written by Robert Ludlum. The name also refers to the protagonist of the series. When Robert died in 2001, Eric Van Lustbader was assigned the task of taking over from where he stopped and continuing the legacy of Jason Bourne. When the … Continue reading “Jason Bourne”

P D James

James is a truncation of the name of an English woman of letters whose birth name was Phyllis Dorothy James White. She also used the name Phyllis James. P.D. James, who has since died, was born in August 1920 in Oxford upon England. A one-time London resident, she passed away on November 2014 in her … Continue reading “P D James”

Newpointe 911

Newpointe 911 is a series of thriller/suspense novels written by Terri Blackstock, a renowned Christian author. The books revolve around the troubles that seem to plague the firefighters, police officers and people of authority in a small town. The focus isn’t only on the trials of the firefighters and their ilk but the challenges that … Continue reading “Newpointe 911”

P J Tracy

P.J Tracy is the collective nom de plume of two American women of letters named P.J. Lambrecht alongside Traci Lambrecht. Interestingly, the former penwoman is the mother of the latter author. Accordingly, the collective pen name is a synthesis of the initials of the parent and the first name of the daughter. On the one … Continue reading “P J Tracy”

Jack Ryan / John Clark

Jack Ryan is more or less synonymous with Tom Clancy. However, for casual fans of Tom Clancy, John Clark might be a largely unknown quantity because Jack Ryan tends to elicit most of the interest. In that regard, most people tend to simply categorize the Jack Ryan/John Clark series under the Jack Ryan name. Jack … Continue reading “Jack Ryan / John Clark”

Neal Stephenson

With an unmistakable bushy goatee, Neal Stephenson has a consecrated aura about him. In one of his many signature photos wherein his face is a blank mask, a jaundiced eye might mistake the impassive man for a portrait of a deity. At least literal acclaim has lionized him. Meet Neal Stephenson. Neal Stephenson is an … Continue reading “Neal Stephenson”