The Sacketts Books

The Sacketts is a series of western novels about the Sackett family written by Louis L’Amour, the bestselling American writer that made a name for himself with his incredible westerns. The first novel in the series that featured a Sackett was “Sackett’s Land” that was first published in 1974 to almost overnight popularity. The series of novels follow members of the Sackett clan such as Parmalee, Galloway, Flagan, Falcon, Lando, Nolan, Logan, Echo, Kin-Ring among others.

Order of The Sacketts Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Daybreakers 1960 Description / Buy
2 Sackett 1961 Description / Buy
3 Lando 1962 Description / Buy
4 Mojave Crossing 1964 Description / Buy
5 The Sackett Brand 1965 Description / Buy
6 Mustang Man 1966 Description / Buy
7 The Sky-Liners 1967 Description / Buy
8 The Lonely Men 1969 Description / Buy
9 Galloway 1970 Description / Buy
10 Ride the Dark Trail 1972 Description / Buy
11 Treasure Mountain 1972 Description / Buy
12 War Party 1973 Description / Buy
13 Sackett's Land 1974 Description / Buy
14 To the Far Blue Mountains 1976 Description / Buy
15 Lonely on the Mountain 1980 Description / Buy
16 Ride the River 1983 Description / Buy
17 The Warrior's Path 1984 Description / Buy
18 Jubal Sackett 1985 Description / Buy
19 End of the Drive 1997 Description / Buy
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The Sackett family is an American pioneer family that lives the vivid life full of adventure and spirit in the American frontier. The women and men of the family challenge the uncharted wilderness as they embark on a quest to fulfill their dreams. From generation to generation, they have been driving westward with fierce independence, a love for wild and free spaces, and wanderlust. Each novel in the series is a standalone novel featuring one member of the Sackett family facing up to an epic historical adventure, impossible odds, and challenges. They finally succeed by staying true to the strong Sacket family tradition of never giving up.

“Sackett’s Land”, the first novel in the series introduces Barnabas Sackett, the patriarch of the Sackett family in England. Barnabas is not looking for any trouble but soon finds himself deep in it. He is feeling on top of the world after he found some old Roman coins that he sold for a good sum of money to an antiques dealer. With a spring in his step, he helps a woman only for her gentleman suitor to turn on him, forcing him to flee the country.

The confrontation soon sees him head to the Americas, where he finds himself jumping from one adventure to the next. His adventures have him engage with a range of intriguing characters including crooked traders, pirates, moors, and native chieftains. Even as he experiences many setbacks, he grows from strength to strength, always finding a way to overcome all threats and obstacles in his path. The novel is testament to Louis’s excellent story telling skills that have seen him win some of the most prestigious awards over the years.


The sixth novel in the series “The Daybreakers” and the eighth novel “Sacketts” were adapted into the Sacketts TV series that aired in 1979. Produced by Douglas Netter Productions, the series starred Sam Elliot as Tell Sackett and Tom Elliot as Tom Selleck.


Sackett: The eighth novel in the series that was also made into a TV series is one of the best novels in the series. The novel tells the story of William Tell Sackett, who finds himself a drifter without a place to call his own but determined to find one. He finds just the place he had been looking for South of the Tetons. He also finds a beautiful, resourceful, and courageous woman only to learn that he may have to choose one treasure over the other.

Jubal Sackett: The fourth novel in the series is about Louis L’Amour a second-generation member of the Sackett family, who is looking to set himself up in the American Wild West. Just like his father, the man had always had a wanderlust that has driven him west until a Natchez priest asks for something impossible. Undertaking what he believes to be an impossible quest he ventures into the endless grassy plains, guided by a Native American exploration party. His quest takes him from the relatively safe East American coast to almost constant danger from an implacable enemy.

The Daybreakers: The sixth novel in the series that together with Sacketts was made into a TV series, is an incredible tale of Tyrel Sackett. Tyrel Sackett had once stopped a bullet from hitting his brother, an event that had changed both of their lives forever. Together, the two brothers had headed to the frontier town of Santa Fe, where Orin became a marshal while Tye reverts to his old lawless ways.


Many of The Sacketts series lovers love the “Riders of the Purple Sage” series of novels by Zane Grey. These are classic westerns that tell of the sex, sentimentalism, conflict, crisis, violence, action, and adventure of the Wild West.

Fans of the Sacketts series of novels also enjoy The “Sheriff Chick Charleston Mysteries” Series of novels by A.B. Guthrie Jr. The series of westerns follow the adventures of sheriff Chick Charlestone, who works with very little support in the Wild West. Nonetheless, he has a good understanding of human nature that makes him very effective at his job.

What Is The Next Book in The Sacketts Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sacketts Series. The newest book is End of the Drive and was released on May, 5th 1997.