Harlan Coben Books

Although he was born in Newark, New Jersey, Harlan Coben was raised in Livingston. He had a Jewish upbringing by the hands of his parents. He studied political science at Amherst. While at college he began to write, but went on to work in the travel industry for a company owned by his grandfather. Harlan Coben settled in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He is married to a pediatrician and have four children.

Harlan Coben has written two series, the Myron Bolitar series and the Mickey Bolitar series. He also writes many stand alone books.

Order of Harlan Coben Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Play Dead 1990
2 Miracle Cure 1991
3 Tell No One 2001
4 Gone for Good 2002
5 No Second Chance 2003
6 Just One Look 2004
7 The Innocent 2005
8 The Woods 2007
9 Hold Tight 2008
10 Caught 2010
11 Stay Close 2012
12 Six Years 2013
13 Missing You 2014
14 The Stranger 2015
15 Fool Me Once 2016
16 Don't Let Go 2017

Order of Myron Bolitar Series

# Read Title Published
1 Deal Breaker 1995
2 Drop Shot 1996
3 Fade Away 1996
4 Back Spin 1997
5 One False Move 1998
6 The Final Detail 1999
7 Darkest Fear 2000
8 Promise Me 2006
9 Long Lost 2009
10 Live Wire 2011
11 Home 2016

Order of Mickey Bolitar Series

# Read Title Published
1 Shelter 2011
2 Seconds Away 2012
3 Found 2014

Order of Harlan Coben Childrens Books

# Read Title Published
1 The Magical Fantastical Fridge 2016


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Both the Myron Bolitar series and the Mickey Bolitar series chronological order is the same as the publication order. The standalone novels Harlan Coben wrote have no tie-ins with each other and can all be read separately.

Note that Mickey Bolitar first appears in Live Wire – so chronologically you would read up to Live Wire, then read Shelter, Seconds Away and Found before moving on to the next novel in the Myron series, Home.


Harlan Coben has won several awards for his writing. Starting in 1996 he won Anthony Award in the category “Best Paperback Original” for his book Deal Breaker. Deal Breaker is the first volume of the Myron Boliar series. Fade Away won the 1997 Shamus Award and the Edgar Award for “Best Paperback Original. In 1998 Back Spin won the Barry Award. In 2010, Live Wire won the “World’s most lucrative crime fiction” award and the RBA International Prize for Crime Writing.


Harlan Cobens novel Tell No One was made into a movie in 2006 starring Francois Cluzet. The movie is in French.

Halen Coben also wrote the 10 episode miniseries The Five for UK TV. The Five is not based on a book.

The novel No Second Chance was made into a 6 episode miniseries in French. It was called Une chance de trop.


Honestly practically every Harlan Coben book is excellent and worth reading. The “Myron Bolitar” series in particular is exceptional, as are all of Cobens standalone novels. Here are a few of the best Coben books which are standalone if you just want to jump right in:

Stay Close: The plot of Stay Close is one that many people could relate to – at least the beginning part. it features Megan who is your typical suburban mom – takes her kids to soccer, lives the boring suburban life. She had a wild side at one point but that’s all in the past. Until now. This book is a thriller and in traditional Coben fashion, takes you for a wild ride of twists and turns before leaving you with a highly satisfying conclusion.

Caught: The premise of Caught is simple – it features a reporter named Wendy Tynes whose job is taking down sex offenders using sting operations which are aired on TV. She catches what seems to be another sex offender in Dan Mercer, a social worker. However all is not what it seems as Mercers motivations appear different and it has Wendy questioning everyone around her.

No Second Chance: This is a book that grabs you right from the opening chapters. Marc Seidman, a doctor, is shot twice in a home assault which also sees his wife killed, and his baby daughter kidnapped. Seidman survives and then receives a ransom note and he’ll stop at nothing to get his daughter back.