Author Listings

Below is a list of all of the authors we currently list on A few of our more popular authors are highlighted at the top of the page.

The list is filtered from A-Z and all authors are listed by their surname first. So if you’re looking for Stephen King you’d look under “K”. We also have a full list of authors on the site but this list is easier to navigate.

We are adding more authors to the site every day. If there is an author you are looking for that we don’t have then please send them to us via the bottom right of the site – there’s a “Recommendations” section there and we’ll add that author usually within a week of your request.

We list the publication order of all authors books and break it into series as well as discuss the best books by an author based on our own opinions. We’ve also got biographical data of each author to the best of our abilities. Finally we list the chronological order of a book series of an author where applicable.