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There are a lot of Book websites out there covering all different types of topics.

We’re listing websites that we find extremely useful being readers. These should be able to help you when it comes to finding new books or new authors to read.

These are websites that we personally use and we provide a description of each one.

If you have a website or know of one that should be added here, shoot us an e-mail.

The Real Book Spy: An excellent website for fans of spy fiction although it goes beyond that to cover great mysteries and thrillers. As fans of spy thrillers and books featuring the likes of Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher, we’re often visiting here when we’re hankering for a good book featuring a badass.

Cozy Mystery List: The best resource online if you’re looking for a cozy mystery. They have so many lists and have books broken down by theme which is great. Nothing like checking out their Christmas Cozy Mystery recommendations for books to read when it’s snowing outside.

Mystery Sequels: A solid website for fans of mystery, thriller and suspense books. My favourite part is for new books coming out how they break down the lists by books in a series and Standalone Thrillers.