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Detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch is the leading character in Michael Connelly’s book The Black Echo, which evolved into an 18-part series of crime novels.

Bosch begins his career at seventeen years old when his foster father signs his enlistment papers for him to join the United States Air Force. Bosch is adopted, his mother having been murdered when he was a child and his father being absent since before birth. He joins in time for the Vietnam War where he spends his days as, what the other war heroes call, a “tunnel rat”. His job is to infiltrate enemy lines by sneaking through tunnels, barracks, hospitals, and sometimes morgues.

Order of Harry Bosch Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Black Echo 1992 Description / Buy
2 The Black Ice 1993 Description / Buy
3 The Concrete Blonde 1994 Description / Buy
4 The Last Coyote 1995 Description / Buy
5 Trunk Music 1997 Description / Buy
6 Angels Flight 1999 Description / Buy
7 A Darkness More Than Night 2000 Description / Buy
8 City of Bones 2002 Description / Buy
9 Lost Light 2003 Description / Buy
10 The Narrows 2004 Description / Buy
11 The Closers 2005 Description / Buy
12 Echo Park 2006 Description / Buy
13 The Overlook 2007 Description / Buy
14 Nine Dragons 2009 Description / Buy
15 The Drop 2011 Description / Buy
16 The Black Box 2012 Description / Buy
17 Switchblade (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
18 The Burning Room 2014 Description / Buy
19 The Crossing 2015 Description / Buy
20 The Wrong Side of Goodbye 2016 Description / Buy
21 Two Kinds of Truth 2017 Description / Buy
22 The Night Fire 2019 Description / Buy
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Within the pages of his breakout novel, The Black Echo, we find Bosch has been honorably discharged from the Army and is living in Los Angeles with his daughter Maddie. The Detective has joined the LAPD and is rising through the ranks when a sudden change in events puts him on a case to find the killer of a man he served with in Vietnam. What follows is a story of secrets, surprising twists, and betrayal that really shows off Connelly’s strength in storytelling.

Awards For Harry Bosch:

In 1993, The Black Echo won The Edgar Award for Best Novel, and was nominated for the Anthony Award in the same year, for the same category. Both of these are awards dedicated to authors in the mystery genre. Following this prestigious honor, Connelly received almost every award offered to mystery writers, among which being the Los Angeles Times Best Mystery/Thriller Award, the Dilys Award, and the Nero Award. The Black Box, the sixteenth book in the Harry Bosch Series, was even awarded what is considered the most remunerative crime fiction award, the RBA International Prize for Crime Writing.

Harry Bosch Books Into Movies:

Officially released in 2015, Amazon Prime featured the only movie or television version of the Bosch Series. Spanning across ten episodes, Bosch, as it was titled, depicts stories from three of the most popular books in the collection, City Of Bones, Concrete Park, and The Concrete Blonde. The TV series was a hit with Amazon audiences and a second season was ordered, filmed, and then released a year later. Again, the series was incredibly popular amongst its viewers and a third season has now been projected to return by the Spring of 2017. It will feature his first novel, The Black Echo, and will have elements from his A Darkness More Than Night.

Best Harry Bosch Books:

Though all of the books in the line of Harry Bosch novels have had obvious success, there are a few who have stuck out as crowd-pleasers. The aforementioned RBA award winner, The Black Box, is certainly among that list, where we find Detective Bosch picking up a twenty year old murder case that went cold long ago. Featuring riots, family issues, and multiple murders, The Black Box surely will not disappoint.

The Burning Room, another fan favorite, has been regarded as one of the best Harry Bosch books. As the seventeenth novel to feature Bosch, Connelly brings in a new face, a strong-willed, up and coming cop who goes by the name Lucky Lucy. It is fast-paces, houses a handful of twists, and even keeps us with two different plot lines that weave in and out of each other, making this a novel that is sure to keep you on your toes.

City of Bones: When some bones are found in a shallow grave by a dog on New Year’s Day, Bosch is drawn into a cold case that obsesses him to no end. The bones belong to a young boy who was killed 25 years ago and leads to a lot of intrigue in the media in Los Angeles. The young boy’s bones give Bosch some serious flashbacks to his own time as an orphan. Classic Bosch is at work here as he takes the case into his own hands and finds things that the others overlook. He also doesn’t play by the rules and gets involved with a young detective. This is one of the top books in the series and one of the first to be adapted for the Amazon series.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye: One of the latest books in the series proves that Michael Connely is still one of the best working crime authors out there. Bosch finds himself working as a private investigator for one of the richest men in the city, looking to find someone who might not have ever existed. The search brings up strange coincidences to his own past which just draws Bosch deeper into the case.

While at the same time also doing a bit of freelance work for a police department that is low on cash, that finds him facing one of the most difficult criminals of his career. The Wrong Side of Goodbye is surprising in all the right ways and Connelly just keeps finding ways to keep this character fresh.

Other Book Series You May Like:

Readers of Michael Connelly tend to stick within the mystery and crime fiction genre. One of the most common series that Bosch fans like to read is the “Harry Hole” series of novels by Jo Nesbo.

Another popular series, with more of a forensic science twist, is Patricia Cornwell’s “Scarpetta” series. Scarpetta is a medical examiner who uses her inclination towards research and her willingness to never back down from a fight to catch, and often kill, the murderer in question.

What Is The Next Book in The Harry Bosch Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Harry Bosch Series. The newest book is The Night Fire and was released on October, 22nd 2019.