Series Listings

This section lists all of the book series that we currently list on

It’s all filtered alphabetically. Obviously there are a LOT of book series out there. We usually only add a book listing from an author if there are at least 3 books in that particular series although there might be some exceptions if it’s a notable one such as the Hunger Games. We’ve also got a complete listing on one page although this is probably easier to navigate.

If the book series you are looking for isn’t listed here then at the bottom right of the site is a “Recommendations” section. Submit any book series you want listed there and we’ll try to have it added within a week. We get a lot of requests however so it can occasionally take a bit of time to get to all of them.

We provide details about a book series such as the characters and the best books. Where possible we try not to provide spoilers however it can be difficult to do so so if you’re starting a new book based on our lists, read it at your peril!

A Brit in the FBI Series
A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery Series
A Series Of Unfortunate Events Series
A Song Of Ice and Fire Series
Abe Glitsky Series
Above the Line Series
Abram's Daughters Series
Acorna Series
Act Of God Series
Adam Dalgliesh Series
Adventure Series
Adventures of Conan Series
Agatha Raisin Series
Agent 21 Series
Agent Micah Dalton Series
Aimee Leduc Investigations Series
Akimbo Series
Alan Gregory Series
Alan Grofield Series
Alan Saxon Series
Alastair-Audley Series
Alcatraz Series
Alex Cross Series
Alex Delaware Series
Alex McKnight Series
Alex Morrow Series
Alex Rider Series
Alexander Hawke Series
Alexandra Cooper Series
Alexia Tarabotti Series
Ali Reynolds Series
All the Wrong Questions Series
Alliance Vampires Series
Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls Series
Aloha Reef Series
Alpha and Omega Series
Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf Graphic Novels
Alpha Force Series
Alpha Force Series
Alvirah and Willy Series
Amanda Jaffe Series
Amelia Peabody Series
Americana Series
Amos Decker Series
Ancient Egypt Series
Andreas Kaldis Series
Andrew Klavan Standalone Novels
Andy Brazil/Judy Hammer Series
Andy Carpenter Series
Angels Everywhere Series
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series
Anna Pigeon Series
Anna Travis Series
Annika Bengtzon Series
Antarktos Saga Series
Antiques & Collectibles Mysteries Series
Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell Series
Arkane Series
Artemis Fowl Series
Asian Saga Series
Ask Isaac Asimov Non-Fiction Series
Aubrey/Maturin Series
Aunt Dimity Series
Aurelio Zen Series
Aurora Teagarden Series
Ava Lee Series