Series Listings

This section lists all of the book series that we currently list on

It’s all filtered alphabetically. Obviously there are a LOT of book series out there. We usually only add a book listing from an author if there are at least 3 books in that particular series although there might be some exceptions if it’s a notable one such as the Hunger Games.

If the book series you are looking for isn’t listed here then at the bottom right of the site is a “Recommendations” section. Submit any book series you want listed there and we’ll try to have it added within a week. We get a lot of requests however so it can occasionally take a bit of time to get to all of them.

We provide details about a book series such as the characters and the best books. Where possible we try not to provide spoilers however it can be difficult to do so so if you’re starting a new book based on our lists, read it at your peril!