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One of the best ways to tell an exceedingly great suspense story is through sarcasm. Despite the fact that David Rosenfelt may not be a trained lawyer, he still manages to weave a well-thought-out legal drama that will keep the reader entertained. Andy Carpenter is one of the best performing suspense stories by Rosenfelt. The main character in this series is Andy Carpenter, an individual who has constantly been wisecracking his way through life and also in many legal battles that he handles. The storyline and the courtroom details that the author gives are authentic, thereby making the book entertaining and highly believable. David Rosenfelt is a renowned author who already has nineteen books and three movies under his name After graduating from York University; Andy Carpenter decided to work in the film industry.

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Order of Andy Carpenter Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Open and Shut ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2002 Description / Buy
2 First Degree ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2003 Description / Buy
3 Bury the Lead ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2004 Description / Buy
4 Sudden Death ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2005 Description / Buy
5 Dead Center ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2006 Description / Buy
6 Play Dead ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2007 Description / Buy
7 New Tricks ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2009 Description / Buy
8 Dog Tags ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2010 Description / Buy
9 One Dog Night ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2011 Description / Buy
10 Leader of the Pack ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2012 Description / Buy
11 Unleashed ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2013 Description / Buy
12 Hounded ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2014 Description / Buy
13 Who Let the Dog Out? ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2015 Description / Buy
14 Outfoxed ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2016 Description / Buy
15 The Twelve Dogs of Christmas ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2016 Description / Buy
16 Collared ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2017 Description / Buy
17 Rescued ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2018 Description / Buy
18 Deck the Hounds ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2018 Description / Buy
19 Bark of Night ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2019 Description / Buy
20 Dachshund Through the Snow ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2019 Description / Buy
21 Muzzled ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2020 Description / Buy
22 Silent Bite ( By: David Rosenfelt) 2020 Description / Buy
23 Dog Eat Dog (By: David Rosenfelt) 2021 Description / Buy
24 Best in Snow (By: David Rosenfelt) 2021 Description / Buy
25 Holy Chow (By: David Rosenfelt) 2022 Description / Buy
26 Santa's Little Yelpers (By: David Rosenfelt) 2022 Description / Buy
27 Flop Dead Gorgeous (By: David Rosenfelt) 2023 Description / Buy
28 'Twas the Bite Before Christmas (By: David Rosenfelt) 2023 Description / Buy
29 Dog Day Afternoon (By: David Rosenfelt) 2024 Description / Buy
30 The More the Terrier (By: David Rosenfelt) 2024 Description / Buy
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Andy Carpenter Awards

None of the books in this series have been nominated for any major literary awards.

Andy Carpenter Books into Movies

None of the books in the series have been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Andy Carpenter Books

Open and Shut: One of the best performing books in this series is Open and Shut. Open and Shut is a type of case where the evidence presented to the judiciary is so incontrovertible such that the accused is convicted without any hesitation. However, what happens when such as case has a crack? Is it possible that a person could be wrongly convicted even if the evidence against them is exceedingly overwhelming? This is exactly the kind of situation that Andy Carpenter was facing. Andy Carpenter’s father was a well-respected district attorney, who had just retired, asks Andy Carpenter to handle the appeal case of one Willie Miller, who had been in prison for more than seven years and had been awaiting execution for the ruthless killing of a young female reporter.

His father had been the prosecution attorney in the preceding case; thus it was exceedingly strange for him to ask Andy to become the defense attorney. However, a few days after making this request Andy’s father passes away. This in turn meant, Andy did not find out the main reason why his father asked him to preside over the case. After the dead of his father, Andy finds out that he has become an exceedingly rich man. He had inherited more than 22 million dollars that he had never thought existed. Furthermore, he also finds out that there was a 2 million dollar deposit, which his father had not touched before. Throughout the years, the 2 million deposit, eventually grew into the fortune that Andy is going to inherit. This mystery further deepens, when Andy finds a photograph, which was taken so many years ago. This was a photo of a group of men, and one of the men in the photograph was his father.

From the word go, Andy feels that the photograph has something to do with the 2 million deposit made to his father’s account and even possibly something to do the case that was given to him by his father. With that said, Andy is an exceedingly great character. He is not only irreverent, but he is also sarcastic, an excellent attorney and an extremely wise person. The strategies that Andy displays in the courtroom are exceptional. You will fall in love with Open and Shut.

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Ty Patterson has an excellent grasp on the thriller genre, especially the action sequences, political tension and buried secrets. The main story is straightforward, thus developing further as the reader would come to expect. With that said, the story has been narrated from a third person perspective, however in the present tense.

What Is The Next Book in The Andy Carpenter Series?

The next book in the The Andy Carpenter Series by David Rosenfelt is The More the Terrier and will be released on October, 15th 2024.

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  1. The Andy Carpenter books are perfect for me as they are quick, easy reads. That is exactly what I’m looking for when reading on the beach and David Rosenfelt’s series is perfect. All the stories are leisurely strolls with a lot of character driven plot. The chapters are brief which makes it easy to pick up and set down on a whim. Not the greatest series or something that will make you re-think your whole life, just a nice, breezy and entertaining read.

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