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Lee Child is the alias used by Jim Grant, an author hailing from England. Lee Child writes in the thriller genre of novels, and has been writing novels since 1985.

Lee Child is known for his Jack Reacher series of books. This series began in 1997 with Killing Floor and has spawned many more novels in the series. The Jack Reacher series is one of the most popular book series out there, and some of the books have been made into movies.

Order of Jack Reacher Series

1Killing Floor 1997Description / Buy
2Die Trying 1998Description / Buy
3Tripwire 1999Description / Buy
4Running Blind / The Visitor 2000Description / Buy
5Echo Burning 2001Description / Buy
6Without Fail 2002Description / Buy
7Persuader 2003Description / Buy
8The Enemy 2004Description / Buy
9One Shot 2005Description / Buy
10The Hard Way 2006Description / Buy
11Bad Luck and Trouble 2007Description / Buy
12Nothing to Lose 2008Description / Buy
13Gone Tomorrow 2009Description / Buy
1461 Hours 2010Description / Buy
15Worth Dying For 2010Description / Buy
16The Affair 2011Description / Buy
17A Wanted Man 2012Description / Buy
18Never Go Back 2013Description / Buy
19Personal 2014Description / Buy
20Make Me 2015Description / Buy
21Night School 2016Description / Buy
22The Midnight Line 2017Description / Buy
23Past Tense 2018Description / Buy
24Blue Moon 2019Description / Buy
25The Sentinel ( With: Andrew Child) 2020Description / Buy
26Better Off Dead ( With: Andrew Child) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jack Reacher Short Stories/Novellas

1Second Son 2011Description / Buy
2Deep Down 2012Description / Buy
3High Heat 2013Description / Buy
4Not a Drill 2014Description / Buy
5Good and Valuable Consideration: Jack Reacher vs. Nick Heller (Short Story) ( With: Joseph Finder) 2014Description / Buy
6Small Wars 2015Description / Buy
7Too Much Time 2017Description / Buy
8The Christmas Scorpion (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
9Cleaning the Gold (Short Story) ( With: Karin Slaughter) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Jack Reacher Collections

1No Middle Name 2017Description / Buy

Order of Lee Child Non-Fiction Books

1Jack Reacher's Rules 2012Description / Buy
2The Hero 2019Description / Buy

Order of Akashic Drug Chronicles Series

1The Cocaine Chronicles (Short Story) ( With: Laura Lippman, Ken Bruen, Jervey Tervalon) 2005Description / Buy
2The Marijuana Chronicles ( By: Jonathan Santlofer) 2013Description / Buy
3The Nicotine Chronicles ( With: Joyce Carol Oates, Hannah Tinti, , Cara Black, , , Jonathan Ames) 2020Description / Buy

Order of Harold Middleton Series

1The Chopin Manuscript 2007Description / Buy
2The Copper Bracelet 2009Description / Buy
3The Starling Project: An Audible Drama 2014Description / Buy

Order of Jack Reacher Miscellaneous Series

1Jack Reacher's Rules 2012Description / Buy

Lee Child Anthologies

1 Like a Charm2004Description / Buy
2 Greatest Hits2005Description / Buy
3 The Cocaine Chronicles2005Description / Buy
4 Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part: New Stories About Love, Lust, and Murder2006Description / Buy
5 The Best British Mysteries IV2007Description / Buy
6 Killer Year: Stories to Die For...2008Description / Buy
7 First Thrills2010Description / Buy
8 The Dark End of the Street2010Description / Buy
9 The Best American Mystery Stories 20102010Description / Buy
10 The Rich and the Dead2011Description / Buy
11 A Study in Sherlock2011Description / Buy
12 Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance2012Description / Buy
13 Love is Murder2012Description / Buy
14 Inherit the Dead2013Description / Buy
15 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
16 Belfast Noir2014Description / Buy
17 Manhattan Mayhem2015Description / Buy
18 The Best American Mystery Stories 20152015Description / Buy
19 In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper2016Description / Buy
20 MatchUp2017Description / Buy
21 Alive in Shape and Color2017Description / Buy
22 The Best American Mystery Stories 20182018Description / Buy
23 Dear NHS2020Description / Buy
24 The Mysterious Bookshop Presents the Best Mystery Stories of the Year: 20212021Description / Buy
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Jim Grant did not start out as a novelist, as he went to study law at the University of Sheffield, before moving into television as a producer for ITV’s north-west subsidiary, Granada Television. Grant remained with ITV Granada until 1995, when he was made redundant due to corporate restructuring within the company. It was then that he made the move into fiction, with his first novel, and also the first to feature Jack Reacher, Killing Floor, released in 1997. It was after the release of Killing Floor that he moved from the United Kingdom to the United States. Grant Claims that the animosity he felt toward his former employers was the basis for the content of the Jack Reacher series, as it focuses on revenge for the main character.

Killing Floor the first book to feature Lee Child’s most famous character, Jack Reacher. Killing Floor won Child the Anthony Award for Best First Novel in 1998. He beat Grace Edward, Maureen Jennings, Philip Reed and Robert Skinner to claim the award. The same year, he won the Barry Award for Best First Novel for Killing Floor, and in 2000 he won the Best Translated Novel at the Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prizes. Killing Floor was also nominated for a Dilys Award in 1998 and a Macavity Award for Best First Mystery Novel, but lost out to Dead Body Language by Penny Warner.

Several other of the Jack Reacher series of novels have picked up literary awards. Die Trying, the second book in the series, won the WH Smith Thumping Good Read Award, while Personal, the 19th book in the series, won the RBA International Prize for Crime Writing. So it’ is fair to say that although Grant’s writing is seen as very commercial, it has also received critical success. And in 2013, Grand won the Cartier Diamond Dagger, which is a lifetime achievement award presented by the Crime Writers’ Association.

As well as in book form, Grant’s work has been translated to the silver screen, as the movie Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise, was based on the ninth book in the series, One Shot.


In Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series going by the actual books, The Enemy is the first novel in Chronological order taking place in 1990. It’s followed by Night School and The Affair. After that you can read them in publication order.

The short story Second Son takes place when Reacher is a child at 13 years old. The short story High Heat covers Reacher at 17 years old. And finally the short story Small Wars takes place in 1989 – just before The Enemy.


Lee Child has won many awards throughout his career. The first novel in the Jack Reacher series, Killing Floor, won awards such as the Anthony Award and the Barry Award. Throughout the years he has been nominated for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for some of his books, and his book A Wanted Man won the Specsavers’ National Book Award, as they declared it the Thriller and Crime Novel of 2012.


Lee Child’s novel One Shot was adapted to the big screen, and turned into the 2012 action thriller Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise. A sequel to that movie was made in 2016 entitled Jack Reacher: Never Go Back based on the Reacher novel Never Go Back.


Three of the more appreciated books by Lee Child in the Jack Reacher series are:

Killing Floor: The debut novel by Lee Child, and this thriller hit the floor not killing, but running. The main character Jack Reacher arrives in a town he has never been in before via Greyhound, and is promptly arrested by the police – for murder. This was just an incredible thriller which quite rightly won the Anthony Award and Barry award for the Best First Novel in 1998, and was nominated for the Macavity Award as Best First Mystery Novel.

Persuader: The 7th novel in the Jack Reacher series takes place in two different time settings via flashbacks, and both times come together for an explosive ending. In this one, Jack Reacher works with the DEA on an undercover operation as they attempt to expose a smuggling operation. However Jack Reacher has an ulterior motive – a man called Quinn, who is involved with the smuggling ring in some manner. The problem with that? Quinn is someone who Reacher personally saw die years ago.

Never Go Back: It’s no surprise that this book, the 18th in the Jack Reacher series, was made into a movie considering it’s one of the highest rated Reacher books ever. While all Reacher books can be read as a standalone novel, this was the conclusion of a small story spanning multiple books with Reacher interested in a woman called Susan – the commanding officer of his old military unit. Just as everything looks to be going right for Reacher – it all goes wrong. Reacher arrives only to find there’s another CO in charge, and that Reacher is being arrested for a crime he apparently committed 16 years previously.

Lee Child FAQs

Q: What is Lee Child’s real name?

A: The real name of author Lee Child is Jim Grant.

Q: What book is the movie Jack Reacher based on?

A: The movie Jack Reacher is based on the novel One Shot, written by Lee Child.

Q: What is Lee Child’s date of birth?

A: The author Lee Child was born on October 29th, 1954.

When Does The Next Lee Child book come out?

Lee Child doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Better Off Dead and was released on October, 26th 2021. It is the newest book in the Jack Reacher Series.


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  1. To me, Lee Child is the gold standard by which all other writers should be judged. His mastery of the Jack Reacher series is something that should be taught to all young writers and his creativity should be bottled and sold throughout the world (especially to politicians!) I’ve been a voracious reader throughout my life and I think that I have a pretty good judge of quality. And I think that Child is the best there is! Better than Flynn, Patterson and the rest. This guy is talent, plain and simple.

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