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An author of widely acclaimed novels of International intrigue, Daniel Silva is considered to be one of the finest American spy novelists.

After the unprecedented success of his debut novel – The Unlikely Spy, Silva decided to dedicate his life to writing, eventually creating his most famous series about an art restorer, and occasional spy Gabriel Allon. The series, spanning across 16 novels, would prove to be Silva’s most enduring legacy.

Order of Michael Osbourne Series

1The Mark of the Assassin 1998Description / Buy
2The Marching Season 1999Description / Buy

Order of Gabriel Allon Series

1The Kill Artist 2001Description / Buy
2The English Assassin 2002Description / Buy
3The Confessor 2002Description / Buy
4A Death in Vienna 2003Description / Buy
5Prince of Fire 2005Description / Buy
6The Messenger 2006Description / Buy
7The Secret Servant 2007Description / Buy
8Moscow Rules 2008Description / Buy
9The Defector 2009Description / Buy
10The Rembrandt Affair 2010Description / Buy
11Portrait of a Spy 2011Description / Buy
12The Fallen Angel 2012Description / Buy
13The English Girl 2013Description / Buy
14The Heist 2014Description / Buy
15The English Spy 2015Description / Buy
16The Black Widow 2016Description / Buy
17House of Spies 2017Description / Buy
18The Other Woman 2018Description / Buy
19The New Girl 2019Description / Buy
20The Order 2020Description / Buy
21The Cellist 2021Description / Buy

Order of Daniel Silva Standalone Novels

1The Unlikely Spy 1995Description / Buy
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Chronological Order Of Daniel Silva’s Books

The Chronological Order of the Michael Osbourne and Gabriel Allon series are the same as the publication order. Note that I would recommend reading the entire Silva list of books in publication order. For example – start with the Unlikely Spy, move onto the Osbourne series then onto the Gabriel Allon series of books. While there are no ties between them the Osbourne series is tremendous and it’s good to read Silvas earlier work.

Daniel Silva Awards

Recognized to be among the finest espionage novelists of his generation, Silva is the winner of 2 Barry Awards for Best Thriller, the first of which came in 2007 for ‘The Messenger’ – the sixth novel in his most celebrated series. The second Barry Award came some time later, in 2013, and he received it for the book 12 in Gabriel Allon series, ‘The Fallen Angel’.

Daniel Silva Books Into Movies

Unfortunately, no book by Silva is rendered to the big screen, but there were big time talks about filming the award-winning ‘The Messenger’ in 2011. Everything seemed to be set, even the producer was announced (Jeff Zucker), but it never happened. When asked, Silva stated that he waited for the perfect creative team for his Gabriel Allon.

Best Daniel Silva Books

Silva’s best books belong to his Gabriel Allon series; all except one, his first ever.

The Unlikely Spy: Daniel’s debut novel, tells the story of Alfred Vicary, a history professor who got head over heels into the espionage intrigues. Set against the backdrop of World War II, Alfred’s friend, inconspicuously named Winston Churchill, chooses him for a very dangerous mission – to protect the D-day plans and uncover the Nazi agent who try to steal it. The plot then twists, and the name of the twist is Catherina Blake, or rather Anna Steiner, as she is known in Germany. Much like Alfred, she is another unlikely spy, whose path will cross with his as they both try to win the war for their countries. Although the war is raging on, the focus of the novel rarely leaves the spy intrigues, and we’re thrown into the world largely unknown, but that would eventually decide the outcome of the war.

The Messenger: The sixth and, as many readers would have it, the best novel in Gabriel Allon series, is the follow-up on the previous novel in the series, ‘Prince of Fire’. The novels begins with a huge discovery; a laptop of an Al-Qaeda mastermind. Observing this unlikely evidence, Gabriel Allon, an art restorer and the Israeli secret service agent, comes to a conclusion that proved to be right: there is plot to kill the Pope! In vain did Gabriel warned the Pope of the imminent attack; the terrorists sent their suicide bombers to the large Catholic outdoor ceremony in Vatican and killed some 700 people. But not the Pope. Gabriel managed to rescue him just in time. But the question remains: why did Al-Qaeda go through the trouble of killing the Pope? To solve this puzzle, Gabriel will have win the battle of wits against his most formidable opponent yet. ‘The Messenger’ won the Barry Award in 2006.

The Fallen Angel: Another novel that, besides winning the Barry Award for Best Thriller, vividly captured the readers’ imagination. It is the 12th book in Gabriel Allon series, and it opens with Gabriel safely returning to Vatican, after narrowly cheating death. While there restoring a painting by Caravaggio, his friend and advisor to Pope, Luigi Donati, comes hurryingly to him, notifying Gabriel of a dead body of a beautiful woman inside the Vatican premises. He wants Gabriel to find out the truth about the body in secret, for the Church cannot let its reputation suffer any more blows. It all seems like a suicide, but Gabriel’s keen eye suspects otherwise. Still, he has to be very careful, because the old walls at Vatican are certain to have both eyes and ears. What eventually follows is a breathtaking spy adventure that would take Gabriel all over the globe. Blending art and murder, history and intrigue, Silva paints the world that is full of dangerous viciousness, yet beautiful in its splendor.

When Does The Next Daniel Silva book come out?

Daniel Silva doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Cellist and was released on July, 13th 2021. It is the newest book in the Gabriel Allon Series.


2 thoughts on “Daniel Silva”

  1. I have read all of Daniel Silva books that I know of. I have enjoyed all of them except the last two. They are very political. The current one , ‘The Cellist’, is very disappointing. The story line moves from paintings to American politics, that do not necessarily deal in facts, but just made up Democratic tales. Too bad as I have enjoyed the rest of his books.

  2. I’m a fan of spy novels and Silva’s Gabriel Allon Series does not disappoint. Part of the mystery is trying to understand the protagonist himself, as he is very detached and distant. The other characters are all very intriguing too with their own quirks; it all works together to keep the reader enthralled. I would say Silva gives Ian Fleming a run for his money!

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