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Michael Osbourne is the handcrafted brainchild of Daniel Silva. Daniel Silva, a top of the league author, first created Michael Osbourne in 1998 and then chalked out the second book in the Michael Osbourne series in 1999. The times were turbulent and the current events of the day found a good amount of space in the pages.

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Order of Michael Osbourne Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Mark of the Assassin ( By: Daniel Silva) 1998 Description / Buy
2 The Marching Season ( By: Daniel Silva) 1999 Description / Buy
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Daniel Silva is a well-known figure in the spy-thriller department. His works have fetched him two Barry Awards for Best thriller, once in 2007(The Messenger) and then in 2013(The Fallen Angel). His in-depth knowledge of history also led to his appointment as the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. None of the Michael Osbourne works however have won awards.


Both the books in the Michael Osbourne series can be classified as pieces of literary gems. The first book The Marching Season took us to the wild deserts of the Middle East. In the second book, The Mark of the Assassin Michael Osbourne follows an unchartered territory at the height of The Cold War.

Coming back the book-version of “Jason Bourne”, Michael Osbourne was created from the dust of war in the Middle East. He is duty-bound to his fatherland, and deeply in love with the nation. His love for CIA is mere in comparison to the nation, and the only thing that drives him is that passion for protecting the interest of the United States of America in this sensitive part of the world.

Like most soldiers, Michael Osbourne too leaves a worried family behind. His is deeply protective of his family and this family-side of his is well portrayed through a series of passionate lines. Deep emotions run underneath this strong man, whose real destiny lies at home.

His wife, Elizabeth is a guiding stone in his life and plays a pivotal role in both the books. When he is on a mission, there are subtle thoughts about his wife, about the desire to meet her again, about the desire to touch her again. And that provides him the strength to fight on and challenge near-death situations.

The character of Michel Osbourne is well elusive but is soon engulfed in a web of clandestine operations, throughout the Middle East. When a flight is taken down, he sets out on the trail of a dangerous unnamed assassin. In his trail of stinging deaths, he puts the lives of the ones he loves at stake. His risks are calculated but sometimes things get far into the edge.

Back home his elegant wife, a lawyer in DC, is unaware of the dark clouds looming over her. She is also the daughter of a powerful senator and his connections run through the highest corridors of power in the White House. Elizabeth Osbourne is social and often has to attend parties which overflow with affluence. Michel Osbourne doesn’t trust these “high-society” men, who use the rest as baits. He understands this world as a food-chain, where the rich consume the poor.

He nevertheless, attended these parties out of the love for his wife. His father-in-law, however, is very skeptical about the CIA and to some extent about Michel too. His skepticism for Michel, however, diminishes when he senses Osbourne’s true patriotic intentions for joining the CIA.

But somehow all their lives are in danger because Michel is pursuing an assassin deep into the enemy territory. As things get wilder, the real Michel emerges from beneath the storyline. A deeply religious man who loves his family among everything else. But then, he can gladly sacrifice all that love in a blink of an eye for his nation. Now that is Patriotism 101.

The gradual buildup of his character is the best part of both the books in the Michel Osbourne series. His tryst with the CIA ends multiple numbers of times, but their destinies are entwined. He is unethically lured back in but at a deep cost? As he gets deeper into the trail, things start getting ugly. In that ugliness of war and betrayal, you will find the real Michel Osbourne.

In the second book, Daniel Silva ventures deep into the into the character of Michel Osbourne. The story in the backdrop is in the United Kingdom, where a peace accord is to be signed between Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland. But not everyone is happy with the peace talks, and heavy plans are underway to derange things.

A familiar KGB-trained assassin emerges out from the darkness and uncertainty. It’s a trap. Michael Osbourne, washed by the desire of revenge (carefully plotted in his earlier novel), tries to catch this ghost-spy. For the first time, he leaves his duties to the nation behind, but at what cost? Can he find the spy, everyone knows as October, at the end of the tunnel? What else will he find at the end of the tunnel? Some questions are better left unsaid. Let the words of the best-selling author Daniel Silva narrate you the rest.


If you liked the character of Michael Osbourne, then you will love the character, “Gabriel Allon” to the core. Books like The Confessor, The Kill Artist or Moscow Rules will keep you engaged for a long time and keep you thinking for even longer. Or you can try out the spy classic, The English Assassin: A Romance of Entropy, where you can meet the cunning “Jerry Cornelius”.

What Is The Next Book in The Michael Osbourne Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Michael Osbourne Series. The newest book is The Marching Season and was released on January, 1st 1999.


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  1. Thanks for your comments-Over the years I have read all of the Gabriel Allon books. I especially enjoyed Gabriel’s talent as an art restorer. He could be portrayed as a hard killer, or as a kind and loving father and husband. I have always liked the dual roll he plays. And I hope Daniel keeps cranking them out-

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