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Angels Everywhere is a series of novels written by Debbie Macomber. The books were first published in the 1990s and they were well received. Debbie has made a name for herself as a romantic author.

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Order of Angels Everywhere Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Season of Angels ( By: Debbie Macomber) 1993 Description / Buy
2 The Trouble with Angels ( By: Debbie Macomber) 1994 Description / Buy
3 Touched by Angels ( By: Debbie Macomber) 1995 Description / Buy
4 Shirley, Goodness and Mercy ( By: Debbie Macomber) 1999 Description / Buy
5 Those Christmas Angels ( By: Debbie Macomber) 2003 Description / Buy
6 Where Angels Go ( By: Debbie Macomber) 2007 Description / Buy
7 Angels at the Table ( By: Debbie Macomber) 2012 Description / Buy
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Her renown is such that she is recognized as one of the best writers of romance on the market today, having received lifetime achievement accolades for her efforts. Debbie’s books tend to attract interest because they are so optimistic.

And that is Debbie’s goal. She writes novels with the intention of leaving her readers feeling hopeful. She wants them to take messages of faith, love, kindness and inspiration from her work, and the Angels Everywhere series delivers these aspects in spades.

The books follow Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy. They are three angels who are responsible for touching desperate lives and answering prayers. However, they do so much more than merely delivering miracles.

Before they can answer prayers, the three angels must first change the lives of their charges in a profound way. Each book typically finds Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy being dispatched to earth by the Arch Angel Gabriel, each with their own individual charge.

They then encounter problems as they attempt to touch the heart and mind of their target, learning various lessons along the way. Each Angel presents a different personality. One of them is very logical and rational. Another is quite strict and stern. And then there is the one with the heart of gold.

Through their trials and the trials of their charges, Debbie Macomber delivers poignant messages about the Christmas spirit. It is difficult to fault these books, even with some of the problems they present primarily because they achieve their objective of delivering a heartwarming experience.

Best Angels Everywhere Books

If you are looking to sample Debbie Macomber’s work, or if you really want to try your hand at her Christmas-themed stories, you might as well try these, the best books in the Angels Everywhere series:

The Trouble with Angels: Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy are three Angels set loose in Los Angeles to teach the lesson of love to those who need it. However, getting this message across proves difficult, especially for three individuals who are simply looking for the fruition of their holiday dreams.

The second book in the Angels Everywhere series finds Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy dealing with new charges. Shirley needs to help a girl that simply wants her mother to stop hating her father, even if her father left them for another woman. The girl also has a thing for horses.

Goodness must help a pastor whose parishioners have flooded Heaven’s prayer book over the loss of his wife and the grief that has begun to consume him.

Mercy has to answer the call of an old lady who wants her grandson to find the right partner.

This book attempts to tell three separate stories that are only connected by Debbie Macomber’s famous angels and it more or less succeeds. Debbie throws a little too much melodrama into the mix, though. And the people are a little too extreme, either too good or too bad. There isn’t nearly as much nuance as one might expect.

Those Christmas Angels: The only think Anne Fletcher wants is for Roy, her son, to put his career aside and find a woman who can help him see the important things in life. Luckily for Anne, Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy are coming down to help answer that very prayer.

This book has a lot of humor in it. The story centers on Roy, a successful CEO that has become bitter because of the events of his past. His mother Anne is struggling to forge a new path following her divorce. She wants her son to overcome his obsession with his career.

Three angels attempt give her hope. It doesn’t take long for the sparks to begin flying and for the romance to start taking shape. This book emphasizes the importance of love and forgiveness.

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What Is The Next Book in The Angels Everywhere Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Angels Everywhere Series . The newest book is Angels at the Table and was released on March, 4th 2012.

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