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Surviving against all odds to become a writer can be best exemplified by Debbie Macomber, who is today one of the most heartthrob American authors. Born in 1948 in Yakima, Washington with dyslexia, she couldn’t read until the age of 12 and didn’t continue education after leaving high school. But her inner charm at stringing words was always present and gave the world an amazing plethora of stories. She started her career on with various freelancing work for different magazines. The world wasn’t all welcoming to her from the very start and she tasted success after years of frugal living. Little did the people who rejected her works knew that she would someday outshine everyone to perch on the top of romance-hierarchy.

Order of Cedar Cove Series

116 Lighthouse Road 2001Description / Buy
2204 Rosewood Lane 2002Description / Buy
3311 Pelican Court 2003Description / Buy
444 Cranberry Point 2004Description / Buy
550 Harbor Street 2004Description / Buy
66 Rainier Drive 2006Description / Buy
774 Seaside Avenue 2007Description / Buy
88 Sandpiper Way 2007Description / Buy
992 Pacific Boulevard 2009Description / Buy
101022 Evergreen Place 2010Description / Buy
111105 Yakima Street 2011Description / Buy
121225 Christmas Tree Lane 2011Description / Buy

Order of Cedar Cove Related Books

1Christmas in Cedar Cove 2010Description / Buy
2A Merry Little Christmas 2012Description / Buy
3Welcome Back to Cedar Cove 2021Description / Buy

Order of Cedar Cove Non-Fiction Books

1Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Cookbook 2009Description / Buy

Order of Angels Everywhere Series

1A Season of Angels 1993Description / Buy
2The Trouble with Angels 1994Description / Buy
3Touched by Angels 1995Description / Buy
4Shirley, Goodness and Mercy 1999Description / Buy
5Those Christmas Angels 2003Description / Buy
6Where Angels Go 2007Description / Buy
7Angels at the Table 2012Description / Buy

Order of Back To The Ranch Series

1Lone Star Lovin' 1993Description / Buy

Order of Blossom Street Series

1The Shop on Blossom Street 2003Description / Buy
2A Good Yarn 2005Description / Buy
3Susannah's Garden/Old Boyfriends 2006Description / Buy
4Back on Blossom Street/Wednesdays at Four 2007Description / Buy
5Twenty Wishes 2008Description / Buy
6Summer on Blossom Street 2009Description / Buy
7Hannah's List 2010Description / Buy
8A Turn in the Road 2011Description / Buy
9Starting Now 2013Description / Buy
10Blossom Street Brides 2014Description / Buy
11Twenty-One Wishes 2020Description / Buy

Order of Blossom Street Kids Series

1The Yippy, Yappy Yorkie in the Green Doggy Sweater 2011Description / Buy

Order of Blossom Street Non-Fiction Books

1Blossom Street Collection Book 1 2010Description / Buy
2Blossom Street Collection, Book 2 2010Description / Buy
3Blossom Street Collection, Book 3 2010Description / Buy

Order of Dakota Series

1Dakota Born 1999Description / Buy
2Dakota Home 2000Description / Buy
3Always Dakota 2000Description / Buy
4Buffalo Valley 2001Description / Buy
5Dakota Farm/The Farmer Takes a Wife 2016Description / Buy

Order of Deliverance Company Series

1Someday Soon 1995Description / Buy
2Sooner or Later 1996Description / Buy
3The Sooner the Better/Moon Over Water 1998Description / Buy

Order of Dryden Brothers Series

1Ready for Love 1999Description / Buy

Order of From This Day Forward Series

1Groom Wanted 1993Description / Buy
2Bride Wanted 1993Description / Buy
3Marriage Wanted 1993Description / Buy

Order of Heart of Texas Series

1Lonesome Cowboy 1998Description / Buy
2Texas Two-Step 1998Description / Buy
3Caroline's Child 1998Description / Buy
4Dr. Texas 1998Description / Buy
5Nell's Cowboy 1998Description / Buy
6Lone Star Baby 1998Description / Buy
7Promise, Texas/The Little Bookshop Of Promises 1999Description / Buy
8Return To Promise 2008Description / Buy

Order of Legendary Lovers Series

1Cindy and the Prince 1987Description / Buy
2Some Kind of Wonderful 1988Description / Buy
3Almost Paradise 1988Description / Buy

Order of Those Manning Men Series

1Marriage of Inconvenience 1992Description / Buy
2Stand-In Wife 1992Description / Buy
3Bride on the Loose 1992Description / Buy
4Same Time, Next Year 1995Description / Buy
5Silver Bells 2009Description / Buy

Order of The Manning Sisters Series

1The Cowboy's Lady 1990Description / Buy
2The Sheriff Takes a Wife 1990Description / Buy

Order of Men: Made in America Series

1Borrowed Dreams: Alaska 1985Description / Buy

Order of Midnight Sons Series

1Brides for Brothers 1995Description / Buy
2The Marriage Risk 1995Description / Buy
3Daddy's Little Helper 1995Description / Buy
4Because of the Baby 1996Description / Buy
5Falling for Him 1996Description / Buy
6Ending in Marriage 1996Description / Buy
7Midnight Sons and Daughters (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy

Order of Mrs. Miracle Series

1Mrs. Miracle 1996Description / Buy
2Call Me Mrs. Miracle 2010Description / Buy
3A Mrs. Miracle Christmas 2019Description / Buy

Order of Mr. Miracle Series

1Mr. Miracle 2014Description / Buy
2A Mrs. Miracle Christmas 2019Description / Buy

Order of Navy Series

1Navy Wife 1988Description / Buy
2Navy Blues 1989Description / Buy
3Navy Brat 1991Description / Buy
4Navy Woman 1991Description / Buy
5Navy Baby 1991Description / Buy
6Navy Husband 2005Description / Buy

Order of New Beginnings Series

1Last One Home 2015Description / Buy
2A Girl's Guide to Moving On 2016Description / Buy
3If Not for You 2017Description / Buy

Order of 9 Months Later Series

1Because of the Baby 1996Description / Buy
2Another Man's Child ( By: Tara Taylor Quinn) 1997Description / Buy
3Father: Unknown ( By: Tara Taylor Quinn) 1998Description / Buy
4Expectations ( By: Brenda Novak) 2000Description / Buy
5Snow Baby ( By: Brenda Novak) 2000Description / Buy
6Baby Business ( By: Brenda Novak) 2000Description / Buy
7A Baby of Her Own ( By: Brenda Novak) 2002Description / Buy

Order of Orchard Valley Series

1Valerie 1992Description / Buy
2Stephanie 1992Description / Buy
3Norah 1992Description / Buy
4Lone Star Lovin' 1993Description / Buy

Order of Rose Harbor Series

1The Inn at Rose Harbor 2013Description / Buy
2Rose Harbor in Bloom 2013Description / Buy
3Love Letters 2014Description / Buy
4Falling for Her 2015Description / Buy
5Silver Linings 2015Description / Buy
6Sweet Tomorrows 2016Description / Buy

Order of Rose Harbor Short Stories

1When First They Met (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
2Lost and Found in Cedar Cove (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Solution: Wedding Series

1Once Upon A Time ( By: Lucy Gordon) 1986Description / Buy
2Once Upon A Time ( By: Lucy Gordon) 1986Description / Buy
3Taking Savanah ( By:) 1988Description / Buy
4A Most Convenient Marriage ( By: Suzanne Carey) 1989Description / Buy
5Make-Believe Marriage ( By: ) 1990Description / Buy
6Make Believe Marriage ( By:) 1990Description / Buy
7First Comes Marriage 1991Description / Buy

Order of That Special Woman Series

1Hasty Wedding 1993Description / Buy
2Baby Blessed 1994Description / Buy
3Same Time, Next Year 1995Description / Buy

Order of Wyoming Brides Series

1Denim and Diamonds 1989Description / Buy
2The Wyoming Kid 2006Description / Buy

Order of Debbie Macomber Standalone Novels

1Starlight 1983Description / Buy
2That Wintry Feeling 1984Description / Buy
3Heartsong 1984Description / Buy
4Undercover Dreamer 1984Description / Buy
5A Girl Like Janet 1984Description / Buy
6Thanksgiving Prayer 1984Description / Buy
7The Gift of Christmas 1984Description / Buy
8Love Thy Neighbor 1985Description / Buy
9Promise Me Forever 1985Description / Buy
10Adam's Image 1985Description / Buy
11Laughter in the Rain 1985Description / Buy
12The Trouble with Caasi 1985Description / Buy
13A Friend or Two 1985Description / Buy
14Christmas Masquerade 1985Description / Buy
15Reflections of Yesterday 1985Description / Buy
16Let it Snow 1986Description / Buy
17The Matchmakers 1986Description / Buy
18Shadow Chasing 1986Description / Buy
19Yesterday's Hero 1986Description / Buy
20White Lace and Promises 1986Description / Buy
21Jury of His Peers 1986Description / Buy
22Yesterday Once More 1986Description / Buy
23Friends & Then Some 1986Description / Buy
24Love by Degree 1987Description / Buy
25Sugar and Spice 1987Description / Buy
26No Competition 1987Description / Buy
27All Things Considered 1987Description / Buy
28Love 'N' Marriage 1987Description / Buy
29Husband Required 1987Description / Buy
30Mail-Order Bride 1987Description / Buy
31Any Sunday 1988Description / Buy
32The Playboy and the Widow 1988Description / Buy
33Almost an Angel 1989Description / Buy
34For All My Tomorrows 1989Description / Buy
35Yours And Mine 1989Description / Buy
36The Way To A Man's Heart 1989Description / Buy
37Country Bride 1990Description / Buy
38A Little Bit Country 1990Description / Buy
39Rainy Day Kisses 1990Description / Buy
40Fallen Angel 1990Description / Buy
41The Courtship of Carol Sommars 1990Description / Buy
42Father's Day 1991Description / Buy
43Here Comes Trouble 1991Description / Buy
44Stolen Kisses 1991Description / Buy
45The Forgetful Bride 1991Description / Buy
46The Man You'll Marry 1992Description / Buy
47My Hero 1992Description / Buy
48The First Man You Meet/The First Man You'll Ever Meet 1992Description / Buy
49Ready for Romance 1993Description / Buy
50Morning Comes Softly 1993Description / Buy
51Ready for Marriage 1994Description / Buy
52The Bachelor Prince 1994Description / Buy
53One Night 1994Description / Buy
54Wanted: Perfect Partner 1995Description / Buy
55Just Married 1996Description / Buy
56Marrying Kind 1996Description / Buy
57Montana/Montana: No Place Like Home 1997Description / Buy
58Three Brides, No Groom 1997Description / Buy
59This Matter of Marriage 1997Description / Buy
60Can This be Christmas? 1998Description / Buy
61Married in Montana 1998Description / Buy
62Promise, Texas 1999Description / Buy
63\'Tis the Season ( With: Kat Martin) 1999Description / Buy
64Thursdays at Eight 2001Description / Buy
65The Christmas Basket 2002Description / Buy
66Between Friends 2002Description / Buy
67This Time for Keeps 2003Description / Buy
68The Snow Bride 2003Description / Buy
69Changing Habits 2003Description / Buy
70When Christmas Comes/Trading Christmas 2004Description / Buy
71There's Something About Christmas 2005Description / Buy
72Christmas Letters 2006Description / Buy
73His Winter Bride 2008Description / Buy
74Be My Angel 2009Description / Buy
75The Perfect Christmas 2009Description / Buy
76Christmas in Seattle 2009Description / Buy
77Family Affair (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
78Happy Mother's Day 2013Description / Buy
79Starry Night 2013Description / Buy
80Summer Wedding Bells 2013Description / Buy
81Dashing Through the Snow 2015Description / Buy
82Twelve Days of Christmas 2016Description / Buy
83Any Dream Will Do 2017Description / Buy
84Merry and Bright 2017Description / Buy
85Cottage by the Sea 2018Description / Buy
86Alaskan Holiday 2018Description / Buy
87Window on the Bay 2019Description / Buy
88Time for Love 2019Description / Buy
89A Walk Along the Beach 2020Description / Buy
90Jingle All the Way 2020Description / Buy
91My Funny Valentine 2021Description / Buy
92Perfect Partners 2021Description / Buy
93Fairytale Forever 2021Description / Buy
94The Best Match 2021Description / Buy
95It's Better This Way 2021Description / Buy
96Dear Santa 2021Description / Buy
97Autumn Nights 2021Description / Buy
98Evenings by the Fire 2021Description / Buy

Order of Debbie Macomber Short Story Collections

1Blossom Street Dreams of Debbie Macomber Short Stories 2021Description / Buy

Order of Debbie Macomber Picture Books

1The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater...That Grandma Knit 2000Description / Buy

Order of Debbie Macomber Non-Fiction Books

1Knit Along with Debbie Macomber - A Good Yarn 2005Description / Buy
2Knit Together 2007Description / Buy
3One Simple Act 2009Description / Buy
4Knit Along With Debbie Macomber: Hannah's List 2010Description / Buy
5God's Guest List 2010Description / Buy
6Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: A Turn in the Road (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
7Debbie Macomber's Christmas Cookbook 2011Description / Buy
8One Perfect Word 2012Description / Buy
9Patterns of Grace 2012Description / Buy
10The Best of Knit Along with Debbie Macomber 2012Description / Buy
11Once Upon a Time 2013Description / Buy
12Debbie Macomber's Table 2018Description / Buy

Debbie Macomber Anthologies

1 That Summer Place1998Description / Buy
2 \'Tis the Season1999Description / Buy
3 Born in a Small Town2000Description / Buy
4 Holiday Blessings2000Description / Buy
5 Sealed with a Kiss2002Description / Buy
6 More Than Words, Volume 22005Description / Buy
7 Hearts Divided2006Description / Buy
8 Almost Home2009Description / Buy
9 Stories of the Heart2012Description / Buy
10 Together for Christmas2014Description / Buy
11 Western Hearts2018Description / Buy
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She made her debut with her novel Starlight, but it received a tepid response. She had a major change in her writing style in 2002 when she focused more on exploring the friendship between women and leave the traditional boundaries of romance, and there she hit the perfect chord. She continued to work and explore many areas like non-fiction, cookbooks, and even children’s books. Her writing is also deeply influenced by strong Christian beliefs and is devoid of any sexual content. She now owns a Yarn shop in Port Orchard Washington and spends the winter down south in Florida. She is a mother of four and now a happy and proud grandmother as well.

Her works include the Cedar Cove series which consists of 12 books. Next came the 11 book series, Blossom Street, followed by Rose Harbor, Orchard Valley, and Wyoming Brides. She churns out a healthy dose of 2-3 books a year. The Heart of Texas, which starts with Lonesome Cowboy and ends with the 8th book, Return to Promise is one of her best series. It’s a microcosm of American culture and a deeply moving set of novels. It’s no wonder that she stayed for a spectacular 750 weeks on the New York Time’s Bestsellers list for all her novels. But still, her fans are never satisfied and wants more. Even at the age of 68, she dutifully jots down at least 2 novels a year to calm her growing fans. Many believe that the best is yet to come.

Debbie Macomber AWARDS:

Once Debbie’s work gained mainstream attention, it grabbed critics reviews and well-deserved recognitions. She was awarded the 2003 RITA Awards Best Novel winner for her novel, The Christmas Basket. She is also a three-time recipient of the prestigious B. Dalton Award. In 2005, she was voted by fans to win the inaugural award of Quill Award for romance, for her classy novel, 44 Cranberrt Point (Cedar Cove Series). As a recognition of her contributions to the American literary scene, she was awarded the Romantic Times Magazine Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award.


With over 170 million copies sold, the movie industry couldn’t ignore her for long. Her humorous style and light-hearted narrative made four of her books into movies. Mrs. Miracle came first in (2009), followed by Trading Christmas (2011) and a three-season TV series, Cedar Cove (2013). But the epitome of her Hollywood prowess was proven by the Hallmark Channel’s top-watched movie of the year 2009 Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle. Call Me Miss Miracle was the next release and it was too well received. Talks are on to turn her novel When Christmas Comes into a movie.

BEST Debbie Macomber BOOKS:

Debbie’s best books have to be from the Cedar Cove and the Midnight Sons series. Both the series have astonishing books which can be read again and again.

In the Cedar Cove series 204 Rosewood Lane and A Cedar Cove Christmas, gives the reader a glimpse into the world of pure romance. The Blossom Street series is another set of masterpiece spread over 11 books. It is a sweet and charming, but deeply moving at some parts, portrayal of a love story in a knitting class.

The best among this series is hard to pick but going by her fans, it has to be A Good Yarn and A Turn in the Road. Her fans will always remember her for her amazing narrative, which flows as swift as the wind. Coupled with humorous takes on the everyday tapestry of love and relationships, her books are golden and immortal. She will stay as long as love does.

When Does The Next Debbie Macomber book come out?

The next book by Debbie Macomber is Autumn Nights and will be released on October, 26th 2021.

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