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Alan Gregory is the lead character in the Alan Gregory series of psychological thriller fiction novels by Stephen Walsh White. The first novel that featured Gregory the chief protagonist in the series was “Privileged Information”, which Walsh first published in 1991 to critical acclaim and commercial success.

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Order of Alan Gregory Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Privileged Information ( By: Stephen White) 1991 Description / Buy
2 Private Practices ( By: Stephen White) 1993 Description / Buy
3 Higher Authority ( By: Stephen White) 1994 Description / Buy
4 Harm's Way ( By: Stephen White) 1996 Description / Buy
5 Remote Control ( By: Stephen White) 1997 Description / Buy
6 Critical Conditions ( By: Stephen White) 1998 Description / Buy
7 Manner of Death ( By: Stephen White) 1999 Description / Buy
8 Cold Case ( By: Stephen White) 2000 Description / Buy
9 The Program ( By: Stephen White) 2001 Description / Buy
10 Warning Signs ( By: Stephen White) 2002 Description / Buy
11 The Best Revenge (By: Stephen White) 2003 Description / Buy
12 Blinded ( By: Stephen White) 2004 Description / Buy
13 Missing Persons ( By: Stephen White) 2005 Description / Buy
14 Kill Me ( By: Stephen White) 2006 Description / Buy
15 Dry Ice ( By: Stephen White) 2007 Description / Buy
16 Dead Time ( By: Stephen White) 2008 Description / Buy
17 The Siege ( By: Stephen White) 2009 Description / Buy
18 The Last Lie ( By: Stephen White) 2010 Description / Buy
19 Line of Fire ( By: Stephen White) 2012 Description / Buy
20 Compound Fractures ( By: Stephen White) 2013 Description / Buy
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Alan Gregory is a psychologist practicing in Boulder Colorado who constantly finds himself in a range of murder mysteries. Together with his wife, the psychiatrist turned amateur sleuth investigates a variety of murders by employing his psychological expertise to compile psychological profiles of the would be killers.

“Privileged Information” the first novel featuring Alan Gregory the psychologist turned private investigator is an entertaining light read set in Boulder, Colorado. The lead protagonist finds himself in a lot of trouble after his patients start dying with no practical explanation. Seeking to determine what is causing his patients to fall off like flies, and clear not only his name but keep his career, he is facing an uphill battle.

To add to his frustrations is the fact that he still has an emotional connection with his ex-wife even as he is falling for Lauren, the deputy district attorney with a prickly attitude. What follows is a delightful mystery of a narrative full of ethical dilemmas and sexual obsession that demonstrates White’s skill at writing an enthralling psychological thrillers, that have gone on to become bestsellers.


The first novel in the series Privileged Information is an intriguing novel with a fast paced plot and twists and turns that will make the reader’s head spin. Introducing the lead character Alan Gregory, who facing ethical concerns in his business is forced into becoming an amateur sleuth, the novel is a great suspense thriller.

Critical Conditions: the sixth novel in the Gregory Alan series of novels is a great fast-paced read. Starting out with one of the best introductions, it provides insights into the work of the psychologist Alan Gregory. The novel sets out with Alan working with the narcissistic and self-centered Diane. Gregory is helping out Diane who is involved in a weird custody case between the members of one of the city’s most influential families. Working the case, Alan soon finds himself called in to help on another case involving a suicidal teen. It is not long before he learns that his latest case has some peculiar connection with his friend Sam the jerk cop, and Diane’s custody case. As if his job is not hard enough, he now has to deal with soul crushing friends, amidst the extortion, revenge, and medical malpractice suits.

The Program: This is another mind-blowing novel and the ninth novel in the series. Alan Gregory now has to deal with two patients that are in the Witness Protection Program. His first patient is a Kristen Lord, a DA that witnessed her husband shot and killed right in front of her eyes. She is now living in fear from a ruthless man that promised to exact vengeance on all that she held dear. His second patient is Carl Luppo, a former hit man who turned on his colleagues to get a more lenient sentence. What doctor Gregory does not know is that his two patients are the lead protagonists in each other’s tales of horror. After watching and observing the psychologist, the hit man has figured out Kirsten Lord’s identity. She had been promised that the Witness Protection Program was the safest place she could ever be but now she is not sure. Living in fear and confiding in Alan Gregory her only friend in the Witness Protection Program may have been the biggest mistake of her life.


Many fans of the Alan Gregory series of novels also liked the “Nero Wolfe” series of novels by Rex Stout. These are detective mysteries set in New York City that follow the work of Nero Wolfe of West 35th Street, a Sherlock Holmes like genius detective with bizarre behavior.

The “Michael Stone” series of novels is another favorite series for many Alan Gregory series fans. The series of novels are about the adventures of Michael Stone a Vermont, Virginia based psychologist. Stone is a courageous, sharp and witty hero that champions the interests Of his patients even going as far as putting his own safety in jeopardy for the sake of justice.

What Is The Next Book in The Alan Gregory Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Alan Gregory Series. The newest book is Compound Fractures and was released on August, 6th 2013.

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