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Rex Stout was born in 1886, in Noblesville, Indiana, and grew up in a big household of 9 in Kansas. His father was a teacher, and he encouraged Rex to read. Rex was a gifted child. He read the entire Bible at only four years old and crowned the Kansas spelling bee champion at 13 years of age. Rex went to Topeka High School, Kansas, and the Kansas, University, Lawrence. He served in the U.S. Navy for two years (1906 to 1908) and as a yeoman in President Roosevelt’s presidential yacht).

Order of Nero Wolfe Series by Rex Stout

1Fer-de-Lance / Meet Nero Wolfe1934Description / Buy
2The League of Frightened Men1935Description / Buy
3The Rubber Band / To Kill Again1936Description / Buy
4The Red Box / Case of the Red Box1937Description / Buy
5Too Many Cooks1938Description / Buy
6Some Buried Caesar / The Red Bull1939Description / Buy
7Over My Dead Body1940Description / Buy
8Where There's a Will1940Description / Buy
9Black Orchids1942Description / Buy
10Not Quite Dead Enough1944Description / Buy
11The Silent Speaker1946Description / Buy
12Too Many Women1947Description / Buy
13And Be a Villain / More Deaths Than One1948Description / Buy
14Trouble in Triplicate1949Description / Buy
15The Second Confession1949Description / Buy
16Even in the Best Families / In the Best Families1950Description / Buy
17Three Doors to Death / Door to Death1950Description / Buy
18Curtains for Three1951Description / Buy
19Murder by the Book1951Description / Buy
20Prisoner's Base / Out She Goes1952Description / Buy
21Triple Jeopardy1952Description / Buy
22The Golden Spiders1953Description / Buy
23The Black Mountain1954Description / Buy
24Three Men Out1954Description / Buy
25Before Midnight1955Description / Buy
26Might as Well Be Dead1956Description / Buy
27Three Witnesses1956Description / Buy
28If Death Ever Slept1957Description / Buy
29Three for the Chair1957Description / Buy
30And Four to Go / Crime and Again1958Description / Buy
31Champagne for One1958Description / Buy
32Plot it Yourself / Murder in Style1959Description / Buy
33Three at Wolfe's Door1960Description / Buy
34Too Many Clients1960Description / Buy
35The Final Deduction (Short Story)1961Description / Buy
36Homicide Trinity1962Description / Buy
37Gambit1962Description / Buy
38The Mother Hunt1963Description / Buy
39Trio for Blunt Instruments1964Description / Buy
40A Right to Die1964Description / Buy
41The Doorbell Rang1965Description / Buy
42Death of a Doxy1966Description / Buy
43The Father Hunt1968Description / Buy
44Death of a Dude1969Description / Buy
45Please Pass The Guilt1973Description / Buy
46A Family Affair1975Description / Buy
47Death Times Three1985Description / Buy

Order of Nero Wolfe Short Stories/Novellas

1Bitter End (Short Story)1997Description / Buy
2Booby Trap (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
3Cordially Invited to Meet Death (Short Story)2014Description / Buy

Order of Nero Wolfe Mysteries Series by Robert Goldsborough

1Murder in E Minor1986Description / Buy
2Death on Deadline1987Description / Buy
3The Bloodied Ivy1988Description / Buy
4The Last Coincidence1989Description / Buy
5Fade to Black1990Description / Buy
6Silver Spire1992Description / Buy
7The Missing Chapter1993Description / Buy
8Archie Meets Nero Wolfe2012Description / Buy
9Murder in the Ball Park2014Description / Buy
10Archie in the Crosshairs2015Description / Buy
11Stop the Presses!2016Description / Buy
12Murder, Stage Left2017Description / Buy
13The Battered Badge2018Description / Buy
14Death of an Art Collector2019Description / Buy
15Archie Goes Home2020Description / Buy
16Trouble at the Brownstone2021Description / Buy
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Stout wrote his first book Nero Wolfe in 1934 and went on to publish subsequent stories in the detective Nero Wolfe saga until 1975. Detective Nero Wolfe and his aide Archie Goodwin featured in 33 novels between 1934 and 1975. In 1937, he wrote another book, The Hand in the Glove. After 1938, Stout focused solely on the fiction mystery field and exclusively on the Nero Wolfe saga after 1940 through 1975, when he died aged 88.

Nero Wolfe Awards

In 1959, Nero Wolfe won the Grand Master Award from Mystery Writers of America. Later on in the year, 1969, Rex Stout received the Silver Dagger Award for his book The Father Hunt. Finally, in the year 2014, Rex Stout named as one of the New York State Writers Hall of Fame.

Nero Wolfe Books into Movies

The Nero Wolfe Mystery series has been adapted into a television series.

Nero Wolfe Best Books

Fer-de-Lance: Nero Wolfe is a detective who collaborates with his P. A Archie Goodwin. The book is set in New York City. Wolfe’s lives on West 35th Street, in a luxurious brownstone house. The fer-de-lance is one of the most dangerous and dreaded snakes on earth. When someone wraps one as a gift to Nero Wolfe, his assistant, Mr. Goodwin knows he is drawing closer to solve the evil string of murders of a college president and an immigrant. Wolfe plays the snake charmer in the hopes to apprehend the killer filled with hate and poison in his heart. Nero Wolfe is an obese genius who hardly leaves his home; instead, he spends his time-solving murders from fragments of evidence collected by his helpers. On his worst days, he lives in mountains of food prepared by his chef who is an expert gourmet chef. Wolfe also tends to his orchids when he’s not so busy with his sleuthing activities. Wolfe mostly relies on his chief aide, Archie, a wisecracking and witty person who works in perfect harmony with his intellectual boss. The humor in this novel involves the innuendo of an emotionless relationship between Archie and his boss, Detective Nero Wolfe.

The League of Frightened Men: The second installment of Nero Wolfe continues in New York City in 1935. A disabled man, who was injured in a grizzly accident at Harvard, is in trouble. Fifteen men are frightened that the former Harvard classmate, is on a killing leash and plans to take them out, one-by-one. The former classmates have been haunted by the despicable incident every since the victim was crippled in a hazing incident at Harvard. The man now stands accused of taking revenge on the group of men who caused his current physical inabilities. The group has consolidated their association by forming a legitimate group called “League of Atonement” and paid their dues on the emotional and financial damages to the victim over the years.

The author spares no remorse in describing the disabled man in his narrative. He is a suspected psychotic murderer and tainted in all wicked and crude ways imaginable. In this fiction series, the antagonist is desperate for work and accepts a job offer half-heartedly. Two of the L.A members have since died in suspicious situations, and now, a third member has gone missing. The remaining members hurriedly meet at Wolfe’s house to explain their woes and seek Wolfe for his help. He takes the job, on the strict agreement of specific payment if he successfully catches the killer.

While the disabled classmate remains the chief suspect, Wolfe focuses on the other members of the group. He calls the members once more, as he comes up with a plan and explains to them his theory about the deaths and the missing person. He strategically lays out a solid plan to ensure that he is paid. Quite an entertaining story!

What Is The Next Book in The Nero Wolfe Series By Rex Stout?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Nero Wolfe Series By Rex Stout. The newest book is Death Times Three and was released on December, 1st 1985.

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