Adventure Books

The Adventure series is a series of eight children’s novels by prolific British children’s author Enid Blyton. All the novels, starting from the first one, “The Island of Adventure” published in 1944, feature the same characters Lucy-Ann, Dinah, Jack, and Phillip. The novels are within the children’s fiction genre.

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Together with Jack’s parrot, the talkative and intelligent Kiki, the children have some of the most extraordinary adventures set in stunning locations ranging from Wales, Scotland, England, the Middle East, Greece, Austria, and even Tauri-Hessia. The children seem to have a knack for running into desperate situations, whether it is encounters with thieves, mad scientists, traitors, Nazis, gunrunners, or forgers, they always have something up their sleeve.

The first novel in the series, “The Island of Adventure” opens to Jack Trent and Lucy-Ann running into some luck. They will be spending the holidays in a castle – Mannering’s home called Craggy Tops. For the most part, they have some of the best time bird watching and crawling along the cliffs, hills, and beaches near the castle.

All is well and good until they find a secret passage between the beach and the cellar, which lead to secret tunnels and abandoned copper mines. Things turn bizarre when the children discover some flashing lights in the towers that convince them that there is some sinister plot being hatched on the Isle of Gloom. What follows is an amazing story of the scramble to get off the island, that shows why Blyton is considered one of Britain’s best ever children’s authors.


The first novel in the series, “Island of Adventure” won the Boys’ Club of America Award.


The novels of the Adventure series have been adapted for TV and into movies over the years. The first novel in the series, “Island of Adventure” was adapted into a TV series by the same name in 1996 by Cloud Nine Entertainment. It was also adapted into an hour-long movie by EbeFilms Lt in 1982. Circus of Adventure was also made into a movie in 1995, while the “Castle of Adventure” was adapted into a TV series that ran in 1990 on TVS Television. Most of the adaptations were set in modern times, though this did not adversely affect the plots.


Island of Adventure: The first novel in the Island of Adventure series, “Island of Adventure” is the only award-winning novel in the series, and is generally regarded as one of the best novels ever written by Enid Blyton. The novel is one of the best at highlighting Blyton’s proficiency in establishing character types whose motivations are easy to relate to if you are a kid or an adult from the 1940s needing to relive your childhood.

The Valley of Adventure: The third novel in the Adventure series of novels is an unbelievable story that shows the exemplary skills of a children’s writer at the height of her writing powers. Lucy-Ann, Dinah, Phillip and of course Kiki are ready for an exciting night plane trip on Bill’s plane. They are to go stay with Bill Cunningham, a secret agent that is great friends with Bill. But in a strange twist, they find themselves on the wrong plane that takes them into another amazing adventure. Flown into a strange war-torn, abandoned, yet beautiful valley, they run into lost treasure, a map, a daring rescue mission, a hostage, a secret cave, and some escaped convicts.

Castle of Adventure: Another amazing novel in the Adventure series is “Castle of Adventure”, the second novel. The children show extraordinary boldness and courage when they decide to investigate the strange lights of a distant tower and the secrets of an old castle that the locals seem to be terrified of. What they discover is an ominous plot in the castle’s gloomy underground passages and secret rooms.


Many Adventure series fans also love the “Chloe and Levesque” series of novels by Norah McClintock. These novels are detective thrillers featuring Chloe a high school girl who often runs into legal trouble, which brings her to the attention of Levesque her mother’s police officer boyfriend.

Adventure enthusiasts also loved the “Screech Owls” series of novels by Roy MacGregor. The novels follow the travails of the Screech Owls Hockey team that has to face up to a variety of internal and external problems ranging from theft, sabotage, and undisciplined players, as they try to win glory in hockey tournaments.