Enid Blyton Books

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Author Enid Blyton was born August 11, 1897 in East Dulwich, London, and died on November 28, 1968, months after her husband died. Her husband was Major Hugh Alexander Pollack, DSO (1888-1971), and got married shortly after he divorced his first wife that he had two sons with. He was an editor at a publisher, and suggested that she write a book about animals, which she did (called “The Zoo Book”) and it was finished about a month before they got married. She wrote children’s novels and her works are among the best selling novels in the world since the 1930s, having sold over six hundred million copies. Her work has been translated into ninety languages, and is the fourth most translated author in the world (behind Agatha Christie, Jules Verne, and William Shakespeare). Helena Bonham Carter played Enid in a BBC production called “Enid” that debuted in 2009; which is a dramatic portrayal of Enid Blyton’s life.

Order of Adventure Series

1The Island of Adventure 1944Description / Buy
2The Castle of Adventure 1946Description / Buy
3The Valley of Adventure 1947Description / Buy
4The Sea of Adventure 1948Description / Buy
5The Mountain of Adventure 1949Description / Buy
6The Ship of Adventure 1950Description / Buy
7The Circus of Adventure 1952Description / Buy
8The River of Adventure 1955Description / Buy

Order of The Adventurous Four Series

1The Adventurous Four 1941Description / Buy
2The Adventurous Four Again 1947Description / Buy
3Trapped! 1998Description / Buy

Order of Amelia Jane Series

1Naughty Amelia Jane! 1939Description / Buy
2Amelia Jane Again! 1946Description / Buy
3More About Amelia Jane! 1954Description / Buy
4Amelia Jane Gets Into Trouble! (Short Story) 1954Description / Buy
5Amelia Jane is Naughty Again (Short Story) 1978Description / Buy
6Good Idea, Amelia Jane! 2001Description / Buy
7Amelia Jane Goes Up the Tree 2002Description / Buy
8Amelia Jane Has A Clever Idea (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
9Goodbye, Amelia Jane! (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy

Order of Barney Mysteries Series

1The Rockingdown Mystery 1949Description / Buy
2The Rilloby Fair Mystery 1950Description / Buy
3The Ring O' Bells Mystery 1951Description / Buy
4The Rubadub Mystery 1952Description / Buy
5The Rat-A-Tat Mystery 1956Description / Buy
6The Ragamuffin Mystery 1959Description / Buy

Order of Brer Rabbit Series

1Brer Rabbit Again 1963Description / Buy
2Brer Rabbit's a Rascal 1965Description / Buy
3Brer Rabbit And The Wonderful Tar Baby (Short Story) 1975Description / Buy
4Brer Rabbit's New Shoes and Other Stories (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
5Brer Bear's Bad Memory 1990Description / Buy
6A Trap To Catch Brer Rabbit 1998Description / Buy
7Brer Rabbit And Potato Fight 1998Description / Buy

Order of The Children of Cherry Tree Farm Series

1The Children of Cherry Tree Farm 1940Description / Buy
2The Children of Willow Farm 1942Description / Buy
3More Adventures on Willow Farm 1942Description / Buy

Order of Enid Blyton's Enchanted Tales Series

1The Magical Shop (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
2Adventures In Fairyland 1994Description / Buy
3Magic In Fairyland 1994Description / Buy
4The Wizard Who Wasn't (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
5Return To The Magical Shop 2000Description / Buy
6Enchanted World 2011Description / Buy
7Petal And The Eternal Bloom 2011Description / Buy
8Bizzy And The Bedtime Bear 2011Description / Buy
9Pinx and the Ring of Midnight 2013Description / Buy
10Melody and the Gemini Locket 2013Description / Buy

Order of The Fabulous Four Series

1The Birthday Kitten 1958Description / Buy
2The Four Cousins 1961Description / Buy
3The Hidey Hole 1990Description / Buy
4Four In A Family (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
5The Very Big Secret 2000Description / Buy

Order of Family Series

1The Caravan Family 1945Description / Buy
2The Saucy Jane Family 1947Description / Buy
3The Seaside Family 1950Description / Buy
4The Pole Star Family 1950Description / Buy
5The Buttercup Farm Family 1951Description / Buy
6The Queen Elizabeth Family 1951Description / Buy

Order of The Five Find-Outers Series

1The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage 1943Description / Buy
2The Mystery of the Strange Bundle 1943Description / Buy
3The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat 1944Description / Buy
4The Mystery of the Secret Room 1945Description / Buy
5The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters 1946Description / Buy
6The Mystery of the Missing Necklace 1947Description / Buy
7The Mystery of the Hidden House 1948Description / Buy
8The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat 1949Description / Buy
9The Mystery of the Invisible Thief 1950Description / Buy
10The Mystery of the Vanished Prince 1951Description / Buy
11The Mystery of Holly Lane 1953Description / Buy
12The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage 1954Description / Buy
13The Mystery of the Strange Messages 1956Description / Buy
14The Mystery of the Missing Man 1956Description / Buy
15The Mystery of Banshee Towers 1961Description / Buy

Order of Famous Five Series

1Five on a Treasure Island 1942Description / Buy
2Five Go Adventuring Again 1943Description / Buy
3Five Run Away Together 1944Description / Buy
4Five Go to Smuggler's Top 1945Description / Buy
5Five Go Off in a Caravan 1946Description / Buy
6Five on Kirrin Island Again 1947Description / Buy
7Five Go Off to Camp 1948Description / Buy
8Five Get Into Trouble 1949Description / Buy
9Five Fall Into Adventure 1950Description / Buy
10Five on a Hike Together 1951Description / Buy
11Five Have a Wonderful Time 1952Description / Buy
12Five Go Down to the Sea 1953Description / Buy
13Five Go to Mystery Moor 1954Description / Buy
14Five Have Plenty of Fun 1955Description / Buy
15Five on a Secret Trail 1956Description / Buy
16Five Go to Billycock Hill 1957Description / Buy
17Five Get Into A Fix 1958Description / Buy
18Five on Finniston Farm 1959Description / Buy
19Five Go to Demon's Rocks 1960Description / Buy
20Five Have a Mystery to Solve 1960Description / Buy
21Five Are Together Again 1963Description / Buy

Order of Famous 5 Adventure Games Series

1The Wailing Lighthouse Game 1986Description / Buy
2The Shuddering Mountain Game 1988Description / Buy

Order of Happy House Series

1The Children At Happy House 1946Description / Buy
2The Happy House Children 1946Description / Buy
3Happy House Children Again 1947Description / Buy
4Benjy and the others 1955Description / Buy

Order of Josie, Click and Bun Series

1Josie, Click And Bun and The Little Tree House 1939Description / Buy
2The Further Adventures Of Josie, Click And Bun 1941Description / Buy
3Josie, Click And Bun Again (Short Story) 1946Description / Buy
4More About Josie, Click And Bun (Short Story) 1948Description / Buy
5Welcome Josie, Click and Bun (Short Story) 1952Description / Buy

Order of Magic Faraway Tree Series

1The Enchanted Wood 1939Description / Buy
2The Magic Faraway Tree 1943Description / Buy
3The Magic Farway Tree 1943Description / Buy
4The Folk of the Faraway Tree 1946Description / Buy
5Up the Faraway Tree 1985Description / Buy
6The Yellow Fairy Book 1993Description / Buy
7The Land of Goodies (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
8In Santa Claus's Castle 2016Description / Buy
9The Land of Enchantments 2017Description / Buy

Order of Malory Towers Series

1First Term at Malory Towers 1946Description / Buy
2Second Form at Malory Towers 1947Description / Buy
3Third Year at Malory Towers 1948Description / Buy
4Upper Fourth at Malory Towers 1949Description / Buy
5In the Fifth at Malory Towers 1950Description / Buy
6Last Term at Malory Towers 1951Description / Buy
7New Class at Malory Towers 2019Description / Buy

Order of Make Way For Noddy Series

1Noddy Goes Shopping 1994Description / Buy
2Learn with Noddy: Counting: Addition Stories to 10 2001Description / Buy
3Learn with Noddy: Writing: Letter Patterns 2001Description / Buy
4Noddy's Perfect Gift 2002Description / Buy
5Hold On To Your Hat, Noddy 2002Description / Buy
6A Bike For Big Ears 2002Description / Buy
7The Magic Powder (Short Story) 2002Description / Buy
8Bounce Alert In Toy Town (Short Story) 2002Description / Buy
9Noddy And The New Taxi (Short Story) 2002Description / Buy
10Noddy And The Treasure Map 2003Description / Buy
11Noddy's Pet Chicken 2003Description / Buy
12Do-It-Yourself Noddy 2003Description / Buy
13Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes 2003Description / Buy
14Noddy's Special Treat (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
15Learn with Noddy - Starting to Write 1 Pencil Patterns 2003Description / Buy
16Noddy Look and Learn - Things That Go 2004Description / Buy
17Noddy Builds A Rocket Ship 2005Description / Buy
18Goblins Above (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
19A Grey Day In Toy Town (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
20The Toy Town Parade 2006Description / Buy
21Skittle In The Middle (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
22Favourite Stories 2006Description / Buy
23The Magic Watering Can 2007Description / Buy
24Story And Activity Book 2007Description / Buy
25Clockwork Mouse's Wish 2007Description / Buy
26The Listening Game 2007Description / Buy
27Noddy's Great Discovery (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
28Toy Town's Winning Team (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
29Skittle in the Middle. 2008Description / Buy
30A Very Special Birthday. 2010Description / Buy

Order of Mary Mouse Series

1Mary Mouse and the Doll's House 1942Description / Buy
2More Adventures of Mary Mouse 1943Description / Buy
3Little Mary Mouse Again 1944Description / Buy
4Hello, Little Mary Mouse 1945Description / Buy
5Mary Mouse and Her Family 1946Description / Buy
6How Do You Do, Mary Mouse? 1948Description / Buy
7Hurrah for Mary Mouse 1949Description / Buy
8Welcome Mary Mouse! 1950Description / Buy
9A Prize For Mary Mouse 1951Description / Buy
10We Do Love Mary Mouse 1951Description / Buy
11Mary Mouse and Her Bicycle 1952Description / Buy
12Mary Mouse and the Noah's Ark 1953Description / Buy
13Mary Mouse to the Rescue 1954Description / Buy
14Mary Mouse in the Nursery Rhyme Land 1955Description / Buy
15A Day With Mary Mouse 1956Description / Buy
16Mary Mouse and the Garden Party 1957Description / Buy
17Mary Mouse Goes to Sea 1960Description / Buy
18Mary Mouse Goes Out for the Day 1961Description / Buy
19Fun with Mary Mouse 1973Description / Buy
20Here Comes Mary Mouse Again 1973Description / Buy
21Mary Mouse and the Little Donkey 1974Description / Buy
22Mary Mouse Goes To The Fair 1979Description / Buy
23Mary Mouse and the Doll Family (Short Story) 1988Description / Buy
24Mary Mouse on Holiday (Short Story) 1988Description / Buy
25Mary Mouse Goes Up in a Balloon (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
26Mary Mouse and the Caravan (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy

Order of Mister Meddle Series

1Merry Mister Meddle 1954Description / Buy
2Mister Meddle's Muddles (Short Story) 1959Description / Buy
3Mr Meddle's Mischief 1970Description / Buy
4Mr Meddle Stories 1989Description / Buy
5You're A Nuisance Mr Meddle 2000Description / Buy
6Mr Meddle's Bicycle 2014Description / Buy

Order of Mr. Galliano’s Circus Series

1Mr Galliano's Circus 1938Description / Buy
2Hurrah for the Circus! 1939Description / Buy
3Circus Days Again 1942Description / Buy
4Come to the Circus! 1979Description / Buy

Order of Mr Pink-Whistle Series

1The Adventures of Mr Pink-Whistle 1941Description / Buy
2Mr. Pink-Whistle Interferes 1950Description / Buy
3Mr Pink-Whistle's Party 1971Description / Buy
4Tales Of Mr. Pink-Whistle 1988Description / Buy
5Mr Pink-Whistle Stories 1994Description / Buy
6Mr Pink-Whistle Has Some Fun (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy
7Mr Pink-Whistle And Other Stories 2007Description / Buy

Order of Mr Twiddle Series

1Hello Mr Twiddle (Short Story) 1942Description / Buy
2Don't be Silly Mr.Twiddle! 1949Description / Buy
3Well, Really Mr.Twiddle! (Short Story) 1982Description / Buy
4Mr Twiddle Stories 1990Description / Buy
5Happy Days Hello Mr Twiddle 1998Description / Buy
6Mr Twiddle in Trouble Again 1999Description / Buy
7Mr Twiddle Fetches Polly 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Naughtiest Girl Series

1The Naughtiest Girl in the School 1930Description / Buy
2The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor 1940Description / Buy
3Here's the Naughtiest Girl! (Short Story) 1940Description / Buy
4The Naughtiest Girl Again 1942Description / Buy
5The Naughtiest Girl Saves the Day ( By: Anne Digby) 1999Description / Buy
6The Naughtiest Girl Keeps a Secret ( By: Anne Digby) 2007Description / Buy
7Well Done, The Naughtiest Girl! ( By: Anne Digby) 2007Description / Buy
8The Naughtiest Girl Wants to Win ( By: Anne Digby) 2011Description / Buy
9The Naughtiest Girl Marches On ( By: Anne Digby) 2011Description / Buy
10Naughtiest Girl Wants to Win (Short Story) ( By: Anne Digby) 2011Description / Buy
11The Naughtiest Girl Helps a Friend (Short Story) ( By: Anne Digby) 2011Description / Buy

Order of Noddy Series

1Noddy Goes To Toyland 1949Description / Buy
2Hurrah For Little Noddy 1950Description / Buy
3Noddy and His Car (Short Story) 1951Description / Buy
4Here Comes Noddy Again 1951Description / Buy
5Noddy Goes To School 1952Description / Buy
6Well Done Noddy! 1952Description / Buy
7Noddy At The Seaside 1953Description / Buy
8Noddy and the Magic Rubber 1954Description / Buy
9Noddy Gets Into Trouble 1954Description / Buy
10You Funny Little Noddy 1955Description / Buy
11Noddy Meets Father Christmas 1955Description / Buy
12Noddy And Tessie Bear 1956Description / Buy
13Be Brave Little Noddy! 1956Description / Buy
14Do Look Out Noddy! 1957Description / Buy
15Noddy and the Bumpy Dog 1957Description / Buy
16Noddy and Bumpy Dog (Short Story) 1957Description / Buy
17You're A Good Friend, Noddy! 1958Description / Buy
18Noddy Has an Adventure 1958Description / Buy
19Noddy & the Bunkey 1959Description / Buy
20Noddy Goes To Sea 1959Description / Buy
21Noddy and the Bunkey (Short Story) 1959Description / Buy
22Noddy Goes To The Fair 1960Description / Buy
23Cheer Up Little Noddy! 1960Description / Buy
24Mr Plod And Little Noddy 1961Description / Buy
25Mr. Plod and Little Noddy (Short Story) 1961Description / Buy
26Noddy And The Tootles 1962Description / Buy
27Noddy And The Aeroplane 1963Description / Buy
28Noddy and His Passengers (Short Story) 1967Description / Buy
29Noddy Goes to Market 1976Description / Buy
30Noddy and the Magic Boots 1979Description / Buy
31Be Brave Little Noddy 1980Description / Buy
32Noddy's Big Balloon 1982Description / Buy
33The Noddy Storytime Book (Short Story) 1983Description / Buy
34Noddy Gives A Tea Party (Short Story) 1983Description / Buy
35Noddy Helps Out 1984Description / Buy
36Noddy Treasury 1984Description / Buy
37Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
38Noddy Gets Dressed (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
39Noddy and the Roller Skates 2002Description / Buy
40Noddy and the Treasure Trail 2004Description / Buy
41Cheer up Little Noddy (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
42Hide-And-Seek Fun. (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy
43Short Tales Noddy And The Pouring Rain 2011Description / Buy
44Short Tales Noddy And The Driving Lesson 2011Description / Buy
45Short Tales Noddy Tells A Story 2011Description / Buy
46Short Tales Noddy And Martha Monkey 2011Description / Buy
47Short Tales Noddy And The Singing Bush 2011Description / Buy
48Noddy the Stolen Bicycles 2011Description / Buy
49Noddy and the little Lost Duck 2017Description / Buy

Order of Noddy Universe Series

1Noddy Meets Santa 1955Description / Buy
2Learn to tell the time with Noddy 1965Description / Buy
3Noddy And The Kite 1978Description / Buy
4Noddy's Unlucky Day 1979Description / Buy
5Noddy Makes Everyone Cross 1979Description / Buy
6Learn to Go Shopping with Noddy (Short Story) 1982Description / Buy
7The new big Noddy book 1984Description / Buy
8Learn to Count with Noddy (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
9Noddy's Shopping Trip 1989Description / Buy
10Noddy's Own Nursery Rhymes 1991Description / Buy
11Noddy's Toyland Friends 1991Description / Buy
12Noddy's Annual 1991Description / Buy
13Noddy Loses Sixpence 1992Description / Buy
14Noddy And The Goblins (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
15Noddy Gets into Trouble 1992Description / Buy
16Noddy and the Naughty Tail (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
17Noddy and the Pouring Rain (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
18Noddy Stories 1992Description / Buy
19Fun With Noddy (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
20Noddy Makes a New Friend 1993Description / Buy
21Noddy and Martha Monkey (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
22Noddy And His New Friend 1993Description / Buy
23Noddy And His Bell (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
24Noddy Chunky Board Books 1993Description / Buy
25Five More Noddy Stories 1993Description / Buy
26Noddy and the Milkman (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
27Noddy And The Special Key 1993Description / Buy
28Noddy And The Broken Bicycle (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
29Here Comes Noddy! (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
30Noddy Cheers Up Big-Ears 1994Description / Buy
31Noddy Finds a Furry Tail 1994Description / Buy
32Noddy And The Missing Hats 1994Description / Buy
33Noddy And The Useful Rope (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
34Noddy Loses His Bell 1994Description / Buy
35Noddy the Magician 1994Description / Buy
36Noddy Borrows an Umbrella 1994Description / Buy
37Noddy Meets Some Silly Hens 1994Description / Buy
38Noddy And The Prize Catch 1994Description / Buy
39Noddy Delivers Some Parcels 1994Description / Buy
40Noddy And His Unhappy Car (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
41Noddy and the Giraffes 1995Description / Buy
42Learn with Noddy: Numbers 1995Description / Buy
43Learn with Noddy 1995Description / Buy
44Noddy and the Difficult Day 1996Description / Buy
45Noddy and His Money 1996Description / Buy
46Learn with Noddy: ABC 1996Description / Buy
47Noddy Tells the Time 1996Description / Buy
48Noddy Has an Afternoon Off 1996Description / Buy
49Noddy and His Alarm Clock (Short Story) 1996Description / Buy
50Noddy Storybook Treasury 1997Description / Buy
51Noddy Bumper Story Book (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
52Noddy And The Birthday Present 1997Description / Buy
53Toy Town Stories – Tubby Bear’s Tea Party (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
54Toy Town Stories – Mr Plod’s Search For Noddy (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
55Toy Town Stories – Tubby Bear and the Decorating (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
56Noddy Bedtime Stories 1997Description / Buy
57Toyland Stories 1997Description / Buy
58Noddy Christmas Storybook 1997Description / Buy
59Noddy's Bedtime 1997Description / Buy
60Noddy to the Rescue 1997Description / Buy
61The Goblins And The Ice Cream 1997Description / Buy
62Noddy And The Windy Day 1997Description / Buy
63Noddy a b c (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
64Noddy Word Book 1998Description / Buy
65Noddy and the Cake Contest (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
66Noddy Annual 1998Description / Buy
67Noddy's Adventures In Toyland 1999Description / Buy
68Noddy's Super Busy Day 1999Description / Buy
69Learn the Alphabet with Noddy 1999Description / Buy
70Noddy and the Great Cake Bake-Off (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy
71Who Stole Noddy's Car? (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy
72Mr Plod And The Stolen Sixpences 1999Description / Buy
73Noddy's Magic Stories 1999Description / Buy
74Noddy's Rainy Day Activity Book 1999Description / Buy
75Mr Sparks's Clever Fire Engine 1999Description / Buy
76Noddy's Mystery Car 1999Description / Buy
77Mr Plod And The Train Robbers 1999Description / Buy
78Noddy Caught In A Storm 2000Description / Buy
79Noddy Loses His Keys 2000Description / Buy
80Noddy And The Noisy Drum 2000Description / Buy
81Noddy And The Driving Lesson 2000Description / Buy
82Noddy Tidies Toyland (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
83Noddy The Nurse (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
84Noddy And The Singing Bush (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
85Noddy Gives a Birthday Party 2000Description / Buy
86Noddy Is Far Too Busy 2000Description / Buy
87Brave Little Noddy 2000Description / Buy
88Mr. Plod's New Whistle 2000Description / Buy
89Mr Straw's New Cow 2000Description / Buy
90Noddy And The Runaway Cakes 2000Description / Buy
91Noddy And The Tootles; Noddy And The Airplane 2001Description / Buy
92Miss Pink Cat Throws A Party 2001Description / Buy
93Noddy's Puzzles Book 2001Description / Buy
94Bumpy Dog's Bad Day 2001Description / Buy
95Mr Plod Paints The Police Station (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
96Big-Ears And The Toy Town Race (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
97Noddy's Games Book (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
98Wash Day Mix-up 2001Description / Buy
99Noddy's Picnic (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
100Make Way For Noddy 2002Description / Buy
101Learn about Colors with Noddy 2002Description / Buy
102Learn about Opposites with Noddy 2002Description / Buy
103Look And Learn Patterns 2003Description / Buy
104Look And Learn Shapes 2003Description / Buy
105Learn with Noddy - Starting to Count 1 Counting 1-5 (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
106Look And Learn Numbers (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
107Noddy Big Fun Storybook 2003Description / Buy
108Noddy Big Fun Activity Pack (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
109A Day Out In Toyland! 2004Description / Buy
110Look And Learn 2004Description / Buy
111Time To Get Dressed 2004Description / Buy
112Time For Bed 2004Description / Buy
113Noddy Let's Go 2004Description / Buy
114A Busy Day for Noddy 2004Description / Buy
115Noddy Look and Learn - Opposites 2004Description / Buy
116Noddy Saves Christmas! 2004Description / Buy
117Noddy Tell The Time Book (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
118Noddy And The Artists (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
119Noddy First Words (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
120Noddy's Island Adventure (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
121Catch a Falling Star 2006Description / Buy
122Secret Treasure 2006Description / Buy
123Noddy Colour And Play Pad (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
124Surprise, Surprise! 2006Description / Buy
125Noddy's Perfect Job 2006Description / Buy
126Busy Little Noddy (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
127Noddy Lends A Hand 2006Description / Buy
128Starting To Write And Count (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
129Starting to Write and Count with Noddy 2006Description / Buy
130Noddy Annual 2007 2006Description / Buy
131Noddy's Mixed Up Day (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
132Noddy Learn to Write and Count 123 (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
133Noddy's Clothes On The Loose! (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
134Where's Noddy? (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
135Noddy on the Move 2007Description / Buy
136Noddy the Rainbow Chaser 2007Description / Buy
137Noddy's Snow Story 2007Description / Buy
138Noddy's Camera Fun (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
139Noddy's Pet Chicken (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
140Count with Noddy 2008Description / Buy
141Noddy and Friends Character Books - Dinah Doll 2008Description / Buy
142Noddy and Friends Character Books - Mr Jumbo 2008Description / Buy
143Noddy Goes Vroom!. 2009Description / Buy
144Noddy and the Pirates. (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy
145Noddy and the Bouncing Ball 2011Description / Buy
146Short Tales Noddy Tidies Toyland 2011Description / Buy
147Short Tales Noddy And The Treasure Map 2011Description / Buy
148Short Tales Noddy And The Goblins 2011Description / Buy
149Well Done, Noddy 2016Description / Buy
150Hurrah for Little Noddy 2016Description / Buy
151Noddy and Tessie Bear 2016Description / Buy
152Noddy Toyland Detective 2016Description / Buy
153Noddy Early Learning Food 2017Description / Buy

Order of Noddy And Friends Character Books Series

1Bumpy Dog 2008Description / Buy
2Tessie Bear 2008Description / Buy
3Sly 2008Description / Buy
4Big-Ears (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
5Martha Monkey 2008Description / Buy
6Clockwork Mouse 2008Description / Buy
7Birthday Surprise 2009Description / Buy
8Noddy Friends Forever 2017Description / Buy

Order of The O'Clock Tales Collection Series

1Five O'Clock Tales 1941Description / Buy
2Six O'Clock Tales 1942Description / Buy
3Seven O'clock Tales 1943Description / Buy
4Eight O'Clock Tales 2012Description / Buy

Order of Popular Rewards Series

1The Magic Brush And Other Stories 1942Description / Buy
2The Secret Door and Other Stories. 1946Description / Buy
3Mr Icy Cold And Other Stories 1948Description / Buy
4The Little Brown Bear And Other Stories 1952Description / Buy
5Snicker The Brownie And Other Stories 1974Description / Buy
6Sneezing Powder And Other Stories 1983Description / Buy
7Christina's Kite and Other Stories 1985Description / Buy
8Twelve Silver Cups and Other Stories 1985Description / Buy
9The Teddy Bear's Tail And Other Stories 1987Description / Buy
10The Rabbit's Whiskers And Other Stories 1987Description / Buy
11The Goblin Hat And Other Stories 1987Description / Buy
12The Banana Robber And Other Stories 1987Description / Buy
13A Hole In Her Pocket And Other Stories 1987Description / Buy
14Pretty Star The Pony And Other Stories 1989Description / Buy
15The Magic Snow Bird And Other Stories 1989Description / Buy
16The Tower In The Ho-Ho Wood And Other Stories 1989Description / Buy
17The Strange Umbrella 1989Description / Buy
18The Ugly Old Scarecrow And Other Stories 1989Description / Buy
19The Wishing Wand And Other Stories 1993Description / Buy
20The Sneezing Dog And Other Stories 1993Description / Buy
21The Flyaway Cottage And Other Stories 1993Description / Buy
22The Little Lost Hen And Other Stories 1993Description / Buy
23The Magic Clock And Other Stories 1993Description / Buy
24The Pig With Green Spots And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
25The Goblin's Toyshop And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
26The Very Peculiar Cow And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
27Bicycle Magic And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
28The Cuckoo In The Clock And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
29Three Bold Pixies And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
30The Fairies' Shoemaker and Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
31The Little Toy Engine And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
32Look Out For The Elephant And Other Stories 1995Description / Buy
33The Wishing Jug And Other Stories 1996Description / Buy
34The Enchanted Bellows And Other Stories 1996Description / Buy
35The Little Witch-Dog And Other Stories 1996Description / Buy
36The Little White Rabbit And Other Stories 1996Description / Buy
37The Donkey On The Sands And Other Stories 1996Description / Buy
38The Walkaway Shoes And Other Stories 1998Description / Buy
39Big Eyes The Enchanter And Other Stories 1998Description / Buy
40The Enchanted Table And Other Stories 1998Description / Buy
41The Little Old Toymaker And Other Stories 1998Description / Buy
42The Flyaway Money And Other Stories 1998Description / Buy
43The Magic Ice Cream And Other Stories 2000Description / Buy
44The Bed That Ran Away And Other Stories 2000Description / Buy
45The Three Strange Travellers And Other Stories 2000Description / Buy
46Giants Round The Corner And Other Stories 2000Description / Buy
47The Tale of Bushy the Fox And Other Stories 2000Description / Buy
48The Six Red Wizards And Other Stories 2001Description / Buy
49The Magic Needle And Other Stories 2001Description / Buy
50The Fairy Kitten And Other Stories 2002Description / Buy
51Mr Wumble And The Dragon And Other Stories 2002Description / Buy
52Peronel's Magic Polish And Other Stories 2002Description / Buy
53The Enchanted Shoes 2002Description / Buy
54The Smickle Smockle And Other Stories 2002Description / Buy
55The Flopperty Bird And Other Stories 2002Description / Buy
56Benny And The Giants And Other Stories 2003Description / Buy
57The Magic Watering Can And Other Stories 2003Description / Buy
58Peter And The Magic Shadow And Other Stories 2003Description / Buy
59Mr Twiddle Fetches Polly And Other Stories 2003Description / Buy
60The House With Six Legs And Other Stories 2003Description / Buy
61Mighty-One the Wizard and Other Stories 2003Description / Buy
62The Wishing Spells And Other Stories 2004Description / Buy
63The Wonderful Torch 2005Description / Buy
64The Brave Little Puppy And Other Stories 2005Description / Buy
65The Brave Toy Soldier and Other Stories 2007Description / Buy

Order of The Secret Series

1The Secret Island 1938Description / Buy
2The Secret Of Spiggy Holes 1940Description / Buy
3The Secret Mountain 1941Description / Buy
4The Secret Of Killimooin 1943Description / Buy
5The Secret Of Moon Castle 1953Description / Buy
6The Secret Valley 2016Description / Buy

Order of The Secret Seven Series

1The Secret Seven 1949Description / Buy
2Secret Seven Adventure 1950Description / Buy
3Well Done, Secret Seven 1951Description / Buy
4Secret Seven on the Trail 1952Description / Buy
5Go Ahead Secret Seven 1953Description / Buy
6Good Work, Secret Seven 1954Description / Buy
7Secret Seven Win Through 1955Description / Buy
8Three Cheers, Secret Seven 1956Description / Buy
9Secret Seven Mystery 1957Description / Buy
10Puzzle for the Secret Seven 1958Description / Buy
11Secret Seven Fireworks 1959Description / Buy
12Good Old Secret Seven 1960Description / Buy
13Shock for the Secret Seven 1961Description / Buy
14Look Out, Secret Seven 1962Description / Buy
15Fun for the Secret Seven 1963Description / Buy

Order of Six Cousins Series

1Six Cousins At Mistletoe Farm 1948Description / Buy
2Six Cousins Again 1950Description / Buy
3Adventures of The Six Cousins 1992Description / Buy

Order of St. Clare's Series

1The Twins at St Clare's 1941Description / Buy
2The O'Sullivan Twins 1941Description / Buy
3Summer Term At St Clare's 1943Description / Buy
4Second Form at St Clare's 1944Description / Buy
5Claudine At St Clare's 1944Description / Buy
6Fifth Formers Of St Clare's 1945Description / Buy

Order of The Twins Series

1Tales of the Twins 1948Description / Buy
2Hello Twins 1951Description / Buy
3Come Along Twins 1952Description / Buy
4Here come the twins 1953Description / Buy
5Trouble for the twins 1955Description / Buy

Order of Toyland Stories Series

1Mr Plod's Search For Noddy (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
2Mr Sparks To The Rescue 1997Description / Buy
3Bumpy Dog Helps Out 1998Description / Buy
4Mr Plod and the Footprints (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
5Toyland Stories – The Goblins and the Good Deeds (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
6Mr Plod Storybook 1998Description / Buy
7Big-Ears To The Rescue 1998Description / Buy
8Big-Ears And The Naughty Trick (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
9Mr Plod's Bossy Day 1998Description / Buy
10Don't Blame Noddy! 1999Description / Buy
11Big-Ears And Clever Whiskers (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy
12Mr Jumbo And The Toy Town Bus 1999Description / Buy

Order of Wishing Chair Series

1The Adventures Of The Wishing-Chair 1937Description / Buy
2The Magical Adventures of the Wishing Chair 1937Description / Buy
3The Wishing-Chair Again 1950Description / Buy
4The Island Of Surprises 2009Description / Buy
5The Land Of Mythical Creatures 2009Description / Buy
6Winter Wonderland 2009Description / Buy
7The Land of Fairytales 2009Description / Buy
8Giantland 2009Description / Buy
9The New Adventure of the Wishing Chair 2012Description / Buy
10Spellworld 2013Description / Buy
11The Witch's Lost Cat (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Enid Blyton's Tell-A-Story-Book Series

1The Snow White Pigeon and Other Stories 1983Description / Buy
2Andrew's Robin and Other Stories 1983Description / Buy
3Clever-One The Imp And Other Stories 1984Description / Buy
4When the Moon Was Blue and Other Stories 1984Description / Buy
5The Enchanted Umbrella And Other Stories (Short Story) 1984Description / Buy
6Billy Up The Tree And Other Stories 1988Description / Buy

Order of Enid Blyton Standalone Books

1Bunny And The Pixies 1661Description / Buy
2Cherry Tree Farm 1885Description / Buy
3The Enid Blyton Book of Fairies 1924Description / Buy
4The Disappointed Sprites 1926Description / Buy
5Tales of Betsy-May (Short Story) 1940Description / Buy
6The Secret Of Cliff Castle 1940Description / Buy
7Shadow The Sheepdog 1942Description / Buy
8The Land of Far Beyond 1942Description / Buy
9Mischief at St Rollo's 1943Description / Buy
10Smuggler Ben 1943Description / Buy
11The Children's Life of Christ (Short Story) 1943Description / Buy
12Bimbo and Topsy 1943Description / Buy
13The Christmas Book 1944Description / Buy
14The Family at Red-Roofs 1945Description / Buy
15Hollow Tree House 1945Description / Buy
16House at the Corner 1947Description / Buy
17The Green Story Book 1947Description / Buy
18The Put-Em-Rights 1947Description / Buy
19Those Dreadful Children 1949Description / Buy
20The Lucky Green Pea 1951Description / Buy
21Animal Lover's Book 1952Description / Buy
22The Young Adventurers At Holiday House 1955Description / Buy
23The boy with the loaves and the fishes (Short Story) 1955Description / Buy
24Holiday House (Short Story) 1955Description / Buy
25Adventure Of The Strange Ruby (Short Story) 1960Description / Buy
26The Treasure Hunters 1960Description / Buy
27The Mystery That Never Was 1961Description / Buy
28The Boy Who Wanted A Dog (Short Story) 1963Description / Buy
29Tales of Brave Adventure 1963Description / Buy
30The Three Gollies 1964Description / Buy
31Boy Who Came Back (Short Story) 1965Description / Buy
32Man Who Stopped to Help 1965Description / Buy
33Adventures of the strange ruby 1966Description / Buy
34The Enid Blyton Book Of Brownies 1967Description / Buy
35The Adventures of Binkle and Flip (Short Story) 1967Description / Buy
36Hurrah for the Circus (Short Story) 1968Description / Buy
37The Lamb Without A Mother 1969Description / Buy
38Tuppeny, Feefo And Jinks 1969Description / Buy
39At Seaside Cottage (Short Story) 1969Description / Buy
40Boy Next Door 1969Description / Buy
41A Basket of Surprises (Short Story) 1970Description / Buy
42Book of Fairies (Short Story) 1972Description / Buy
43Birds Of Our Gardens 1973Description / Buy
44The Six Bad Boys 1973Description / Buy
45Come to the Circus 1973Description / Buy
46Six Bad Boys 1973Description / Buy
47Picnic Party (Short Story) 1973Description / Buy
48The hungry little robin (Short Story) 1973Description / Buy
49Brownie Tales 1973Description / Buy
50A Story Book of Jesus (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
51A Visit to Nursery-Rhyme Land (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
52Bumpy And His Bus 1974Description / Buy
53The Fish That Built A Nest 1974Description / Buy
54The Boy Next Door 1974Description / Buy
55Dame Slap and Her School (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
56The Children At Green Meadows 1974Description / Buy
57The Family In The Cornfield 1975Description / Buy
58The crab with a long tail 1975Description / Buy
59The Little Girl at Capernaum (Short Story) 1977Description / Buy
60Golliwog Grumbled (Short Story) 1977Description / Buy
61Treasury Of Verse (Short Story) 1979Description / Buy
62Ruby Storybook (Short Story) 1980Description / Buy
63Robin Hood And His Merry Men (Short Story) 1981Description / Buy
64Before I Go to Sleep (Short Story) 1981Description / Buy
65Timothy's Tadpoles 1982Description / Buy
66A Surprise For Mollie 1982Description / Buy
67The Girl who found Sixpence (Short Story) 1982Description / Buy
68Billy's Bicycle (Short Story) 1982Description / Buy
69The Little Stray Cat 1983Description / Buy
70The Big Bad Dog (Short Story) 1983Description / Buy
71The Swallow Fairy 1984Description / Buy
72The Blown Away Rabbit 1984Description / Buy
73The Wishing Feather 1984Description / Buy
74The Witch's Cat and The Quarrelsome Bear (Short Story) 1984Description / Buy
75One New Laid Egg (Short Story) 1984Description / Buy
76The Fairy in the Cracker 1984Description / Buy
77The Bonfire Folk 1984Description / Buy
78The Marvellous Adventure 1984Description / Buy
79Noah Builds His Ark (Short Story) 1985Description / Buy
80Pipes For Old Puff & The Little Down Cushion 1985Description / Buy
81A Path Through the Sea 1985Description / Buy
82Puff The Gnome & Tippity The Elf 1985Description / Buy
83The Little Yellow Bird and the Lambikin 1985Description / Buy
84The Good Samaritan and the Boy Who Left Home 1986Description / Buy
85Hedgerow Tales (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
86The Little boy Jesus (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
87The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
88Let's Garden 1987Description / Buy
89Country Tales (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
90Sunshine Book 1987Description / Buy
91Shadow to the Rescue Cub (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
92The Family at Red-Roofs & Those Dreadful Children 1988Description / Buy
93Shadow in Trouble (Short Story) 1988Description / Buy
94Shadow and Johnny (Short Story) 1988Description / Buy
95The Night the Toys Came to Life 1988Description / Buy
96A Book Of Pixie Stories 1989Description / Buy
97Millicent Mary's Surprise 1990Description / Buy
98The Empty Doll's House 1990Description / Buy
99The Clever Kitten 1990Description / Buy
100The Dirty Old Teddy 1990Description / Buy
101The Poor Little Owl (Short Story) 1990Description / Buy
102The Josie, Click and Bun Story 1990Description / Buy
103The Friendly Robin (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
104Santa's Workshop 1991Description / Buy
105The Smelly Little Dog 1991Description / Buy
106The Good Old Rocking-Horse 1991Description / Buy
107The Night The Toys Had A Party 1991Description / Buy
108A Family Christmas 1991Description / Buy
109The Adventures of Scamp 1992Description / Buy
110The First Green Goblin Book 1992Description / Buy
111Peter and the Magic Shadow 1992Description / Buy
112Nursery-Rhyme Land 1992Description / Buy
113Three Boys and a Circus (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
114Snowball the Pony 1992Description / Buy
115The Train That Lost Its Way (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
116The Cat With A Feathery Tail And Other Stories 1993Description / Buy
117The Second Green Goblin Book (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
118The Christmas Story (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
119Tales from Fairyland (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
120The Land of Blue Mountains 1993Description / Buy
121The Magic Sweet Shop 1993Description / Buy
122The Magic Motor Car 1994Description / Buy
123Teddy and the Elves 1994Description / Buy
124The Magic Bicycle 1994Description / Buy
125The Secret Of The Old Mill (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
126Woodland Tales (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
127Jumbo Saves the Day! 1994Description / Buy
128Whiskers and the Wizard 1994Description / Buy
129The Adventures Of The Toy Ship 1994Description / Buy
130The Silver Merman 1994Description / Buy
131Lion Learns a Lesson 1994Description / Buy
132The Rude Little Rabbit 1994Description / Buy
133Christmas Story Book (Short Story) 1994Description / Buy
134The Squirrel and the Pixie And Dame Thimble and Her Matches 1994Description / Buy
135The Little Green Imp And The Magic Rubber (Short Story) 1995Description / Buy
136Disappointed Sprites 1995Description / Buy
137The Rilloby Fair Mystery & The Rockingdown Mystery 1995Description / Buy
138The Singing Shell 1995Description / Buy
139The Tale of Kimmy-Cat And The Frightened Teddy Bear 1995Description / Buy
140The Balloon in the Tree And The Very Strange Pool (Short Story) 1995Description / Buy
141Secret Story Garden (Short Story) 1995Description / Buy
142China Rabbit 1996Description / Buy
143David the Shepherd Boy 1996Description / Buy
144The Little Daughter Of Jairus (Short Story) 1996Description / Buy
145Christmas Party 1996Description / Buy
146Games in Goblinland 1997Description / Buy
147Blackberry Magic and Other Stories 1997Description / Buy
148The Wishing Hat 1997Description / Buy
149Mr Quink's Garden 1997Description / Buy
150The Little Bear's Adventures 1997Description / Buy
151The Yellow Trumpets 1997Description / Buy
152All the Way to Santa Claus 1997Description / Buy
153Mr Plod And The Stolen Bicycle 1997Description / Buy
154The Children of Kidillin (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
155Naughtiest Girl 1997Description / Buy
156The Young Adventurers And The Hidden Treasure 1997Description / Buy
157Bible Stories (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
158Joseph's Amazing Journey (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
159The Land Of Spells 1998Description / Buy
160The Land Of Dreams (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
161Toy Town Search And Find (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
162The Magician's Party (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
163Tales of Ancient Greece (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
164Robin Hood Book 1998Description / Buy
165The Knights of the Round Table 1998Description / Buy
166The First Christmas 1998Description / Buy
167Look Out Busy-Body 1998Description / Buy
168Peter's Good Idea 1999Description / Buy
169The Adventure of the Secret Necklace & Other Stories 1999Description / Buy
170Binkle and Flip Misbehave (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy
171The Tale of Cluck and Clopper 2001Description / Buy
172The Careless Kitten 2002Description / Buy
173Magic In the Playroom (Short Story) 2002Description / Buy
174The Talking Shoes 2002Description / Buy
175The Magic Treacle Jug 2002Description / Buy
176The Mystery Of The Flyaway Balloon 2002Description / Buy
177Pink Paint for a Pixie 2002Description / Buy
178Billy And The West Wind 2003Description / Buy
179The Beautiful Cricket Ball & the Little Toy Stove 2004Description / Buy
180A Spell for a Puppy & Jinky's Joke 2004Description / Buy
181The Birds and the Bun & Muzzling the Cat (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
182The Pantomime Cat & Mrs. Dilly's Duck (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
183He Didn't Believe in Fairies & Holes in His Stockings (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
184Grumph the Rocking Horse & Tit for Tat 2004Description / Buy
185The Real Fairy Doll & Visitors in the Night 2004Description / Buy
186Dame Thimble and Her Matches & Sally Simple's Spectacles (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
187The Little Music Box & the Clever Toy Drum (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
188The Newspaper Dog 2004Description / Buy
189The Dumpy Wizard's Party & the Goblin Who Stole Sweets 2004Description / Buy
190The Proud Little Pig & The Sneezing Donkey (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
191The Young Adventurers and the Boy Next Door 2004Description / Buy
192The Adventurous Ball & Poor Captain Puss 2004Description / Buy
193Nippy the Pixie & Off to the Moon 2004Description / Buy
194When Mrs Tumpy Lost Her Head & the Red-Spotted Handkerchief 2004Description / Buy
195A Basket of Surprises & Do Pass It on 2005Description / Buy
196The Blue Eyed Cat 2006Description / Buy
197The Goblins' Stopwatch (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
198Enid Blyton's Nature Lover's Book 2008Description / Buy
199Melody And The Enchanted Harp 2011Description / Buy
200The Teddy Bear's Tail 2014Description / Buy
201The Smickle Smockle 2014Description / Buy
202The Magic Needle 2014Description / Buy
203Run-About's Holiday 2014Description / Buy
204Shuffle the Shoemaker 2014Description / Buy
205Mr Wumble and the Dragon 2014Description / Buy
206The Flopperty Bird 2014Description / Buy
207Peronel's Magic Polish 2014Description / Buy
208The Wishing Spells 2014Description / Buy
209Big-Eyes the Enchanter 2014Description / Buy
210Twelve Silver Cups 2014Description / Buy
211The Greedy Rabbit 2014Description / Buy
212The Rabbit's Whiskers 2014Description / Buy
213The Fairies' Shoemaker 2014Description / Buy
214The Ugly Old Scarecrow 2015Description / Buy
215The Little Toy Engine 2015Description / Buy
216The Fly-Away Cottage 2015Description / Buy
217The Secret Door 2015Description / Buy
218The Magic Clock 2015Description / Buy
219Bicycle Magic 2015Description / Buy
220Christina's Kite 2015Description / Buy
221The Very Peculiar Cow 2015Description / Buy
222The Little Brownie House 2015Description / Buy
223The Brave Toy Soldier 2015Description / Buy
224The Little White Rabbit 2015Description / Buy
225The Wishing Jug 2015Description / Buy
226The Donkey on the Sands 2015Description / Buy
227Sneezing Powder 2015Description / Buy
228The Flyaway Money 2015Description / Buy
229The Little Old Toymaker 2015Description / Buy
230The Three Strange Travellers 2015Description / Buy
231The Land of Birthdays (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
232The Land of Magic Medicines (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
233The Land of Do-As-You-Please (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
234The Six Red Wizards 2016Description / Buy
235The Land of Silly School (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
236The Riddle of the Boy Next Door by Enid Blyton 2020Description / Buy
237The little white duck and other stories 2020Description / Buy
238Visitors in the Night 2020Description / Buy

Order of Enid Blyton Story Collections

1Short Story Collection 1926Description / Buy
2Ten Minute Tales 1934Description / Buy
3A Second Book of Naughty Children (Short Story) 1947Description / Buy
4The Adventures of Pip 1948Description / Buy
5The three naughty children 1950Description / Buy
6Bedtime Stories 1953Description / Buy
7Brer Rabbit Funtime Adventures 1957Description / Buy
8Muddlesome's Mistake And Other Stories 1959Description / Buy
9Adventure Stories 1961Description / Buy
10Round the Clock Stories 1963Description / Buy
11Happy Hours Story Book 1964Description / Buy
12Storytime Book 1964Description / Buy
13Tales Of Long Ago 1965Description / Buy
14The Red Story Book 1966Description / Buy
15Stories for Bedtime 1966Description / Buy
16Stories For You 1966Description / Buy
17The yellow story book 1968Description / Buy
18Dog Stories 1969Description / Buy
19Sleepyland Stories 1970Description / Buy
20Tales From The Bible 1970Description / Buy
21Happy Time Stories 1970Description / Buy
22Happy Adventure Tales 1971Description / Buy
23Toyland Tales 1971Description / Buy
24Anytime Tales 1971Description / Buy
25Twenty Minute Tales 1972Description / Buy
26Funtime Tales 1972Description / Buy
27Good Night Stories 1972Description / Buy
28Everyday Stories 1972Description / Buy
29The Boy Who Turned Into An Engine And Other Stories (Short Story) 1973Description / Buy
30More Twenty-Minute Tales (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
31The Bear With Boot-Button Eyes And Other Stories 1975Description / Buy
32The Dog With The Long Tail And Other Stories (Short Story) 1975Description / Buy
33Everyday Book Of Sleepytime Stories (Short Story) 1975Description / Buy
34Fifteen-Minute Tales (Short Story) 1976Description / Buy
35Once Upon A Time Stories 1976Description / Buy
36The Big Enid Blyton book 1976Description / Buy
37Billy-Bob Tales 1977Description / Buy
38Gift Book of Bedtime Stories 1978Description / Buy
39Emerald Storybook 1980Description / Buy
40Amber Storybook 1980Description / Buy
41Sapphire Storybook 1980Description / Buy
42More Good-Night Stories 1982Description / Buy
43Bedtime stories and prayers (Short Story) 1982Description / Buy
44A night On Thunder Rock And Other Adventure Stories 1983Description / Buy
45Coral Storybook (Short Story) 1983Description / Buy
46Fairy Stories (Short Story) 1983Description / Buy
47Happy Bedtime Stories 1983Description / Buy
48Turquoise Storybook 1983Description / Buy
49Best Ever Story Book 1983Description / Buy
50Enid Blyton's fourth Bedtime book (Short Story) 1984Description / Buy
51In the Beginning and Other Stories 1985Description / Buy
52The Goblin Aeroplane and Other Stories (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
53Goodnight Stories 1986Description / Buy
54Little Animal Stories (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
55Brer Fox Goes to Market and Other Stories (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
56The Enchanted Sea and Other Tales 1987Description / Buy
57A Puppy in Wonderland and Other Tales (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
58The Enid Blyton Bedtime Story Book 1988Description / Buy
59Brer Rabbit Stories 1989Description / Buy
60Holiday Stories 1990Description / Buy
61Brer Rabbit Plays a Trick And Other Stories 1991Description / Buy
62Brer Rabbit Has Some Fun! and Other Stories (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
63Happy Days Stories 1991Description / Buy
64Animal Stories 1991Description / Buy
65Muddlesome's Mistake And Other Tales Of Mischief 1991Description / Buy
66Enid Blyton's Treasury (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
67The Flyaway Broomstick And Other Stories 1991Description / Buy
68The Witch's Cat 1991Description / Buy
69The Poor Little Sparrow And Other Animal Stories 1991Description / Buy
70More Hedgerow Tales 1991Description / Buy
71He Wouldn't Go to Sleep And Other Bedtime Stories 1991Description / Buy
72The Smelly Little Dog And Other Stories 1991Description / Buy
73The Bold, Bad Boys! And Other Stories 1991Description / Buy
74Bottom of the Class! And Other Stories 1991Description / Buy
75Christmas Tales 1992Description / Buy
76Five Minute Tales 1992Description / Buy
77Mister Stamp-About In A Fix And Other Stories 1992Description / Buy
78Bedtime Bookshelf 1993Description / Buy
79Magic Stories 1993Description / Buy
80Night-time Tales 1994Description / Buy
81More Tales from Fairyland 1994Description / Buy
82The Smugglers' Caves And Other Stories 1994Description / Buy
83Adventure Stories and Mystery Stories 1994Description / Buy
84The Little Green Imp and Other Stories 1995Description / Buy
85Secret Toybox Tales 1995Description / Buy
86My Mini-library of Little Tales 1996Description / Buy
87Best Stories for Five-Year-Olds 1997Description / Buy
88The Dancing Doll and Other Stories 1997Description / Buy
89The Adventurous Duck and Other Stories 1997Description / Buy
90Enid Blyton's Treasure Trove 1997Description / Buy
91Bad Little Bunny and Other Stories 1997Description / Buy
92Bumble and the Elves and Other Stories 1997Description / Buy
93Best Stories for Eight-Year-Olds (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
94Best Stories for Six-Year-Olds 1997Description / Buy
95Best Stories for Seven Year Olds 1997Description / Buy
96The Secret Of Skytop Hill And Other Stories 1998Description / Buy
97My Collection Of Favourite Tales 1999Description / Buy
98Bedtime Tales 1999Description / Buy
99The Mr Meddle Stories 1999Description / Buy
100Enid Blyton's Goodnight Stories (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
101The House In The Fog And Other Stories 2000Description / Buy
102Fun-time Story Book (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
103Treasury Of Tales 2002Description / Buy
104Five-Minute Bedtime Tales (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
105Tales of Toyland and Other Stories 2013Description / Buy
106The Banana Robber 2014Description / Buy
107The Astonishing Ladder 2014Description / Buy
108Mighty-One the Wizard 2014Description / Buy
109The Fairy Kitten 2014Description / Buy
110Benny and the Giants 2014Description / Buy
111The Goblin Hat 2014Description / Buy
112Sleepytime Tales for Children 2014Description / Buy
113Goodnight Stories for Children (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
114Snicker the Brownie 2014Description / Buy
115The Wishing Wand 2015Description / Buy
116Pretty Star the Pony 2015Description / Buy
117MR Icy Cold 2015Description / Buy
118The Sneezing Dog 2015Description / Buy
119The Tower in Ho-Ho Wood 2015Description / Buy
120The Little Lost Hen 2015Description / Buy
121Cat with the Feathery Tail 2015Description / Buy
122The Goblin's Toyshop 2015Description / Buy
123Three Bold Pixies 2015Description / Buy
124The Pig with Green Spots 2015Description / Buy
125The Cuckoo in the Clock 2015Description / Buy
126The Enchanted Bellows 2015Description / Buy
127The Little Witch Dog 2015Description / Buy
128The Enchanted Table 2015Description / Buy
129The Walkaway Shoes 2015Description / Buy
130The Magic Ice Cream 2015Description / Buy
131Giants Around the Corner 2015Description / Buy
132The Bed That Ran Away 2015Description / Buy
133The House with Six Legs 2015Description / Buy
134The Magic Mirror 2015Description / Buy
135The Tale of Bushy the Fox 2015Description / Buy
136Rag, Tag and Bobtail and other Magical Stories 2016Description / Buy
137The Little Brown Bear 2016Description / Buy
138The First Christmas and Other Bible Stories 2016Description / Buy
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Enid wrote and published many books in her time. She even wrote an entire sixty thousand word book in just five days. She has written many series that include the “Adventure” series, the “Noddy” series, the “Secret Seven” series, and the Famous Five” series. Blyton also wrote many other chapter books, short stories, and books that cover a wide range of genres.

Enid Mary Blyton was born in East Dulwich, London in August 1897. In her early years, Blyton’s family moved to Kent, which is where she developed a love for nature, especially the animals, which features a lot in Blyton’s books. Enid Blyton attended St Christopher’s School between the ages of 10 to 18, showing an aptitude for sport, as well as writing. Upon leaving school, Blyton, upon recognising she had an affinity with children, enrolled in a teaching course, which she completed in 1918.

During this time, Blyton also carried on her writing, which she had started during her school years. She failed to have any of her manuscripts published, but that steeled her reserve more, although she did have some of her poems printed in Nash’s Magazine. She kept on writing poems and short stories in her spare time, with many of them being picked up by various publications.

Enid Blyton’s big break came in 1922, when her collection of short stories and poems, Child Whispers, was published. Her collections of poetry continued to be published, including, in 1923, a collection called Real Fairies.

Come the ’30s, Blyton was building a reputation as a talented writer, and she started her first series of books, the Old Thatch series, with the first book of 28, The Talking Tea Pot and Other Tales. Another one of her beloved series, the Brer Rabbit series, was started, with Brer Rabbit Retold being published. During the ’30s, Blyton’s stock rose, and she branched out into adventure stories, with The Secret Island becoming a massive hit, and the Circus series was also created, as well as the Amelia Jane series.

In the ’40s, with her popularity soaring, Blyton released two books under the name Mary Pollock, to much success, both critical and commercial. However, she also continued to write under her own name, and released many more series of books, including the Famous Five series, the Malory Towers series and the Mary Mouse series.

It was 1949 when Blyton’s most endearing character was published, Noddy, in the first book of the series, Noddy In Toyland. Noddy’s adventures continued in well over 20 books, and the character continues to be a favourite today.

Blyton continued writing into the ’60s, although her output slowed down dramatically, and she also finished many of her series, with the Secret Seven, the Famous Five and Brer Rabbit series having their last stories published in 1963.


Boys’ Club of America gave her an award for “The Island of Adventure”. She was vote best loved author from Britain in 2008 by Costa Book Awards.


The “Famous Five” stories have been adapted a few times. Once in 1957, an eight part serial film was made called “Five on a Treasure Island”. Another serial (this time in six parts) was made in 1964 called “Five Have a Mystery to Solve”. ITV adapted the series in 1978 and 1979 airing 26 half hour episodes about the series. It was adapted again (1995 until 1997) for television; the series (“The Famous Five”) aired for two series and 26 more half hour episodes.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Enid Blyton, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “The Enchanted Wood”, “The Magic Faraway Tree”, and “The Folk of the Faraway Tree”.

The Enchanted Wood: This is the first novel in the “The Faraway Tree” series and was released in the year 1939. Fanny, Bessie, and Jo go out on a walk in the wood that is located near their house. There is a large tree that stretches into the clouds; it is known as the Faraway Tree. It is wide enough to have houses built into it. The kids find different magical creatures living in the tree. There is Silky the fairy, Moon-Face, Dame Washalot, The Saucepan Man, and the Angry Pixie. Jo, Bessie, and Fanny befriend a few of the creatures (Moon-Face and Silky especially). They finally get to the very top of the tree, and find that there is a way to get to a magical land. The land changes with each and every visit, because the lands move on for another land. Anyone can come and go as they please. Whoever visits a land must leave before the land moves on, or be stuck until it comes back around.

The Magic Faraway Tree: This is the second novel in the “The Faraway Tree” series and was released in the year 1943. Jo, Bessie, and Fanny decide to take Rick (who is their cousin) to the magic Faraway Tree, something that he will never forget. He meets all the creatures of the tree and visits the lands. He is not interested in the place at first, but the more he stays, the more interested he gets. And the more mischief he gets into.

The Folk of the Faraway Tree: This is the third novel in the “The Faraway Tree” series and was released in the year 1946. Lizzie is sick. So her daughter (who is named Connie) comes to stay with Jo, Bessie, and Fanny. She is a mischievous little girl. Connie will not believe anything about the Faraway Tree or those that live in it. Even when she gets soaked by Dame Washalot or inked by the Angry Pixie. She gets a few surprises when she goes to the lands that the top of the tree has to offer. The mother of the Saucepan Man goes to live in the tree after leaving her baker job that she had in Dame Slap’s land. She is able to set up a surprising cake shop.

Enid Blyton Q&A

Q: What is the first book written by Enid Blyton?

A: The first book Enid Blyton had published was Child Whispers.

Q: What is the last Enid Blyton book?

A: The last book to be published under Enid Blyton’s name is The Dog With The Long Tail and Other Stories, which was published in 1975, 7 years after her death.

Q: When did Enid Blyton die?

A: The author Enid Blyton passed away on November 28, 1968 at the age of 71 in Hampstead, London.

When Does The Next Enid Blyton book come out?

Enid Blyton doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Noddy and Bumpy Dog and was released on May, 5th 2020. It is the newest book in the Noddy Series.


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