Noddy Books

Noddy series is just one of the tens of series of books authored by famed English author Enid Blyton whose birth name was Enid Mary Blyton. She had been born in East Dulwich upon South London. Blyton, who also adopted the penname Mary Pollock, was born in August 1897 and kicked the bucket in November 1968. Specializing in children’s books, mysteries and fantasy, Blyton penned hundreds of books in a writing career that spanned four decades. Noddy is one of the most endearing and loved characters in British children’s fiction, and, in all, the 24 books in the series, published between 1949 and 1963, have become some of the best-selling children’s books of all time. As well as the books, the Noddy stories have been adapted into several television series, as well as various pieces of memorabilia, toys and collectibles.

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Order of Noddy And Friends Character Books Series

# Read Title Published
1 Bumpy Dog 2008
2 Tessie Bear 2008
3 Sly 2008
4 Martha Monkey 2008
5 Clockwork Mouse 2008
6 Birthday Surprise 2009
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Order of Noddy Universe Series

# Read Title Published
1 Noddy Meets Santa 1955
2 Learn to tell the time with Noddy 1965
3 Noddy And The Kite 1978
4 Noddy's Unlucky Day 1979
5 The new big Noddy book 1984
6 Noddy's Shopping Trip 1989
7 Noddy's Own Nursery Rhymes 1991
8 Noddy's Toyland Friends 1991
9 Noddy's Annual 1991
10 Noddy Loses Sixpence 1992
11 Noddy Gets into Trouble 1992
12 Noddy Makes a New Friend 1993
13 Noddy And His New Friend 1993
14 Noddy Chunky Board Books 1993
15 Noddy And The Special Key 1993
16 Noddy Cheers Up Big-Ears 1994
17 Noddy Finds a Furry Tail 1994
18 Noddy And The Missing Hats 1994
19 Noddy Loses His Bell 1994
20 Noddy the Magician 1994
21 Noddy Borrows an Umbrella 1994
22 Noddy Meets Some Silly Hens 1994
23 Noddy Finds A Furry Tail 1994
24 Noddy And The Prize Catch 1994
25 Noddy Delivers Some Parcels 1994
26 Noddy and the Giraffes 1995
27 Learn with Noddy: Numbers 1995
28 Learn with Noddy 1995
29 Noddy and the Difficult Day 1996
30 Noddy and His Money 1996
31 Learn with Noddy: ABC 1996
32 Noddy Tells the Time 1996
33 Noddy Has an Afternoon Off 1996
34 Noddy Storybook Treasury 1997
35 Noddy Bedtime Stories 1997
36 Toyland Stories 1997
37 Noddy Christmas Storybook 1997
38 Noddy's Bedtime 1997
39 Noddy to the Rescue 1997
40 The Goblins And The Ice Cream 1997
41 Noddy And The Windy Day 1997
42 Noddy Word Book 1998
43 Noddy Annual 1998
44 Noddy's Super Busy Day 1999
45 Learn the Alphabet with Noddy 1999
46 Mr Plod And The Stolen Sixpences 1999
47 Noddy's Magic Stories 1999
48 Mr Sparks's Clever Fire Engine 1999
49 Noddy's Mystery Car 1999
50 Noddy Caught In A Storm 2000
51 Noddy Loses His Keys 2000
52 Noddy And The Noisy Drum 2000
53 Noddy And The Driving Lesson 2000
54 Noddy Gives a Birthday Party 2000
55 Noddy Is Far Too Busy 2000
56 Brave Little Noddy 2000
57 Mr. Plod's New Whistle 2000
58 Mr Straw's New Cow 2000
59 Noddy And The Runaway Cakes 2000
60 Noddy And The Tootles; Noddy And The Airplane 2001
61 Miss Pink Cat Throws A Party 2001
62 Noddy's Puzzles Book 2001
63 Bumpy Dog's Bad Day 2001
64 Wash Day Mix-up 2001
65 Learn about Colors with Noddy 2002
66 Look And Learn Patterns 2003
67 Look And Learn Shapes 2003
68 Noddy Big Fun Storybook 2003
69 A Day Out In Toyland! 2004
70 Look And Learn 2004
71 Time To Get Dressed 2004
72 Time For Bed 2004
73 Noddy Let's Go 2004
74 A Busy Day for Noddy 2004
75 Noddy Look and Learn - Opposites 2004
76 Noddy Saves Christmas! 2004
77 Catch a Falling Star 2006
78 Secret Treasure 2006
79 Surprise, Surprise! 2006
80 Noddy, The Great Train Chase and Other Stories 2006
81 Noddy's Perfect Job 2006
82 Noddy Lends A Hand 2006
83 Starting to Write and Count with Noddy 2006
84 Noddy Annual 2007 2006
85 Noddy on the Move 2007
86 Noddy the Rainbow Chaser 2007
87 Noddy's Snow Story 2007
88 Count with Noddy 2008
89 Noddy Goes Vroom!. 2009
90 Well Done, Noddy 2016
91 Hurrah for Little Noddy 2016
92 Noddy and Tessie Bear 2016
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The first book in the Noddy series, Noddy Goes to Toyland, reveals the origins of the character of Noddy, and it introduces us to Toyland, as well as many of the other characters that appear in the rest of the books in the Noddy series. In Noddy Goes to Toyland, we find out that Noddy was carved by a toy maker, but he ran away when the toy maker decided to carve a lion, thus scaring Noddy. Alone and with nowhere to go, Noddy is wandering around when he encounters Big Ears. Taking pity on Noddy, and realising that Noddy is a toy, Big Ears takes him to the town of Toyland. There, the townspeople of Toyland have to decide whether to let Noddy stay in town, as he is, in fact, a toy, or whether he has to leave because he is an ornament.

In the book Noddy and his Car, the third book in the noddy series of books, we meet many of Noddy’s friends in Toyland, as he is able to his use car to operate Toyland’s only taxi service. Running the taxi service means that Noddy can make money to afford the things he needs, and also so he can enjoy himself in Toyland, buying nice things. Mr Milko the milkman suggests the taxi service to Noddy, and it is the main plot of Noddy and his Car. On his travels, he transports a pink cat to the station, Mr Tubby’s brother, Mr Teddy, as well as other. There are mishaps galore, and Noddy relies on Big Ear’s wisdom to help him through a tough time as he tries to get his new business off the ground.

The Noddy series is a must for any Enid Blyton fan, and for anyone wanting to get their young children into reading. The stories are timeless and Enid Blyton has left a great legacy behind with the Noddy series of books.

Incidentally, Noddy is an umbrella word because it might be used to refer to assorted items. First, there is the original Noddy consisting of 24 books that Blyton published from 1942 to 1963. Secondly, there are the so-called big Noddy books, consisting of eight books published yearly between 1951 and 1958. Third, there is a boxed set that comprises of 37 books published between 1951 and 1958.

Fourth, there are thirteen picture books that were published between 1959 and 1973. Fifth, there are eleven board books that were published between 1959 and 1974. Sixth, there is a comprehensive section consisting of miscellaneous books that consist of flick books, story books, painting books, albums, strip books, how-to books, song books, picture books, plays, pop-up and rag books, shape books, and verse books. Lastly, there are Noddy games and quizzes ranging from board and general games to jigsaws.

In this context, the Noddy—the series of books that Blyton originally published—comprises of 24 books. There are about a dozen editions of the first book in the Noddy series. The first edition of the earliest book contained therein was initially published in 1949, titled Noddy Goes to Toyland; and this book is shelved under the juvenile literature (specifically picture books sub-genre), classics, fiction, and fantasy genres.

The featured protagonist in the Noddy series is called Noddy. Created six decades ago, Noddy is a small, blue-eyed male puppet made of both wood and cat’s fur. The puppet is the creation of a woodcarver named Old Man Carver and the then nameless puppet was named by a friend. The tall cap that Noddy wears is fitted with a small bell at the tiptop. Noddy also owns a house called House-for-One.

The turning point in the first book in the serialized Noddy, entitled Noddy Goes to Toyland, is the time Old Man Carver decides to create a wooden lion. Incidentally, Noddy likes people but hates lions. Coupled with his boredom at the woodcarver’s home, Noddy opts to run away and start life from scratch elsewhere. Traveling by train and accompanied by a friend, Noddy travels to and afresh in Toyland, a place teeming with living toys. The ensuing experience, including befriending a considerate brownie, is out-and-out interesting.

Noddy Awards

According to a research conducted at the behest of Costa Book Awards revealed that Enid Blyton is the most adored UK writer. In matters fiction books, Blyton is the seventh all-time bestseller. Did you know that Blyton has also clinched a literary award? It was proffered by Boy’s Club of America in virtue of her book titled Mystery Island, a US edition of her 1944 book named The Island of Adventure.

Noddy Books into Movies and TV Shows

There are film and TV movie adaptations of the Noddy series. For instance, the Noddy series was adapted into a TV series called Noddy Toyland Adventures that first aired in 1992, and had four seasons and over 50 episodes. Voice actress Susan Sheridan portrayed protagonist Noddy.

There is a TV series called The Noddy Shop which aired around 2000. It has two seasons and 60+ episodes, starring Sean McCann who plays the role of antique shop operator Noah Tomten. In the animated series called Make Way for Noddy, voice actor David Kaye portrayed Noddy. Louis Ashbourne starred as Noddy in the 2016 animated series called Noddy, Toyland Detective. Alberto Ghisi appeared as Noddy in a 2005 TV series named Say It with Noddy while voice over artists in the 2009 TV series called Noddy in Toyland included Teresa Gallagher.

Best Noddy Books

These are the best books in the Noddy series. The first is Noddy Goes to Toyland.

Hurrah of Little Noddy: The second is Hurrah For Little Noddy. Initially published in 1950, this book shows Noddy’s on a quest for a new occupation to enable him eke out a living in Toyland.

Noddy and His Car: The third is Noddy And His Car. Originally published in 1951; hereby, Noddy has a light bulb moment and decides to start operating a taxi cab.

Other Book Series You May Like

Readers who liked the Noddy series also enjoyed the following series of books. The first is “Naughty Little Sister” series, authored by Dorothy Edwards. Partly based inspired by the author’s childhood, it features an out-and-out naughty girl. The second is “St Clare’s” series, authored by Pamela Cox. St Clare’s refers to a boarding school and revolves around two heroines– Patricia alongside Isabel O’Sullivan. The third is “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, penned by Edward Packard. This consists of gamebooks whose market target is juveniles.

Noddy FAQs

Q: Who wrote the Noddy series of books?

A: The Noddy series of books was written by Enid Blyton.

Q: What is the first book in the Noddy series?

A: The first book in Enid Blyton’s Noddy series is Noddy Goes to Toyland, which was published in 1949.

Q: What is the last book in the Noddy series?

A: The last book in the Enid Blyton’s Noddy series is Noddy and the Aeroplane, which was published in 1963.