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Amanda Jaffe is the title character in the Amanda Jaffe series of novels by renowned American author Phillip Margolin. Amanda Jaffe made her debut in the series in the book Wild Justice, a legal thriller published in 2000.

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Order of Amanda Jaffe Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Wild Justice ( By: Phillip Margolin) 2000 Description / Buy
2 The Associate (By: Phillip Margolin) 2001 Description / Buy
3 Ties That Bind ( By: Phillip Margolin) 2003 Description / Buy
4 Proof Positive ( By: Phillip Margolin) 2006 Description / Buy
5 Fugitive ( By: Phillip Margolin) 2009 Description / Buy
6 Violent Crimes ( By: Phillip Margolin) 2015 Description / Buy
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Amanda Jaffe is the daughter of Frank Jaffe, one of the best attorneys to ever come out of Portland. She is highly ambitious, and is looking to emulate her father, a well respected defense attorney in her hometown of Portland. The book series begins with the description of Amanda Jaffe, a young defense attorney working with her father to solve a series of mysterious murders that have puzzled detectives.

The first novel in the series Wild Justice portrays Amanda getting involved in a high profile murder case that is increasingly looking more complicated than it first seemed. She has to defend, the main suspect, a surgeon with a history of drug abuse and violence. Things get even more bizarre, when the surgeon disappears and soon after, a series of murders that are very similar to her original case, begin happening all over again.

Following a series of clues and a diary of the escaped man, Jaffe teams up with detective Bobby Vasquez in the hunt for the escaped surgeon. It is not long before, they are the targets of the psychopath. This is one rollercoaster of a thriller, which demonstrates the superb skills of Margolin, which have won him several recognitions and awards over the years.


All of the six Amanda Jaffe novels have been New York Times Bestsellers further cementing Margolin’s reputation as an outstanding legal thriller writer. The first book in the series, Wild Justice was nominated for the 2001 Oregon Book Award. The annual awards by Literary Arts Inc is a recognition of the finest writers from Oregon writing in drama, literary nonfiction, fiction poetry, and young readers’ literature. Margolin also won the Distinguished Northwest Writers Award for his 19 series of novels.


None of the Amanda Jaffe books have been made into movies though several of the Margolin novels have been made into TV series and movies. The 1981 The Last Innocent Man was adopted into a movie that was produced by HBO and featured Ed Harris as the main act. The 1993 novel Gone But Not Forgotten was made into a TV series by Warner Bros starring Scott Glen and Brook Shields as leads. One of Margolin’s short stories, Angie’s Delight that is part of the Murder for Revenge Anthology, was made into a 13-minute movie.


An award winning novel, the first novel in the series, Wild Justice is the most popular novel in the Amanda Jaffe Series.

Ties that Bind is the second book in the series and is regarded as one of Margolin’s finest works. Coming from the trauma of the first case in Wild Justice, Margolin follows the narrative of how Amanda Jaffe goes from doubting herself and shunning the world, to handling a case that no other attorney dares take. Her reticence extinguished by the thrill of defending a man accused of killing a US senator, she finds herself in a complex web of conspiracy and secret societies that lead as far up as the presidency. While initially skeptical of the nefarious plot, she soon finds herself pressured to drop the investigation or die.

Another remarkable book in the Amanda Jaffe series is the third book Proof Positive that has Jaffe and her father defend a suspect that in all probability seems innocent even as the forensic evidence says otherwise. As people continue to die inexplicably, it is up to Amanda Jaffe to find answers and stop a psychopath before more people die.


Fans of the Amanda Jaffe series may like the “Paul Madriani” series of novels by Steve Martini. Similar to the Jaffe series, these novels feature Madriani who is a California defense attorney who has to deal with lies and deceit, while defending clients that seem to have a lot to hide. Amanda Jaffe fans may also find the “Nina Reilly” series by Perri O’Shaughnessy to be quite to their liking. Nina Reilly is similar to the Jaffe character as just like Amanda she is a young, ambitious attorney making her name in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

What Is The Next Book in The Amanda Jaffe Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Amanda Jaffe Series. The newest book is Violent Crimes and was released on February, 1st 2015.

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