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Steve Martini was born in Francisco, California on February 28, 1946. He grew up in the regions of Southern California and the Bay Area. Steve is part of a large extended Italian-American family, which reaches up to 4 generations back in California. Steve Martini’s mother and father moved to L.A. Steve’s father worked as a rancher on his farm and managed several other farms. Rita, Steve’s mother, was a homemaker and a housewife, however, in the later years of her life, Rita worked as a librarian in San Gabriel, California. Martini attended San Gabriel Grammar School, then he joined San Gabriel High School and eventually, Pasadena City College. He, later on, joined the University of Santa Cruz, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science in the year 1968.

Order of Paul Madriani Series

1Compelling Evidence 1992Description / Buy
2Prime Witness 1993Description / Buy
3Undue Influence 1994Description / Buy
4The Judge 1996Description / Buy
5The Attorney 2000Description / Buy
6The Jury 2001Description / Buy
7The Arraignment 2002Description / Buy
8Double Tap 2005Description / Buy
9Shadow of Power 2008Description / Buy
10Guardian of Lies 2009Description / Buy
11The Rule Of Nine 2010Description / Buy
12Trader of Secrets 2011Description / Buy
13The Enemy Inside 2015Description / Buy
14The Second Man 2015Description / Buy
15Blood Flag 2016Description / Buy

Order of Paul Madriani Short Stories/Novellas

1Surfing the Panther (Short Story) ( With: Linda Fairstein) 2015Description / Buy

Order of Steve Martini Standalone Novels

1The Simeon Chamber 1988Description / Buy
2The List 1997Description / Buy
3Critical Mass 1998Description / Buy

Steve Martini Anthologies

1 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
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After completing his college education, Martini became a journalist. Martini worked for the leading legal newspaper in the United States, the Los Angeles Daily Journal as a news reporter. In the year 1970, Martini was appointed as the first correspondent in Sacramento. A few years down the line, Martini was appointed as the paper’s bureau chief. While working for the Los Angeles Daily, Martini specialized in political and legal coverage. Due to the tight schedule that he had while working for the paper, Martini was forced to attend night law school and in the year 1974, Martini was awarded a law degree from McGeorge School of Law. In the year 1975, Martini was admitted to the bar.

Towards the mid-1980’s, Martini fiction writing career began. Martini’s first attempt was titled, The Simeon Chamber was sold to the New York-based publishers, D.I. 2 weeks after the book was submitted to the publishers, it was published. Martini’s second novel, Compelling Evidence, introduced the protagonist, Paul Madriani. G.P Putnam and Sons published this novel. The second novel became a nationwide bestseller and generated quite a revenue and a critical following for the author. A New York Times Best Sellers, The Attorney, Undue Influence and Prime Witness followed the novel. Each of this novels featured the protagonist, Madriani and his incorrigible partner, Harry Hinds.

The novel, The List, a thriller, which talks about a commercial book publishing industry was published in the year 1997. This is the first novel that was not centered around the series characters. Steve Martini was married to, Wanda Leah Martini; however, they later on separated. The two have one daughter. Currently, Steve resides in the state of Washington; however, he loves spending his time in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Steve Martini Awards

Steve Martini has not yet been nominated for a major literary award.

Best Steve Martini Books

Compelling Evidence: Steve Martini has created another wonderfully crafted courtroom thriller, titled Compelling Evidence. It is the debut novel in the Paul Martini book series. Irrespective of the fact that lawyers have never won any of the occupation popularity contests, the courtroom dramas have continued to fascinate many readers for quite some time. In this installment, the protagonist Paul Madriani recounts a tangled tale of Talia Porter his defense and one-time lover, after being charged with her husband’s killing. Ben Porter husband to Talia Porter was shot when he was just about to accept his nomination to the United States supreme court. Ben Porter was Madraini’s mentor on his firm.

However, upon discovering the relationship that was ensuing between the younger man and his wife, he encouraged Madriani to start his own firm. Furthermore, there was also a call girl scandal within the state legislature, conflict of interest and also a medical examiner who provided surprise assistance.

Prime Witness: Just like the first installment, Prime Witness is a novel, which features the protagonist Paul Madriani. The book begins as the defense attorney signs of a brief spell in the prosecutor’s office, though eventually, he finds himself condemned to a rather high-profile killing. 3 couples had been killed by an unknown individual whose execution style is exceedingly grisly. The couples are not only staked to the ground with tent pegs but also another peg has been driven right through their hearts.

However, when a third incidence occurs the killing is much different, thus suggesting that there could be a copycat killer. After conducting a series if investigations, Andre Iganovich turns up as the prime suspect in the killings. Once the suspect was identified, everyone from Paul’s wife, the defense attorney who was representing the suspect to an anonymous caller wanted Paul to pin all the 6 killings on Andre Iganovich. However, Paul does not give in to the pressure and starts looking for the witness for the last two killings who had been missing. The witness has his reasons why he was quiet about the killings. With that said, this is an excellent thriller, which ends with a satisfying punch.

When Does The Next Steve Martini book come out?

Steve Martini doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Blood Flag and was released on May, 17th 2016. It is the newest book in the Paul Madriani Series.

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