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Georgette Heyer used to be a detective fiction and prolific romance author. Heyer’s career as an author, began in the year 1921, when Georgette Heyer, managed to turn her brother’s story into a book, Black Mammoth. In the year 1925, Heyer got married to one Ronald Rougier, who at the time served as a mining engineer.

Order of Alastair-Audley Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 These Old Shades ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1926 Description / Buy
2 Devil's Cub ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1932 Description / Buy
3 Regency Buck ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1935 Description / Buy
4 An Infamous Army ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1937 Description / Buy
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During their marriage, Ronald Rougier used to provide basic plot outlines that Georgette used in her narratives. In the year 1932, Georgette Heyer released a romance novel as well as a thriller novel, within the same year. Despite the fact that Georgette was an intensely private person, she still managed to become a bestselling author. Georgette Heyer did not make any public appearances and also she was never involved in any interviews. Heyer only gave answers to her fan letters, which made an interesting historical view. Many at times, Georgette Heyer wrote using her pseudonym, Stella Martin.

Georgette Hayer’s regencies were inspired by one the most influential authors of all time, Jane Austin. However, unlike Jane Austin, Heyer had no option but to include huge amounts of information about the period, all aimed at ensuring that the readers have a full understanding of the setting. While a majority of the critics, believed that Georgette Heyer’s novels were a little bit detailed, there are those critics who believed that this was one of Georgette Heyer’s biggest asset. Georgette Heyer remains a much loved and an extremely popular author, who is mostly known as the founder of the historical romance genre as well as its subgenre Regency romance.

Best Alastair-Audley Books

These Old Shades: The first installment in the Alstair book series and also one of the most well-known historical romance novel that Georgette Heyer is widely known for. By using a Cinderella like plot and revenge, author Georgette Heyer delivers yet another intriguing narrative. In These Old Shades, author Georgette Heyer introduces the readers to the Duke of Avon.

The book begins as the Duke is walking down the streets and suddenly a small boy hurtles into the duke. The Duke of Avon looks into the face of the young street urchin and all of a sudden he sees the perfect opportunity for taking revenge on a man who has been his sworn enemy for so many years. Thus, the duke decides to buy the read-headed street urchin, from his rather loutish older brother. The duke takes the young boy home and decides to clean him up.

The duke of Avon, then presents the young boy to Paris and entire France as his page. Eventually, the duke comes to the realization that the young urchin is not a boy but a girl in disguise. Thus, he changes her name from Leone to Leonie. The Duke decides to take the young girl to his sister so as to teach her some manners as well as train her to act like a lady in high society. From this point onwards, numerous shenanigans ensue as Leonie continues to fight fitting into the mold that society expects.

Justin, the Duke of Avon is definitely a protagonist that the readers are going to fall in love with especially when Justin weaves his revenge as everyone else around him tries to establish what is happening. With that said, the characterization and the dialogue in these Old Shades has been brilliantly done especially the forty-year-old protagonist. Apart from Justin and Leonie, all the other characters were expertly portrayed.

Fanny, Justin’s sister was a handful, while Rupert her brother was quiet a relief and a comic relief to the narrative as well. If you loved the Hoyt Maiden book series, then you are definitely going to fall in love These Old Shades.

Devil’s Club: In Devil’s Club author, Georgette Hayer introduces the readers to Mary Challoner. Mary Challoner is more than determine to stop her featherhead sister from running away and eventually becoming a mistress to the Marquis-of-Vidal. Having no other viable option, Mary decides to pretend to be her sister and decides to trick the Marquis of Vidal.

However, Mary’s plans eventually backfires, when the Duke of France eventually drags Mary along with him to Paris. Prior to dragging Mary to Paris, Vidal has been having a string of bad luck. Apart from shooting a man who had called him a cheat at game of cards, Vidal is unaware that the woman that she has dragged across the country is the sister to his love.

With that said, Devil’s Club was extremely high-spirited and the characters on the other hand were highly entertaining. The emotions that was behind the characters was realistic. The manner in which Mary and Vidal tried to protect one another, irrespective of their self-respect was quite touching.

Mary and Vidal protected one another for such a long time without realizing the feelings that they had towards one another. The secondary characters in the Devil’s Club have also been brilliantly developed and are a perfect fit. Mr. Comyn and Vidal’s cousin, Juliana were also a perfect match. Their tangled relationships and their quarrels with Vidal and Mary were quite amusing and heartwarming as well.

Regency Buck: In Regency Buck, author Georgette Heyer introduces the readers to Judith Tavener and Peregrine, her brother. Judith is twenty years old, while her brother Perry is nineteen years old. The two have recently decided to leave Yorkshire after the death of their father, with the hops of enjoying the London season with their new wealth.

However, the only thing that is standing, Perry, Judith and a great time are the limitations, which have been imposed by an unknown guardian that their father had appointed in his will, considering the fact that both Judith and Perry were still underage. However, the two assure themselves that they are going to undoubtedly handle the limitations. Thus armed with the name of their guardian, Lord Worth and their funds, the duo leave for London. While on the way, Judith and Perry stop so that they can be able to see a fight.

From time to time, they have several unfortunate encounters with a man who condescends them. Apart from jokingly calling Judith, Clorinda, when she refuses to tell the man her name, he eventually tries to steal a kiss from Judith. Upon arriving in London, Judith and Perry come to the realization that the unknown man is their guardian.

What Is The Next Book in The Alastair-audley Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Alastair-audley Series. The newest book is An Infamous Army and was released on February, 4th 1937.

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