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Georgette Heyer (1902-1974) was an English bestselling author of detective fiction and romance novels. She was born in Wimbledon, London in 1902. Her father was George Heyer and her mother, Sylvia Watkins. Heyer was the oldest of three children. Her brothers France and George Boris were nine and four years younger than her. Her family lived in Paris, France for a short while and returned to England after the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914.

Order of Inspector Hemingway Series

# Read Title Published
1 No Wind of Blame 1939
2 Envious Casca 1941
3 Duplicate Death 1951
4 Detection Unlimited 1953

Order of Alastair-Audley Series

# Read Title Published
1 These Old Shades 1926
2 Devil's Cub 1932
3 Regency Buck 1935
4 An Infamous Army 1937

Order of Inspector Hannasyde Series

# Read Title Published
1 Death in the Stocks 1935
2 Behold, Here's Poison 1936
3 They Found Him Dead 1937
4 A Blunt Instrument 1938

Order of Georgette Heyer Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 The Black Moth 1921
2 Powder And Patch 1923
3 Simon the Coldheart 1925
4 These Old Shades 1926
5 The Masqueraders 1928
6 Helen 1928
7 Beauvallet 1929
8 Barren Corn 1930
9 The Conqueror 1931
10 Footsteps in the Dark 1932
11 Why Shoot a Butler? 1933
12 The Convenient Marriage 1934
13 The Unfinished Clue 1934
14 The Talisman Ring 1936
15 Royal Escape 1938
16 The Corinthian 1940
17 The Spanish Bride 1940
18 Faro's Daughter 1941
19 Penhallow 1942
20 Friday's Child 1944
21 The Reluctant Widow 1946
22 The Foundling 1948
23 Arabella 1949
24 The Grand Sophy 1950
25 The Quiet Gentleman 1951
26 Cotillion 1953
27 The Toll-Gate 1954
28 Bath Tangle 1955
29 Sprig Muslin 1956
30 Sylvester 1957
31 April Lady 1957
32 Venetia 1958
33 The Unknown Ajax 1959
34 A Civil Contract 1961
35 The Nonesuch 1962
36 False Colours 1963
37 Frederica 1965
38 Black Sheep 1966
39 Cousin Kate 1968
40 Charity Girl 1970
41 Instead of the Thorn 1971
42 Lady Of Quality 1972
43 Lady of Quality 1972
44 My Lord John 1975
45 Pastel 1976

Order of Georgette Heyer Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published
1 Snowdrift and Other Stories 1960
2 Pistols for Two and Other Stories 1970
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She began her writing career in 1921 when she converted a real story for her younger brother into a book by the title The Black Moth. Later in 1925, she got married to a mining engineer George Ronald Rougier. The couple spent many years living in Macedonia and Tanganyika Territory before returning to England in 1929. These Old Shades a best seller despite the time of its release, in the midst of the General Strike, Heyer thus concluded that publicity does not influence good sales. For the rest of her life, she refused to grant any interviews saying that her private life was only for herself and her family.

The author established the historical romance genre as well as its subgenre Regency romance. Jane Austen inspired her regency’s works. To ensure accuracy in her novels, Georgette Heyer collected reference sources and kept detailed notes on all the aspects of Regency life. Even though some critics considered her books too detailed, others viewed the level of detail to be author’s greatest asset. Her diligent nature was evident in her historical books.

From 1932, the author often wrote one thriller and one romance each year. Her husband would often provide basic plot outlines for her thrillers thus leaving Heyer to create dialogue and character relationship. Even though many critics narrate Heyer’s detective books as unoriginal, many others such as Nancy Wingate highly praised them for their comedy & wit as well as for their crafted plots.


Georgette Heyer novels have won and also been nominated for various awards. Here are some notable awards won. The Devil’s Cub won the Romance Readers Anonymous Award for the best all time Regency category. The same title won 2000, 2004 and 2007 All About Romance Reader Award for top 100 romances category.

The Grand Sophy won 2000 and 2004 All About Romance Reader Award for Top 100 romances. These Old Shades and Venetia also won 2000 All About Romance Reader Award for top 100 romance category.


The Reluctant Widow was made into a film available on the youtube with some Greek subtitles. Even though the movie ends somehow prematurely, it is worth watching.


These are two best books by Georgette, The Reluctant Widow (1946) and The Grand Sophy (1950).

The Reluctant Widow: Georgette Heyer is known for her charming and witty Regency romances; however, she is also the author of a couple of mystery novels. In some instances, the mystery would find its way into her well-woven romances sending heroes and heroines in adventures that are chilling.

In this novel, Elinor Rochdale adventure starts when she accidentally mistakes the horse carriage at the carriage stop for the one sent by her potential employer, Mrs. Macclesfield. She realizes that the carriage took her to the estate of Ned Carlyon, whom Elinor mistakes for her employer Mr. Macclessfield. On the other hand, Carlyon thinks that Elinor is the young woman that he hired to marrying his dying dear cousin, Eustace Cheviot so as to avoid inheriting Eustace estate himself. Somehow, Elinor finds herself talked into marrying the dying young man and thus becomes as soon as the ring lands on her finger.

What all started out as a simple arrangement turns out more complicated as uninvited guests, house breakers, missing government papers and a shocking murder all contribute this hilarious tale of foreign espionage, mistaken identity, and unexpected spark of love set during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Grand Sophy: When Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy is ordered to go to South America on Diplomatic Affairs, he sets out with his daughter Sophy. Upon arrival, Sophy is puzzled to see all her cousins are in a sad mood. The tyrannical and heartless Charles is engaged to an exact version of himself; Cecilia is in love with a handsome feather-brained poet. While Hubert has fallen in love with a money lender and it seems that the Grand Sophy has arrived in time to sort them out, but she has not agreed with Charles whose only one thought is to marry her off and free the entire family of her interfering ways.