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Abe Glitsky is a police officer highlighted in many novels by John Lescroart. His series of books entail legal and crime thrillers that started in 1995 with the novel A Certain Justice. The series of books has been popular among fans of crime and legal thrillers as the stories involve many cases of people looking to find justice even when the odds have been stacked against them.

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Order of Abe Glitsky Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Certain Justice ( By: John Lescroart) 1995 Description / Buy
2 Guilt (By: John Lescroart) 1997 Description / Buy
3 Damage ( By: John Lescroart) 2011 Description / Buy
4 The Keeper (By: John Lescroart) 2014 Description / Buy
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Abe Glitsky is an officer who is friends with Dismas Hardy, a former cop and lawyer who is also highlighted in many other novels from Lescroart. Glitsky works to try and find criminals and especially works in many legal cases to find criminals guilty. Many of these stories entail concerns over how the law works and whether justice can truly be given to people.

Abe Glitsky Awards

Guilt was named in 1997 as a Readers Digest Select Edition choice for being one of the top books on the market. The book was heralded as one of the best options of the year for people interested in books to watch for.

Many other books that Glitsky has appeared in have won awards. The 1994 book the 13th Juror won the Anthony Award for the best mystery novel of that year. International Thriller Writers, a prominent organization of writers dedicated to the thriller genre, named 13th Juror one of the organizations one hundred thrillers that all people must read.

Best Abe Glitsky Books

A Certain Justice was written in 1995 and features Glitsky exploring a troubling case of murder in San Francisco. A person is on the run for murder even though he did not actually commit it. He has been persecuted by the media for a racially-motivated murder although. It is clear from Glitsky and a fellow officer that the person did not do anything. It gets to where the only way how this man will be freed and become innocent is through the justice system even with political pressure getting in the way.

The 1996 novel Guilt takes place a little before A Certain Justice. In fact, the events of A Certain Justice occur in between the fourth and fifth parts of this book. Guilt tells more of the story of Abe Glitsky and many other figures in the San Francisco police department. It focuses on the power of the justice system and how the truth is always the most powerful weapon that anyone could ever have. This especially comes as a legal counsel member’s wife is murdered and the counsel member ends up being the top suspect in the case.

Damage is a 2011 story where Glitsky partners with fellow cop Wes Farrell to find information on a person who was killed in a fire. A fire kills the star witness of a key homicide case while a second fire kills another person involved in the case. This leads to the belief that someone is trying to get revenge for being caught. This leads Abe to try and find the person responsible for causing all this violence before he gets in the middle of it all.

Other Books Series You May Like

The “Paul Madriani” series of books from Steve Martini is one particularly popular series of novels to look for. This is about a defense attorney based on California who challenges those who break the law. This works with the belief that the law is more powerful than anything that might be found elsewhere in the world.

The “Sarah Fortune” series of books from Frances Fyfield is another great book series for Abe Glitsky fans to enjoy. This is about a lawyer in England who is very cunning and knows about the legal system more than anyone. Her goal is to prove innocence among even those who have been doubted by the rest of the world and pilloried by the media and others in the legal system.

There is also the “Butch Karp” series of books from Robert Tanenbaum. Butch Karp is a chief of a criminal court in New York who has seen the city change over the years and knows about it more than anyone else. He knows about the many types of people in New York and understands that there is always more to a criminal story than just the people who are involved or those who might be suspected of certain crimes.

What Is The Next Book in The Abe Glitsky Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Abe Glitsky Series . The newest book is The Keeper and was released on May, 6th 2014.


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