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John Lescroart is a bestselling author famous for his crime and legal thriller novels centered on Dismas Hardy and his associates Abe Glitsky, Gina Roake and Wyatt Hunt. Born on January 14, 1948, the 68 year old wrote his first book Sunburn in 1981. Later on in 1989, the author started writing the series of Dismas Hardy books with a novel titled Dead Irish. The series proved to be very successful and has spawned many more novels.

Order of Auguste Lupa Mystery Series

1Son of Holmes 1986Description / Buy
2Rasputin's Revenge 1987Description / Buy

Order of Dismas Hardy Series

1Dead Irish 1989Description / Buy
2The Vig 1990Description / Buy
3Hard Evidence 1993Description / Buy
4The 13th Juror 1994Description / Buy
5The Mercy Rule 1998Description / Buy
6Nothing but the Truth 2000Description / Buy
7The Hearing 2000Description / Buy
8The Oath 2002Description / Buy
9The First Law 2003Description / Buy
10The Second Chair 2004Description / Buy
11The Motive 2004Description / Buy
12Betrayal 2008Description / Buy
13A Plague of Secrets 2009Description / Buy
14The Ophelia Cut 2013Description / Buy
15The Keeper 2014Description / Buy
16The Fall 2015Description / Buy
17Poison 2018Description / Buy
18The Rule of Law 2019Description / Buy
19The Missing Piece 2021Description / Buy

Order of Abe Glitsky Series

1A Certain Justice 1995Description / Buy
2Guilt 1997Description / Buy
3Damage 2011Description / Buy
4The Keeper 2014Description / Buy

Order of Wyatt Hunt Series

1The Hunt Club 2006Description / Buy
2Treasure Hunt 2010Description / Buy
3The Hunter 2012Description / Buy

Order of John Lescroart Standalone Novels

1Sunburn 1981Description / Buy
2The Suspect 2007Description / Buy
3Silent Hunt: Wyatt Hunt vs. Joe Trona (Short Story) ( With: T. Jefferson Parker) 2014Description / Buy
4Fatal 2017Description / Buy
5The Portal (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

John Lescroart Anthologies

1 Natural Suspect2001Description / Buy
2 No Rest for the Dead2011Description / Buy
3 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
4 Mystery Writers of America Presents Ice Cold2014Description / Buy
5 Nothing Good Happens After Midnight2020Description / Buy
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John Lescroart Awards:

When he wrote his first novel Sunburn, it received the San Francisco Foundation’s Joseph Henry Award for the best unpublished book by an author from California. His novel titled The 13th Juror was included in a list of 100 must-read thrillers of all time. In 2007, the author received the American Author Medal for The Suspect. This book was also named the book of the year by the American Author’s Association. His most recent award was in January 2016 when he said that he had been bowled over, knocked out, flattered and shocked to be informed that he had won the 2016 Silver Bullet Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in philanthropy.

John Lescroart Books into Movies/TV:

At the present, none of the author’s books has been turned into a movie. However, he has representatives in the movie industry who are working hard to ensure that he achieves that dream.

Best John Lescroart Books:

Let’s look at three novels in the series of Dismas Hardy novels that you must read.

The 13th Juror: This is without doubt John Lescroart’s best novel and in this story, lawyer cum policeman Dismas Hardy undertakes the task of defending Jennifer Witt, a woman accused of the killing of her husband along with their eight-year-old son. She’s also accused of the killing of her first partner, who had passed away 9 years earlier apparently from a drug overdose. In the course of preparing for the defense, Hardy learnt that the accused suffered physical abuse at the hands of her now-deceased husbands. The prosecution sees this as motive for murder but Jennifer maintains her innocence and Hardy must now search for an alternative explanation that is credible before a jury. As her trial progresses, we come to learn that the truth is complex and it changes, bends and becomes blurry while time is running out for Jennifer to prove her innocence. However, there’s a glimmer of hope and that is convincing the thirteenth juror-the judge handling the case. This is an entertaining and suspenseful story of moral debate, good intentions, bad judgment and the grueling path to justice.

Dead Irish: This is the novel that spawned the series of Dismas Hardy books and it’s also among his best novels. The story begins with Dismas Hardy having left behind his life as a cop and lawyer and he’s now a bartender at the Little Shamrock. However, he soon discovers that leaving his past behind isn’t as easy as he’d imagined. He takes solace in drinking and playing darts but when his close friend Eddie Cochran is found dead, he is forced to return to the life he was desperately attempting to escape. His friend Eddie left behind a pregnant widow and Hardy must confront raw passions and old secrets in order to provide assistance and prevent other lives from becoming at risk.

A Plague of Secrets: In this novel, Dismas Hardy, Wyatt Hunt and Abe Glitsky return to action in a timely and compelling legal thriller full of with blackmail, political intrigue, and multiple murders. Victim number one is Dylan Vogler, an ex-convict who runs a coffee shop in Ashbury District, San Francisco. When cops find his body, they also discover his knapsack filled with top grade marijuana. It then becomes apparent that people flocked to the area not only to get their coffee fix, but also to satisfy their need for weed. The detectives start to investigate Maya Townsend, a beautiful socialite who’s related to the mayor of the city and is also an absentee coffee shop owner where Dylan used to work. Another of Maya’s associates is soon after murdered and the investigators are drawn into a world of conspiracy, cover-ups and political intrigue. The noose begins to tighten on Maya and she also has a secret she’s desperate to protect during her high-profile trial. Her future as well as that of the San Francisco political landscape is at stake and Dismas Hardy must decide whether Maya’s secret is worth protecting.

When Does The Next John Lescroart book come out?

The next book by John Lescroart is The Missing Piece and will be released on November, 16th 2021. It is the newest book in the Dismas Hardy Series.

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