Alex Delaware Books

Alex Delaware is a fictional character in a book series written by Jonathan Kellerman. The character appears in over twenty-five distinct murder mystery novels by the same author. In the series, Delaware is presented as a forensic psychologist. However, the author through backstory describes the character to have practiced Child psychologist.

Order of Alex Delaware Series

# Read Title Published
1 When the Bough Breaks 1985
2 Blood Test 1986
3 Over the Edge 1987
4 Silent Partner 1989
5 Time Bomb 1990
6 Private Eyes 1992
7 Devil's Waltz 1993
8 Bad Love 1994
9 Self-Defense 1994
10 The Web 1995
11 The Clinic 1996
12 Survival of the Fittest 1997
13 Monster 1999
14 Dr. Death 2000
15 Flesh and Blood 2001
16 The Murder Book 2002
17 A Cold Heart 2003
18 Therapy 2004
19 Rage 2005
20 Gone 2006
21 Obsession 2007
22 Compulsion 2008
23 Bones 2008
24 Evidence 2009
25 Deception 2009
26 Mystery 2011
27 Victims 2012
28 Guilt 2013
29 Killer 2014
30 Motive 2015
31 Breakdown 2016
32 Heartbreak Hotel 2017
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The character is not alone; he has a friend named Milo Sturgis, a Los Angeles Police Detective whom he helps with his investigations. Sturgis is a gay and appears throughout the series. Despite long separations, Delaware relationship with his girlfriend, Robin Castagna gradually evolves. Detective Petra Connor, a character in Kellerman Standalone book, Billy Straight was introduced in some of the recent books of the series.

Alex Delaware was born in 1951 and is portrayed as a caring more particularly towards his children and patients.

Alex Delaware murder mystery series by Jonathan Kellerman began with the publication of the first novel When the Bough Breaks in 1985. The story starts with the introduction of Dr. Morton Hander, a person described to have practiced a bizarre type of psychiatry, and his specialties being, sexual manipulation, extortion and, fraud. The main protagonist, Alex Delaware is introduced when Dr. Morton is brutally killed in his luxurious apartment.


In 1986, Jonathan Kellerman won Edgar Award for the Best First Novel (When the Bough Breaks) by an American writer. Subsequently, in the same year, he was awarded Antony Award for the Best First Novel.


When the Bough Breaks was adapted as a television film in 1986, the film was written by Phil Penningroth and directed by Waris Hussein. Starring in the movie was Ted Danson, Richard Masur, and Rachael Ticotin. Ted served as the lead character.

Alex Delaware novels are set to be scripted down for an action packed mystery television series to be aired on the FOX channel. The project is configured to be scripted by the ex- CSI: NY showrunner Pam Veasey while the Executive producer of the TV series being Jonathan Kellerman, Jerry Bruckheimer and Veasey alongside KristieAnne Reed as a Co-EP.


These are two of the best Jonathan Kellerman books of the series Alex Delaware. The first book on the list is When the Bough Breaks. It is also the pioneer book of the series; the storyline begins with the introduction of a character known as Dr. Morton Hander. The author describes to the readers that Dr. Morton practiced a weird type of psychiatry and in addition to his specialty; he also practiced sexual manipulation, corruptions and money extortion. The doctor pays for his sins when he is brutally murdered in his expensive apartment. The police have no clues of the possible homicide suspects; however, their only hope is a seven-year-old girl- Melody Quinn.

With no other alternative to obtaining the vital information from the shock stricken girl, is up to Dr. Alex Delaware- a psychologist to try up and down to unearth the deep and shocking secrets buried down in the little girl’s memory. As the little girl begins to remember the possible perpetrators, Delaware discovers that the mystery puzzle is somehow interrelated to an incident of his past. The only hope lies with Dr. Delaware, the only person who can stop the unspeakable evil before it claims another soul.

Time bomb describes sniper shooting that occurs at an elementary school in Los Angeles. The sniper is gunned down, and none of the children on the playground is hurt. Holly Lynn Burden is the alleged shooter. Her father insists that Delaware should perform a psychological autopsy. During his investigations, he encounters families in conflicts, child abuse, neglect and an extent of political extremism. Therefore he must race against the time bomb to bring out the real villain and ensure that justice is served before it is too late.


Some other book series you might love to read are “Ali Reynolds” series written by J.A Jance and also “Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus” authored by Faye Kellerman. The two authors are New York bestselling with their publication winning several awards. Alison Reynolds series revolves around a retired newscaster residing in Sedona, Arizona while Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus are two couples who are tasked with solving various crimes.