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Peter Decker is the main character in a series of mystery novels written by Faye Kellerman. Peter Decker is a lieutenant in the LAPD, he assisted in unraveling crimes by his wife who is known as Rina Lazarus. The author of the series Faye Kellerman, was a Dentist who turned out to be an author, and she’s one of the New York Times top selling author. She is popularly known for this series.

Order of Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus Series

1The Ritual Bath1986Description / Buy
2Sacred and Profane1987Description / Buy
3Milk and Honey1990Description / Buy
4Day of Atonement1991Description / Buy
5False Prophet1992Description / Buy
6Grievous Sin1993Description / Buy
7Sanctuary1994Description / Buy
8Justice1995Description / Buy
9Prayers for the Dead1996Description / Buy
10Serpent's Tooth1997Description / Buy
11Jupiter's Bones1999Description / Buy
12Stalker2000Description / Buy
13The Forgotten2001Description / Buy
14Stone Kiss2002Description / Buy
15Street Dreams2003Description / Buy
16The Burnt House2007Description / Buy
17The Mercedes Coffin / Cold Case2008Description / Buy
18Blindman's Bluff2009Description / Buy
19Hangman2010Description / Buy
20Gun Games / Blood Games2011Description / Buy
21The Beast / Predator2013Description / Buy
22Murder 1012014Description / Buy
23The Theory of Death2015Description / Buy
24Bone Box2017Description / Buy
25Walking Shadows2018Description / Buy
26The Lost Boys2021Description / Buy
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The author was born in St. Louis, Missouri on 31/7/1952 in a Jewish community. Faye Kellerman was brought up in Sherman Oaks in California. She schooled at UCLA and attained a BA in mathematics and later, a doctorate in dentistry although she never worked as a dentist. She got married to Jonathan Kellerman who is a psychologist as well as a novelist. Together they have 4 children. Their eldest son Jesse is a writer as well.


This series usually features on the NYT bestseller’s list which is considered to be the final list of the top-selling books in the US. Faye Kellerman received the Macavity Award-literary award for mystery writers, in 1st best writer category. She was handed a Lifetime Achievement Award by Strand Magazine in 2013.


Below is a complete review of 2 of the best books in the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus series that is authored by Faye Kellerman:

Milk and Honey: This is the third book in the series. In this book Rina lives in New York together with her 2 boys, but moves to Los Angeles to visit to Peter after the occurrence of an event. Peter is as determined as ever to make her accept his marriage proposal pulls out all the stops. In the meantime, the events that occur at work make Peter to be always tired.

On the day before her visit , Peter’s old military friend is accused of rape. Constantly having doubtful behavior, he doesn’t trust his lawyers or the police and instead turns to Peter for help , which Peter is accepts to provide. Meanwhile while Peter and his partner Marge Dunn are on the regular beat, they come across an abandoned 2 year old girl and they take up the case so as to find trace her family. The case develops from child neglect to quadruple homicide, and peter Decker willingly takes control of the case.

While he is working to resolve the 2 cases, his wife arrives and the 2 share a moment together. Unfortunately, peters army friend shows up at their house on the grounds of returning Peter’s favor, this makes both Peter and Rina to be uncomfortable. Discretely, they both seek advice from Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shulman. Just As in the 1st two books in the sequence, you will enjoy the conversation between Peter and the Rabbi. The Rabbi enlightens Peter and asks him to be a God fearing Jew.

False Prophet: This is the 5th in the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus mystery sequence by Faye Kellerman. Both Peter and Rina Decker are settling into life as a family in this newest part of their series. Rina is 6 months pregnant, and the whole family is excitedly expecting the arrival of the baby. Cindy is going to stay together with the family during summer so as to help them out. In the meantime, Peter and Marge have both requested for a transfer so as to solve the homicide in the Devonshire station together with a new colleague by the name Scott Oliver. But Before their request is granted ; a rape and theft occur in the Deckers’ backyard, and therefore Peter and Marge are given the case.

Davida Eversong who is an actress and director Hermann Brecht have a daughter by the name Lilac Brecht. She is the only girl with 3 half siblings. She owns a day spa to so as to cater to the women of the upper class of the society. Always used to getting anything that they wanted, Lilah and Davida became spoiled. This case happened right after Rodney King and it features high profile characters, therefore, Los Angeles Police Department doesn’t want excessive publicity. Its only Peter and Marge who can keep the police force out of the publicity or in a positive light.

As the case disentangles, all the characters keep playing off each other , blackmail and all. In the meantime, Peter doubts his abilities as a father since it’s always hard for him to balance between work and home life. Although this mystery may not be at same level as the other installments but it’s a quick thriller nonetheless.


If you enjoy reading the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus mystery series, probably you will certainly love The Rabbi Small Mysteries authored by Harry Kemelman. The Rabbi Small Mysteries is a sequence about a rabbi who investigates the killing of a nanny. You might also love Kendra Elliot’s Callahan and McLane series. The series is about an 11-year-old who is kidnapped while going to school as a result the FBI does not waste a moment.

What Is The Next Book in The Peter Decker And Rina Lazarus Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Peter Decker And Rina Lazarus Series. The newest book is The Lost Boys and was released on January, 12th 2021.

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