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Petra Connor is a fictional character in novel series written by Jonathan Kellerman. She has appeared in Alex Delaware series such as Survival of the Fittest (1997), A Cold Heart (2003), and Obsession (2007) by the same author during which she helped the Delaware in his investigations. In this new Spin-Off series she serves as a Los Angeles, homicide detective. The first book in Petra Connor series is Billy Straight published in 1998.

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Order of Petra Connor Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Billy Straight ( By: Jonathan Kellerman) 1998 Description / Buy
2 Twisted ( By: Jonathan Kellerman) 2004 Description / Buy
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Jonathan Kellerman was awarded the 1986 Edgar Award for the Best First Novel written by an American author. The author also won the 1986 Antony Award for writing the best first novel.


These are two books in Petra Connor series;

Billy Straight: Young Billy witnesses the murder of young woman while running away from his home due to his mother alcoholism and this haunts him not only due to the brutality of the killing but due to the overburden of the troubles he experiences. He is faced with a dilemma; he has to choose whether he has to inform the police officers that he saw the plate number or whether he should stay away from trouble which he seems impossible for him to escape. He is named ‘Straight’ for a reason, and because of this, he takes moral dilemma more seriously. However, this time he runs and cannot risk being involved in a police investigation or either going back to his misery life or even getting exposed to the killer. The murder victim is a divorced wife of a TV actor – a case that Petra Conner does not appear to be happy to handle due to its potentiality to attract the media. Also, her partner seems to have immersed himself with his errands thus making Petra feel deserted. However, she is determined to track down all the clues that would lead to the murder suspect. She soon connects with the young Billy during a dramatic and bloody shootout. This connection is of essence not only to Billy but also to the solving of the murder mystery.

Twisted: Once again, Hollywood homicide detective Petra Conner dives into action in the novel. She has found love and the lucky man, in this case, is Eric Stahl. She is still at the same time fumbling on how being in a relationship is going to affect her way of life especially her job as a detective and whether she should let the relationship proceed. The purposely lover, Eric lost his wife and his only child to a drunk driver, and for years he has been emotionally dead as described vividly by the author. Fortunately, falling in love again, with Petra somehow revived him but unfortunately none of them is sure whether this is going to be enough for him.

The story line begins when Eric is drawn back to the military and intelligence operations where he previously operated before being called to work with the Los Angeles Police Department. On the other hand, Petra is struggling of being alone and is trying to figure out where she should head to. While working on a night shift, she gets a call and is informed of a drive-by shootout that claimed the lives of four innocent teenagers. Isaac Gomez, a 22-year old intern, presents a piece of evidence that the killer has always murdered people the same day every 28th of June for the last six years. This new evidence solely relies on a statistical approach that Isaac performed and rather does not have a solid background. The young intern unquestioned makes Petra Connor undertake more investigation and dig further; her investigations leads to a clue related to Isaac theory. Following the leads, she discovers that one of the victims of the shootout who had no next of kin and appears to be the person targeted by the killer. Even though Isaac Gomez proves to a socially immature and a challenging assistant, he displays brevity of the highest order in the hunt for the June 28 serial killer. Despite the plot twists that the author makes in the final chapters, this novel proves to be a magnificent one and always one of the favorite in the series.


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What Is The Next Book in The Petra Connor Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Petra Connor Series . The newest book is Twisted and was released on January, 2nd 2004.

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