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Apart from being a New York Times best seller, Lisa Scottoline is also an Edgar-award-winning novelist who has penned down more than 23 novels. Furthermore, she also writes a weekly column together with her daughter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Their column is titled Chic Wit and is a fun and witty take on life from a lady’s perspective. Most of these stories together with several other never-ending stories have been compiled into a New York Times Best-selling series. Lisa also serves as a reviewer and most of her reviews on popular fiction and non-fiction novels have been featured in The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The New York Times. Furthermore, Lisa has also served as the President of America Mystery Writers and has also taught a course that she personally developed Justice and Fiction.

Order of Rosato & Associates Series

1Everywhere That Mary Went 1993Description / Buy
2Legal Tender 1996Description / Buy
3Rough Justice 1997Description / Buy
4Mistaken Identity 1998Description / Buy
5Moment of Truth 2000Description / Buy
6The Vendetta Defense 2001Description / Buy
7Courting Trouble 2002Description / Buy
8Dead Ringer 2003Description / Buy
9Killer Smile 2004Description / Buy
10Lady Killer 2008Description / Buy
11Think Twice 2010Description / Buy

Order of Rosato & Associates Short Stories/Novellas

1The Backstory to Think Twice (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy

Order of Rosato & DiNunzio Series

1Accused 2013Description / Buy
2Betrayed 2014Description / Buy
3Corrupted 2015Description / Buy
4Damaged 2016Description / Buy
5Exposed 2017Description / Buy
6Feared 2018Description / Buy

Order of Lisa Scottoline Standalone Novels

1Final Appeal 1994Description / Buy
2Running from the Law 1995Description / Buy
3Devil's Corner 2005Description / Buy
4Dirty Blonde 2006Description / Buy
5Daddy's Girl 2007Description / Buy
6Look Again 2009Description / Buy
7Save Me 2011Description / Buy
8Come Home 2012Description / Buy
9Don't Go 2013Description / Buy
10Keep Quiet 2014Description / Buy
11Every Fifteen Minutes 2015Description / Buy
12Most Wanted 2016Description / Buy
13One Perfect Lie 2017Description / Buy
14After Anna 2018Description / Buy
15Someone Knows 2019Description / Buy
16Eternal 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman Series with Francesca Serritella

1My Nest Isn't Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space 2009Description / Buy
2Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog 2009Description / Buy
3Best Friends, Occasional Enemies: The Lighter Side of Life As a Mother and Daughter 2011Description / Buy
4Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim 2012Description / Buy
5Have a Nice Guilt Trip 2014Description / Buy
6Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?: True Stories and Confessions 2015Description / Buy
7I've Got Sand In All the Wrong Places 2016Description / Buy
8I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool 2017Description / Buy
9I See Life Through Rosé-Colored Glasses 2018Description / Buy

Order of Harold Middleton Series

1The Chopin Manuscript 2007Description / Buy
2The Copper Bracelet 2009Description / Buy
3The Starling Project: An Audible Drama 2014Description / Buy

Lisa Scottoline Anthologies

1 Natural Suspect2001Description / Buy
2 Naked Came the Phoenix2001Description / Buy
3 In the Shadow of the Master2003Description / Buy
4 No Rest for the Dead2011Description / Buy
5 The Best American Mystery Stories 20132013Description / Buy
6 MatchUp2017Description / Buy
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Apart from being a writer, Lisa is also a regular speaker at corporate and library events. Currently, Lisa has sold over 30 million copies of her works, which have been published and distributed, in more than 35 countries. She resides in Philadelphia with a few disobedient pets. A majority of her books have landed on every renowned best seller’s list such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and Los Angeles Times. Her novels are well known for their exceedingly warm and down to earth characters who resonate with both the readers and reviewers. Her contribution through writing has allowed Lisa to be recognized by many organizations throughout America.

Lisa Scottoline Awards

As one of the most successful novel writers of her time, Lisa Scottoline has received the most prestigious honor from the Mystery Writers of America, an Edgar Award and the Fiction Award by the Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has also been named as the PW innovator by the critically acclaimed Publisher’s Weekly. Lisa has also been honored with an AudioFile’s Earphones Award and was also named as the voice of the Year. She has also scooped the AudioFile’s Earphones Award on projects that she has collaborated with her daughter.

Lisa Scottoline Book into Movies

Every Fifteen Minutes is expected to be adapted into a screenplay as Stone Village Production has secured the books film and television rights. Dylan Russell and Scott Steindorff will foresee the production of the movie.

Lisa Scottoline Best Books

One of the best performing books by Lisa Scottoline is Look Again. In this book, the author introduces the reader to one Ellen Gleeson. Gleeson has just arrived home from a hectic day and retrieved her mail. When she was just to put go through the mail, something in a pile did grab her attention. The mail was one of those postcards, which asked if you saw a missing person. The missing boy and her son were quite alike. It appeared as if Ellen Gleeson was looking at a picture of his son. However, she knew deeply down that the boy in the picture was not her son. However, the adoption agency had told her that the boy was the only child.

However, as time went by, Ellen Gleeson could not shake off the picture from her mind. Thus, she decides to do a little bit of investigation on her own. While investigating about her son, she rubs a few people along the way. There were people who were beginning to get nervous. Thus they were willing to go to great lengths to ensure that the truth is hidden. If you have been a fan of Lisa Scottoline, then you will definitely love this release.

The author will take you on a rollercoaster ride, which will leave you hanging to the very end. This story is not only profound but also thought-provoking and compelling.

Another novel from Lisa Scottoline that was also well received is Every Fifteen Minutes. Every Fifteen Minutes is the story of a prestigious young psychiatrist who is the head of psychiatry in an extremely large hospital. He is not only full of compassion, but he is also clear thinking. All of a sudden, his whole life begins falling apart. He not only separates from his wife but he is also faced with custody issues around their seven-year-old daughter. Later on, he is accused of sexual assault of a young resident, and then later on placed on an indefinite leave, while trying to treat a man, who had an extremely serious anxiety disorder.

This book has several twists and turns, hence when you think you have everything figured out, another thing pops up and changes the entire picture. This book is highly recommended for any person who loves suspense.

When Does The Next Lisa Scottoline book come out?

Lisa Scottoline doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Eternal and was released on March, 23rd 2021.

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