Alexandra Cooper Books

The name Alexandra Cooper refers to a series of novels written by Linda Fairstein. It is also the name of the series protagonist.

Order of Alexandra Cooper Series

# Read Title Published
1 Final Jeopardy 1996
2 Likely To Die 1997
3 Cold Hit 1999
4 The Deadhouse 2001
5 The Bone Vault 2003
6 The Kills 2004
7 Entombed 2005
8 Death Dance 2006
9 Bad Blood 2007
10 Killer Heat 2008
11 Lethal Legacy 2009
12 Hell Gate 2010
13 Silent Mercy 2011
14 Night Watch 2012
15 Death Angel 2013
16 Terminal City 2014
17 Devil's Bridge 2015
18 Killer Look 2016
19 Deadfall 2017
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Alexandra Cooper is prosecutor working for the District Attorney’s office. Alex is primarily a sex crimes prosecutor. Her focus is on cases that involve sexual assault of one sort or another. Final Jeopardy, the first book in the Alexandra Cooper series, finds Alex waking up one morning to find that she has been declared dead by a tabloid.

She eventually learns that a celebrity was assaulted and murdered at her Vineyard retreat but she cannot determine whether or not she was the intended target and the celebrity was just collateral damage. The first book sets the tone for the Alexandra Cooper series as a whole.

Alex is set apart as a blonde middle-aged prosecutor with a passion for sex crimes. Alex isn’t averse to taking dangerous risks. And her efforts often drive her to adventure beyond the courtroom to investigate crimes.

While her actions are generally frowned upon and discouraged, Alex’s strong will allows her to get her way. Alex is accompanied on her many adventures by Mike Chapman who is tasked with following and protecting her whenever she goes into the field.

Over time, Alex builds trust with her bodyguard and a team of investigators whose efforts help her catch the bad guys. Alex is forced to confront a couple of her past demons and failures. Her strongest attribute is her determination. She doesn’t know how to quit. Whenever the police fail in their efforts to serve justice, Alex isn’t afraid to take on the murders and the rapists directly, using her skills to investigate clues and to follow the trails her law enforcement colleagues often ignore in her determination to get the job done.

The Alexandra Cooper series is a perfect fit for Linda Fairstein who worked in the District Attorney’s office in Manhattan and specialized in sex crimes. Born in 1947, Linda was a student of Vassar College and the University Of Virginia School Of Law.

Linda’s law career was a successful one. She prosecuted many publicized cases. The author has made appearances on major News Networks as a consultant.

Alexandra Cooper Awards

The Deadhouse, a novel in the Alexandra Cooper series received a nomination for the Macavity Award for Best Novel.

Best Alexandra Cooper Books

Linda Fairstein has been compared to the likes of John Grisham and Patricia Cornwall specifically because of the work she has done in this series, with some of the best Alexandra Cooper novels including:

Final Jeopardy: Alexandra Cooper is used to drama. After all, she is the most renowned sex crimes prosecutor in Manhattan. However, even Alex is a little taken aback when she wakes up to find a newspaper announcing her murder.

Of course, Alex knows that she is still alive, so the tabloid cannot be accurate. The prosecutor soon learns that the claims of her murder have something to do with Isabella Lascar, a Hollywood movie star, and actual murder victim.

Isabella was at Alex’s Martha’s Vineyard retreat when she met her end. And Alex cannot help but wonder whether or not Isabella’s killer had actually been on the hunt for her before accidentally offing the movie star.

If she was the intended target, then Alex knows she must solve the case and find Isabella’s killer before her own head rolls.

Cold Hit: Deni Caxton is the wife of a steel baron’s heir and Alexandra Cooper is determined to solve the mystery of her death. The leading New York Art Dealer didn’t have the personal life everyone expected.

As Alex and her team investigate Deni, they are introduced to the International art world with its bloated egos and dangerous passions. What they discover tells them that even the rich have reasons to kill.

This book exemplifies the Alexandra Cooper series as a whole. The book is clearly a procedural, showing the manner in which Alex goes about identifying a murder suspect and prosecuting them. The book finds Alex trying to juggle Deni’s murder with a few other pending cases.

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