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Above the Line is a series of Christian Fiction novels written by Karen Kingsbury. Above the Line tells the story of two Hollywood producers who want to use their film making to change the world.

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Order of Above the Line Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Take One ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2009 Description / Buy
2 Take Two ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2009 Description / Buy
3 Take Three ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2010 Description / Buy
4 Take Four ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2010 Description / Buy
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Karen Kingsbury is one of the most popular Christian Fiction authors in the world. Her books stand out because they are inspirational and uplifting. However, they also feature authentic characters that contend with realistic problems.

Karen is best known for the Baxters and the Flannigans, two families whose stories the author thoroughly explored in previous novels. It could be argued that the Baxters are the author’s most popular creation and every book she has written since has been measured against the quality of those early novels.

The Above the Line Series will appeal to both new and longtime fans of Karen Kingsbury. The books are set in the same universe as the Baxters and the Flannigans, and characters from both families make frequent appearances throughout the series.

However, one doesn’t have to read the Baxter novels to appreciate the Above the Line series. The stories told in these books and the characters they introduce are more than capable of standing on their own.

When the series first kicks off in Take One, the first novel in the series, Chase and Keith are trying to make headway in their filmmaking careers. The gentlemen actually studied film in college.

However, their faith took them to the jungles of Indonesia. For a time, Chase and Keith found satisfaction in spreading the message of God to those who needed it the most. But a time came when they realized that they had to put their hard-won skills to good use.

So Keith and chase went back home. They came to the conclusion that, for all the lives they had changed in Indonesia, they had the capacity to deliver change on an even larger scale by writing a feature film with a strong message.

Against all odds, the heroes accumulated the financing required to advance their project and they even brought a few notable actors and actresses to the table. But what should have been the end of their journey was actually just the beginning.

The Above the Line series follows the exploits of Chase and Keith as they attempt to conquer Hollywood. The series provides a glimpse into the process of Christian filmmaking.

Readers follow Chase and Keith as they slowly come to the realization that Hollywood is so much more dangerous than Indonesia ever was, and that the temptations and challenges awaiting them might exceed any ability they might have to overcome.

Because these books are categorized as Christian Fiction, there is a strong Christian message interspersed throughout. The struggles the protagonists encounter force them to question their faith and to come to a new understanding of the God they serve.

Some attention is given to the protagonists’ families, specifically Keith’s daughter Andi who repeatedly questions everything her parents ever taught her, and Chase’s wife.

Above the Line Awards

The first novel in the series was a Christian Retailing’s Best (Women’s Fiction) Finalist in 2006.

Best Above the Line Books

These novels are written specifically with Christian readers in mind; in fact, people that are hostile to the Christian message might find Karen Kingsbury’s stories offensive, with some of the best books in the series including:

Take Three: Keith and Chase were on top of the world. Their Hollywood dreams had finally come to pass. But then circumstances removed Chase from Jeremiah Productions. Now Keith must find a suitable replacement for his partner. This is as Chase tries to reorganize his life after the disaster.

Elsewhere, Keith’s daughter Andi keeps making poor decisions and those who care about here are helpless to stop her.

Take Four: Chase Ryan’s Hollywood dreams might have imploded but he is finally back with his family. He has also landed a job in his hometown. Meanwhile, Keith and his partner had their hopes for their next project set firmly on a rising young star.

But then the fellow in question had a public fall that ruined his reputation. Keith must decide how best to proceed. On the home front, the producer’s daughter, Andi is taking great strides towards healing her relationship with God.

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What Is The Next Book in The Above The Line Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Above The Line Series. The newest book is Take Four and was released on June, 18th 2010.


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