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Karen Kingsbury is a number one New York Times bestselling novelist and favorite American inspirational storyteller. Born on the 8th of June 1963, she is the brains behind more than 50 novels with over 25 million copies of the award-winning write-ups in print. Karen Kingsbury was born in Fairfax Virginia and the oldest among five children. In the year 1986, she graduated with a degree in Journalism from the Cal State University Northridge. Karen Kingsbury then joined the Los Angeles Times as a sports writer. She married her husband, Don in 1989. They have five children, with three being adopted from Haiti. Their daughter is an actress and married to Kyle Kupecky, a Christian, recording artist. Karen Kingsbury and Don became grandparents with the couple recently welcoming their first child Hudson.

Order of Above the Line Series

1Take One 2009Description / Buy
2Take Two 2009Description / Buy
3Take Three 2010Description / Buy
4Take Four 2010Description / Buy

Order of Angels Walking Series

1Angels Walking 2014Description / Buy
2Chasing Sunsets 2015Description / Buy
3Brush of Wings 2017Description / Buy

Order of Bailey Flanigan Series

1Leaving 2011Description / Buy
2Learning 2011Description / Buy
3Longing 2011Description / Buy
4Loving 2012Description / Buy

Order of The Baxter Family Series

1A Baxter Family Christmas 2016Description / Buy
2Love Story 2017Description / Buy
3In This Moment 2017Description / Buy
4To the Moon and Back 2018Description / Buy
5When We Were Young 2018Description / Buy
6Two Weeks 2020Description / Buy
7Someone Like You 2020Description / Buy
8Truly, Madly, Deeply 2020Description / Buy

Order of Baxter Family Children Series

1Best Family Ever 2019Description / Buy
2Finding Home 2020Description / Buy
3Never Grow Up 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Bridge Series

1The Beginning 2012Description / Buy
2The Bridge 2012Description / Buy

Order of Cody Gunner Series

1A Thousand Tomorrows 2005Description / Buy
2Just Beyond the Clouds 2007Description / Buy
3This Side of Heaven 2009Description / Buy

Order of Coming Home Series

1Coming Home 2012Description / Buy

Order of Lost Love Series

1Even Now 2005Description / Buy
2Ever After 2006Description / Buy

Order of Firstborn Series

1Fame 2005Description / Buy
2Forgiven 2005Description / Buy
3Found 2006Description / Buy
4Family 2006Description / Buy
5Forever 2007Description / Buy

Order of Forever Faithful Series

1Waiting for Morning 1999Description / Buy
2A Moment of Weakness 2000Description / Buy
3Halfway to Forever 2002Description / Buy

Order of Heart of the Story Series

1The Family of Jesus 2014Description / Buy
2The Friends of Jesus 2015Description / Buy
3The Followers of Jesus 2016Description / Buy

Order of Liberty University Short Stories/Novellas

1Once Upon a Campus (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Red Gloves Series

1Gideon's Gift 2002Description / Buy
2Maggie's Miracle 2003Description / Buy
3Sarah's Song 2004Description / Buy
4Hannah's Hope 2005Description / Buy

Order of Redemption Series

1Redemption 2002Description / Buy
2Remember 2003Description / Buy
3Return 2003Description / Buy
4Rejoice 2004Description / Buy
5Reunion 2004Description / Buy

Order of September 11 Series

1One Tuesday Morning 2003Description / Buy
2Beyond Tuesday Morning 2004Description / Buy
3Every Now & Then / Remember Tuesday Morning 2008Description / Buy

Order of Sunrise Series

1Sunrise 2007Description / Buy
2Summer 2007Description / Buy
3Someday 2008Description / Buy
4Sunset 2008Description / Buy

Order of Timeless Love Series

1A Time to Dance 2001Description / Buy
2A Time to Embrace 2002Description / Buy

Order of Karen Kingsbury Standalone Novels

1Where Yesterday Lives 1998Description / Buy
2When Joy Came to Stay 2000Description / Buy
3On Every Side 2001Description / Buy
4Oceans Apart 2002Description / Buy
5Divine 2006Description / Buy
6Like Dandelion Dust 2006Description / Buy
7Between Sundays 2007Description / Buy
8Shades of Blue 2008Description / Buy
9Unlocked 2009Description / Buy
10The Chance 2013Description / Buy
11Fifteen Minutes 2013Description / Buy
12A Distant Shore 2021Description / Buy
13Forgiving Paris 2021Description / Buy

Order of Karen Kingsbury Picture Books

1Go Ahead and Dream 2000Description / Buy
2Let Me Hold You Longer 2004Description / Buy
3Let's Go on a Mommy Date 2008Description / Buy
4We Believe in Christmas (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
5The Princess and the Three Knights (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy
6Let's Have a Daddy Day 2010Description / Buy
7Brave Young Knight (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
8Far Flutterby 2012Description / Buy
9Always Daddy's Princess (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
10Whatever You Grow Up to Be 2014Description / Buy
11Forever My Little Boy (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
12Forever My Little Girl (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Karen Kingsbury Short Story Collections

1A Treasury of Christmas Miracles 2001Description / Buy
2A Treasury of Miracles for Women 2002Description / Buy
3A Treasury of Miracles for Teens 2003Description / Buy
4A Treasury of Miracles for Friends 2004Description / Buy
5A Treasury of Adoption Miracles 2005Description / Buy

Order of Karen Kingsbury Non-Fiction Novels

1Missy's Murder 1991Description / Buy
2Final Vows 1992Description / Buy
3Deadly Pretender 1993Description / Buy
4The Snake and the Spider 1995Description / Buy
5The Prism Weight Loss Program 1999Description / Buy
6Forever Young 2005Description / Buy
7Be Safe Little Boy 2006Description / Buy
8Stay Close Little Girl 2006Description / Buy
9Miracles: A 52-Week Devotional 2009Description / Buy
10I Can Only Imagine 2012Description / Buy
11The Family of Jesus Bible Study 2014Description / Buy
12The Friends of Jesus - Bible Study Book 2015Description / Buy
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Karen Kingsbury, as indicated before, has authored more than 50 books. Among them are five co-written. The last dozens of books she wrote are topping the bestsellers lists. She admits that being a sports writer for the Los Angeles times primed her to get into writing. Karen Kingsbury has authored several standalone novels, series and short write-ups. Besides writing, Karen Kingsbury is also a visiting professor at Liberty University. She lectures a masters class in various disciplines. She has also been added to a radio program which airs several times in the morning hours. Karen Kingsbury is also into public speaking and has reached tens of thousands of women and young people in various national events. Karen Kingsbury has also written three inspirational songs including Walls, Tell me to breathe and Miracles happen.

Karen Kingsbury Awards

Karen Kingsbury is yet to receive any major literary award.

Karen Kingsbury Books into Movies

Many of Karen Kingsbury books have been developed to feature films and television movies. Two of her books, the Bridge 1 and two have been made into Hallmark Channel movies. Additionally, MGM and Roma Downey announced that they are planning to develop 22 of her novels into TV series. The novel Like Dandelion and many other novels have also been developed to highly acclaimed films.

Best Karen Kingsbury Books

The Redemption: The first installment in Karen Kingsbury’s series, Redemption. Redemption series won the Christian Retailing Award in the 2005 Retailers Choice award for best series. The redemption features the Baxter family with six children and several grandchildren. In this first installment, their daughter, Kari and her husband Tim are the centers of focus. The characters are intelligent, financially successful and most important, virtuous. However, somewhere along, Kari Baxter founds out that her husband, Tim is having an affair. Tim is a respected professor of journalism at the University and is in an affair with a student. Stunned by her husband’s actions, Kari Baxter Jacobs returns home to the Baxter family hurt, furious and confused.

Kari finds it daunting to forgive him. She sought to find what can ease her pain. Besides this, she recollected her feelings with Ryan that has subsided due to her devotion to their marriage. As Kari continued with her search for answers, she makes an unexpected discovery that gave her hope for the future. She found refuge in Gods plans and decided that she will love Tim and remain faithful regardless of the situations. Truly, the book explores the deep experiences and challenges of love in a Christian family.

Remember: This is the second installment of the Redemption series. The novel focuses on Ashley Baxter, the self-proclaimed black sheep of the Baxter family and Luke, a perfect son who seemingly is getting roughed up by life. Ashley is determined that she can make it on her own therefore pushing her family, her lover, Blake, and God, whom she thinks she can never forgive her aside. On the other hand, Luke is riding high. He is living great with her future looking great. However, his world comes crashing down. Luke, like Ashley, starts doubting the power of God. He blames God for the turmoil of his life despite the fact that he knows it was his fault. All through the book, you will get to see the experiences and challenges go to the extent of doubting the existence of God.

Karen Kingsbury’s books are a quick read. The redemption series consists of five books that highlight the plight of Christians in their faithful life. Other book series authored by Karen Kingsbury include Angel Walking, 9/11, Lost Love, Red Glove, Forever Faithful, Sunrise, Cody Gunner, Timeless Love among others.

When Does The Next Karen Kingsbury book come out?

The next book by Karen Kingsbury is Forgiving Paris and will be released on October, 26th 2021.


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