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Amos Decker is a widely held fictional character from the ‘Amos Decker’ series penned by well-known writer David Baldacci. Memory Man is the first-novel of this crime series in which the character of Amos Decker was initially introduced. Amos Decker was a former professional NFL player. During his first play, he was violently hit in a helmet-to-helmet collision resulting into several severe injuries. This serious accident led to some remarkable changes in his state of mind and he acquired some amazing mental abilities, Hyperthymesia, and Synesthesia. Because of his unusual mental conditions, he is somehow gifted with a powerful memory. The injury gave him the power to never forget anything. This enabled him to first work as a police officer and later as a popular detective.

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Order of Amos Decker Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Memory Man (By: David Baldacci) 2015 Description / Buy
2 The Last Mile ( By: David Baldacci) 2016 Description / Buy
3 The Fix ( By: David Baldacci) 2017 Description / Buy
4 The Fallen ( By: David Baldacci) 2018 Description / Buy
5 Redemption ( By: David Baldacci) 2019 Description / Buy
6 Walk the Wire ( By: David Baldacci) 2020 Description / Buy
7 Long Shadows (By: David Baldacci) 2022 Description / Buy
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The first novel of the series, Memory Man revolves around Decker and his quest to solve the mysterious murder case of his family. Decker assisted local police force in a case of mass shooting at-a local high school which was eventually related to the unsolved murder case of his family eighteen months before.

Best Amos Decker Books:

Memory-Man, The Last Mile and The Fix are some of the best books written by David-Baldacci under the Amos Decker series in his long time career in writing. Since his debut in 1996, David has penned an astounding number of more than three dozen novels. He specializes in thriller genre and is known to create suspense and thrill throughout his notable works. Some of his books including these aforementioned three books have remained highly prolific bestsellers.

Memory Man, the first masterpiece of the Amos Decker Series was the New York Bestseller. This crime novel about a man whose daughter, wife, and brother-in-law were mysteriously killed gained much prominence. The story is a fascinating saga of a man and his determination to find out the killers of his family. A mass shooting at-a local high school gave clue to the murder case of Amos Decker’s family which is revealed in an extraordinary way.

The Last Mile is a picture-perfect thriller story filled with excitement and anticipation. The story has meticulously weaved a tale of shocking murder and the mystery behind the curtain. The story introduces us to a new character Melvin Mars who is going to face a death penalty for killing his parents. The entire scenario changes when somebody else confesses his crime at the last moment.

Decker is drawn to the case because of the shocking similarities between himself and Mrs. Both were football players who had their careers cut short, both had families that were murdered and both had a suspect come forward years later to confess the the crime. The similarities are just too much to ignore and Decker’s early days in the FBI see him getting right into the thick of things in a major case.

The Fix is the latest and third edition of the series featuring Amos Decker as its main protagonist. The Fix is the third book in the Amos Decker series and the first with Harper Brown, a Defense Intelligence Agency agent who is able to match Decker in the skills of deduction.

Amos Decker is walking in to work, just outside the FBI headquarters, when he sees a well-dressed man walking ahead of him with a briefcase in hand. Before Decker knows what’s happening he sees a woman coming toward him and the man with the briefcase, the man pulls out a gun and kills the woman. He then takes the gun and points it on himself, killing himself and leaving Decker to sort out the pieces.

Decker does what he does best and starts to investigate the case, coming up with dead ends and having some real trouble with the case. He continues his investigation until a DIA agent named Harper Brown comes along and tells him to stop. The case is a matter of national security and the DIA doesn’t want the FBI involved. Decker doesn’t have the clearance to work on a case this classified.

Of course, Amos doesn’t like that. Decker ends up working with Brown in an uneasy alliance that sees them working together to solve the case.

Other Book Series You May Like:

The die-hard fans of David Baldacci and thriller genre have also shown interest in other book series of the same genre. The “Prey” series by John Sandford is one of the most celebrated thriller series among the readers. They truly loved its main protagonist, Lucas Davenport who is a maverick detective in the Minneapolis Police Department. The huge popularity of the series and its main character resulted in the twenty-six consecutive books published under the same series. ‘Mind Prey’ and ‘Certain Prey’ were the two books in this same series that were also adapted as a TV movie.

Alex Cross” is another thriller novel series filled with mystery and crime written by James Patterson that is equally enjoyed by Amos Decker’s fan. The entire series revolves around Alex Cross who is the main protagonist of the novels. As a widowed father and a detective, Cross has to face intimidations and threats to his family and also to his city Washington D.C. There are total 23 novels included in this series and all of them became the bestsellers of their time.

The “Harry Bosch” series is a wide collection of total eighteen novels with the main character detective Hieronymus ‘Harry’ Bosch. Harry is a police homicide detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. The fans have loved the character of Harry because of his wit and intelligence.

All of the three series are a political thriller revolving around detectives and crime cases like the Amos Decker series.

What Is The Next Book in The Amos Decker Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Amos Decker Series. The newest book is Long Shadows and was released on October, 11th 2022.

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  1. These are a very interesting series of books thanks to a fantastic lead character. Amos Decker goes from being a 22-year old NFL player playing in his first game to out of football, thanks to a horrific injury. However, the injury has a bright side as the injury induced hyperthymesia and synesthesia — resulting in him never forgetting anything.

    The power to never forget is a blessing for someone investigating a case is very interesting whole the other parts of his disability, counting in colors and seeing time as pictures in his head, make for a really interesting character that solves cases in a way unlike any other. The fact that Baldacci builds great cases for him to then solve is just the icing on the cake. I’ll follow Baldacci and Decker anywhere they want to take me.

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