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Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian novelist who writes fantasy novels. She is the oldest of her other four siblings and was born on December 14th, 1968 in a middle-class family in Ontario. After graduating from Western Ontario University, with a degree in psychology, Kelley joined Fanshawe College to study computer programming, and this gave her ample time to write novels.

Order of Women Of The Otherworld Series

1Bitten 2001Description / Buy
2Stolen 2002Description / Buy
3Dime Store Magic 2004Description / Buy
4Industrial Magic 2004Description / Buy
5Haunted 2005Description / Buy
6Broken 2006Description / Buy
7No Humans Involved 2007Description / Buy
8Personal Demon 2008Description / Buy
9Living with the Dead 2008Description / Buy
10Frostbitten 2009Description / Buy
11Waking the Witch 2010Description / Buy
12Spell Bound 2011Description / Buy
13Thirteen 2012Description / Buy
14Werewolves 2012Description / Buy
15Spellcasters 2013Description / Buy

Order of Women Of The Otherworld Short Stories/Novellas

1Angelic 2009Description / Buy
2Counterfeit Magic 2010Description / Buy
3Hidden 2011Description / Buy
4Chaotic 2012Description / Buy
5Amityville Horrible 2012Description / Buy
6Forbidden 2012Description / Buy
7Brazen 2013Description / Buy
8Forsaken 2014Description / Buy
9Driven 2016Description / Buy

Order of Women Of The Otherworld Collections

1Witch Magic 2004Description / Buy
2Men of the Otherworld 2009Description / Buy
3Tales of the Otherworld 2010Description / Buy
4The Hunter and the Hunted 2012Description / Buy
5Otherworld Nights 2014Description / Buy
6Otherworld Secrets 2015Description / Buy
7Otherworld Chills 2016Description / Buy

Order of Women Of The Otherworld Graphic Novels

1Becoming 2011Description / Buy
2Bounty Hunt 2014Description / Buy

Order of Nadia Stafford Series

1Exit Strategy 2007Description / Buy
2Made to Be Broken 2009Description / Buy
3Wild Justice 2013Description / Buy
4Double Play 2016Description / Buy
5Perfect Victim 2017Description / Buy

Order of Darkest Powers Series

1The Summoning 2008Description / Buy
2The Awakening 2009Description / Buy
3The Reckoning 2010Description / Buy
4Hunting Kat (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
5Darkest Powers Tales 2015Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Darkest Powers Series

1Hunting Kat (Short Story)2012Description / Buy
2The Summoning2008Description / Buy
3The Awakening2009Description / Buy
4The Reckoning2010Description / Buy
5Darkest Powers Tales2015Description / Buy

Order of Darkness Rising Series

1The Gathering 2011Description / Buy
2The Calling 2012Description / Buy
3The Rising 2013Description / Buy
4Atoning (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Blackwell Pages Series as K.L. Armstrong, with M.A. Marr

1Loki's Wolves 2013Description / Buy
2Odin's Ravens 2014Description / Buy
3Thor's Serpents 2015Description / Buy

Order of Otherworld: Kate & Logan Series

1Wolf's Bane 2018Description / Buy
2Wolf's Curse 2020Description / Buy

Order of A Stitch in Time Series

1A Stitch in Time 2020Description / Buy
2Ballgowns & Butterflies (Short Story) 2021Description / Buy
3A Twist of Fate 2021Description / Buy
4Snowstorms & Sleigh Bells 2021Description / Buy

Order of Cainsville Series

1Omens 2013Description / Buy
2Visions 2014Description / Buy
3Deceptions 2015Description / Buy
4Betrayals 2016Description / Buy
5Lost Souls 2016Description / Buy
6Rituals 2017Description / Buy
7Rough Justice 2018Description / Buy
8Portents 2018Description / Buy
9Cruel Fate 2019Description / Buy

Order of Age Of Legends Series

1Sea of Shadows 2014Description / Buy
2Empire of Night 2015Description / Buy
3Forest of Ruin 2016Description / Buy

Order of Unfiltered Series as Katey Wolfe

1Undone 2014Description / Buy

Order of Secrets Series

1The Unquiet Past 2015Description / Buy

Order of Casey Duncan Series

1City of the Lost 2016Description / Buy
2A Darkness Absolute 2017Description / Buy
3This Fallen Prey 2018Description / Buy
4Watcher in the Woods 2019Description / Buy
5Alone in the Wild 2020Description / Buy
6A Stranger in Town 2021Description / Buy
7The Deepest of Secrets 2022Description / Buy

Order of Royal Guide To Monster Slaying Series

1A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying 2020Description / Buy
2The Gryphon's Lair 2020Description / Buy
3The Serpent's Fury 2021Description / Buy

Order of Cursed Luck Series

1Cursed Luck 2021Description / Buy
2Hex on the Beach ( With: Melissa Marr, Jeaniene Frost) 2021Description / Buy
3High Jinx 2021Description / Buy

Order of Kelley Armstrong Standalone Novels

1The Masked Truth 2015Description / Buy
2Missing 2017Description / Buy
3Aftermath 2018Description / Buy
4Wherever She Goes 2019Description / Buy
5Every Step She Takes (As: K.L. Armstrong) 2020Description / Buy

Order of Kelley Armstrong Short Story Collections

1Led Astray 2015Description / Buy

Order of Kelley Armstrong Graphic Novels

1Angel: Aftermath 2009Description / Buy
2Angel: Season Six, Volume 2 ( With:) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Imaginarium Series

1Imaginarium 2011: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing ( By: , Sandra Kasturi) 2011Description / Buy
2Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing ( By: Tanya Huff, , Cory Doctorow, , Sandra Kasturi, , , , Dave Duncan, Susie Moloney) 2013Description / Buy
3Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing ( With: Margaret Atwood, Peter Watts, , , , Cory Doctorow, Nalo Hopkinson, A.M. Dellamonica, , , , , , , Amal El-Mohtar, , , , Rio Youers, Sandra Kasturi, , , , Silvia Moreno-Garcia) 2014Description / Buy
4Imaginarium 5: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing ( By: Sandra Kasturi) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Kyle Murchison Booth Series

1The Bone Key ( By: Sarah Monette) 2007Description / Buy

Order of The Best Horror of the Year Anthology Series

1The Best Horror of the Year: Volume One 2009Description / Buy
2The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Two 2010Description / Buy
3The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Three 2011Description / Buy
4The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Four 2012Description / Buy
5The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Five 2013Description / Buy
6The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Six 2014Description / Buy
7The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Seven 2015Description / Buy
8The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eight 2016Description / Buy
9The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Nine 2017Description / Buy
10The Best Horror of the Year Volume 10 2018Description / Buy
11The Best of the Best Horror of the Year: 10 Years of Essential Short Horror Fiction 2018Description / Buy
12The Best Horror of the Year Volume 11 2019Description / Buy
13The Best Horror of the Year Volume 12 2020Description / Buy

Order of The X-Files Series

1Goblins ( By: Charles L. Grant) 1994Description / Buy
2Whirlwind ( By: Charles L. Grant) 1995Description / Buy
3Ground Zero ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1995Description / Buy
4Ruins ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1995Description / Buy
5Antibodies ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1997Description / Buy
6Skin ( By: Ben Mezrich) 1998Description / Buy
7Fight the Future ( By: Elizabeth Hand) 1998Description / Buy
8I Want to Believe ( By: Max Allan Collins) 2008Description / Buy
9X-Files: Trust No One ( By: Gayle Lynds, Heather Graham, Jonathan Maberry, Max Allan Collins, Kevin J. Anderson, Tim Lebbon, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Brian Keene, Peter Clines, Gini Koch) 2015Description / Buy
10X-Files: The Truth Is Out There ( With: Jonathan Maberry, David Farland, Rachel Caine, , Kami Garcia, , Hank Phillippi Ryan) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Vampire Files Series

1Lifeblood ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1990Description / Buy
2Bloodlist ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1990Description / Buy
3Bloodcircle ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1990Description / Buy
4Art in the Blood ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1991Description / Buy
5Fire in the Blood ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1991Description / Buy
6Blood on the Water ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1992Description / Buy
7A Chill in the Blood ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1998Description / Buy
8The Dark Sleep ( By: P.N. Elrod) 1999Description / Buy
9Lady Crymsyn ( By: P.N. Elrod) 2000Description / Buy
10Cold Streets ( By: P.N. Elrod) 2003Description / Buy
11Song in the Dark ( By: P.N. Elrod) 2005Description / Buy
12Many Bloody Returns ( With: Jim Butcher, Carolyn Haines, Charlaine Harris, Bill Crider, Sandra Burr, , , Elaine Viets, Rachel Caine, Toni L.P. Kelner, Christopher Golden, Jeanne C. Stein, Tanya Huff, P.N. Elrod) 2007Description / Buy
13The Devil You Know (Short Story) ( By: P.N. Elrod) 2009Description / Buy
14Dark Road Rising ( By: P.N. Elrod) 2009Description / Buy

Kelley Armstrong Anthologies

1 Dates From Hell2006Description / Buy
2 My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon2007Description / Buy
3 Blood Lite2008Description / Buy
4 By Blood We Live2009Description / Buy
5 A Fantasy Medley2009Description / Buy
6 The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 20102009Description / Buy
7 Hellbound Hearts2009Description / Buy
8 Campus Chills2009Description / Buy
9 Kisses from Hell2010Description / Buy
10 New Dead2010Description / Buy
11 Blood Lite II: Overbite2010Description / Buy
12 Vampires2011Description / Buy
13 Subterranean2011Description / Buy
14 The Monster's Corner2011Description / Buy
15 Enthralled2011Description / Buy
16 Imaginarium 2012: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing2012Description / Buy
17 The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women2012Description / Buy
18 Rags & Bones2013Description / Buy
19 Shards and Ashes2013Description / Buy
20 Four Summoner's Tales2013Description / Buy
21 Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing2014Description / Buy
22 Expiration Date2015Description / Buy
23 Seize the Night2015Description / Buy
24 Obsidian2016Description / Buy
25 X-Files: The Truth Is Out There2016Description / Buy
26 Urban Allies2016Description / Buy
27 Detours2016Description / Buy
28 The Dame Was Trouble2018Description / Buy
29 The Horror Collection: Purple Edition: THC Book 32019Description / Buy
30 Life Is Short and Then You Die2019Description / Buy
31 Hex Life2019Description / Buy
32 Under a Winter Sky2020Description / Buy
33 Giving the Devil His Due2021Description / Buy
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Bitten is her first novel sold which was published in 2001. However, the novel had already made some good sales the previous year, 1999. Following the success of her debut novel, since then she has had over 20 distinct fantasy novels published, 13 of these novels are Women of the Otherworld, 6 are the Darkest Power series, while Cainsville series makes up 4 of these novels.

Women of the Otherworld series is a contemporary fantasy that contains the supernatural characters of the modern northern American life and with some active elements of love. Some of the characters in this series include werewolves, witches, necromancers, vampires, shamans, sorcerers, demons, and others. This aspect of using various supernatural characters makes Kelley Armstrong a unique writer; this is because many of the current writers only limit themselves to one or two supernatural characters when writing.

Women of the Otherworld series characters gain their supernatural powers either through heredity or via an existing a supernatural being of the same type. Those not familiar with the series would expect it deals with the battle between evil and good, however, this is not the case, but rather the author makes these novels mostly episodic with a continuation of the plotline and the development of the characters.

Other books authored by the same writer include The Age of Legends series, Darkness Rising Trilogy, Darkest Powers Trilogy. Kelley has also written over five collections as well as short stories.


Kelley Armstrong several novels have been nominated for some awards. For example, The Calling was nominated for 2013 Aurora Awards for the Young Adults book in English prize, the following year The Rising won the same award for the same award. Sea of Shadows was nominated for Aurora Awards for Young Adults novel in 2015.

Earlier in 2002, Bitten was nominated for International Horror Guild Awards for the best first novel category. Later in 2009, The Summoning was nominated for Sunburst Award for book YA novel by a Canadian.


Bitten Television series is an adaptation of the Otherworld book series by Kelley Armstrong. The popular tv show features popular television stars such as Greyston Holt, Laura Vandervoort, and Greg Bryk.


These are the best novels by Kelley Armstrong.

It is the debut novel Bitten that Elena Michaels, 30 years old came to terms with what lay ahead for her future, and accepted the fact that she was the only living lady werewolf. Now in stolen, she is lured into a trap by a rude internet tycoon Tyrone Winsloe, the man responsible for the funding of a scientific research of other races and their supernatural capabilities.

However, it turns out that the other races are being captured studies in an underground lab in Maine Woods and then released into the real world where they are hunted down in a real-world video game. However, when the tycoon captures Elena, it turns out that he finally gets a chance to meet his match. Elena will stop at nothing to ensure her survival and also to see that justice is served.

Exit Strategy Outside of the Women of the Otherworld series, we have another amazing character created by Kelley Armstrong: Nadia. The owner of a nature lodge, Nadia also has a secret identity that is pretty dangerous and very profitable. You see, Nadia is a hit woman for a mafia family. If any of her guests found out what she did, she’d have to kill them. Or so they say. The truth is that Nadia is an ex-cop who was put into early retirement after a tragic incident.

In Exit Strategy, Nadia’s contacts put her on the hunt for a serial killer on the loose. This serial killer is ruthless and efficient, a little too good to be an amateur. To solve the case and stop the killings, Nadia will have to turn herself into the kind of victim that the killer is looking for. She’ll be the prey, but only until it’s time to once again be the predator. This is a thrilling, exciting novel that will leave you begging for more.

The Reckoning: Chloe Saunders, a fifteen-year-old scientifically engineered necromancer wants to be normal. She is capable of bringing back to live the dead. She and her friends are running away from their creators, an evil corporation responsible for what they are now.

In addition to this, she is fighting against her feelings for Simon, who apparently is tempered sorcerer while his brother is a hot-tempered werewolf. Therefore she must decide where she should lean towards the werewolves or she has to let go of her strong desires.

Kelley Armstrong novels are one of a kind; the plotlines are easy to understand. Also, there is a deep connection between the reader and the characters. If you love fantasy novels with some romance aspects, then you should watch out for Kelley books.

When Does The Next Kelley Armstrong book come out?

The next book by Kelley Armstrong is Snowstorms & Sleigh Bells and will be released on November, 16th 2021. It is the newest book in the A Stitch in Time Series.

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