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Apart from being an author, Margaret Eleanor Atwood is also a poet, essayist, environmental activist and literary critic. Atwood is also the founder of a non-profit organization, Writer’s Trust of Canada, whose main aim is to encourage the writing community in Canada. Furthermore, she is also the founder of the Griffin Poetry Prize. Margaret Atwood is the developer and inventor of the Longpen associated technologies, which facilitates remote robotic writing of documents. Atwood is also the Director and Co-Founder of Syngrafii inc. a company that she created in the year 2004, to not only develop but to also distribute and produce Longpen technologies. Atwood holds numerous patents that are all related to Longpen technologies.

Order of MaddAddam Series

# Read Title Published
1 Oryx and Crake 2003
2 The Year of the Flood 2009
3 MaddAddam 2013

Order of Positron Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Heart Goes Last 2015

Order of Margaret Atwood Short Story Collections

Order of Hogarth Shakespeare Series

# Read Title Published
1 Vinegar Girl 2016

Order of Angel Catbird Graphic Novel Series

Order of Margaret Atwood Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 The Edible Woman 1969
2 Surfacing 1972
3 Lady Oracle 1976
4 Up in the Tree 1978
5 Life Before Man 1979
6 Anna's Pet 1980
7 Bodily Harm 1981
8 The Handmaid's Tale 1986
9 Cat's Eye 1988
10 For the Birds 1990
11 The Robber Bride 1993
12 Alias Grace 1996
13 The Labrador Fiasco 1996
14 The Blind Assassin 2000
15 Bottle 2004
16 Moral Disorder 2014
17 Hag-Seed 2016

Order of Margaret Atwood Picture Books

Order of Margaret Atwood Non-Fiction Books

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Irrespective of the fact that Margaret Atwood is mainly known as a writer, she has also managed to publish fifteen poetry books. A majority of the author’s poems have been inspired by myths and fairy tales, which have interested her, ever since she was young. Some of the short stories that Margaret Atwood has published include Alphabet, Tamarack Review, CBC Anthology and many others.

In the year 1965, Atwood taught at the University of British Colombia and the Sir George Williams University from the year 1967 to the year 1968. Later on in the year 1969, she taught at the University of Alberta for one year and York University for one year also, from the year 1971 to 1972.

The female intellectual dialogue members at the renowned Victoria College mainly surrounded Atwood. In a majority of her novels, she often portrays characters who are dominated by patriarchy. Atwood also sheds light on the social oppression of women due to the patriarchal ideology. When it comes to social science fiction and speculative fiction, the author has constantly resisted the idea that both of her novels, Oryx and Crake and The Handmaid’s Tale are science fiction. She has insisted that both of these novels are speculative fiction.

In the year 2008, The Economist a weekly magazine referred to Atwood as an expert literary critic and scintillating wordsmith. However, the magazine went on to comment that the author’s logic does not in any way match her writing style in the nonfiction book, Payback: Debt and Shadow.

Margaret Atwood Awards

Atwood is the winner of the Prince of Austrius Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award. She has also been nominated for the Booker prize more than five times. She has also been nominated for a Governor’s General Award numerous times, winning twice. In the year 2001, Margaret was nominated into Canada’s Hall of Fame.

Margaret Atwood Books into Movies

More than five of Margaret Atwood’s books have been adapted for a screenplay. They include the mini-series, Alias Grace adapted by CBS Canada, Atwood Stories to be aired on W, Handmaid’s Tale Payback and Surfacing.

Best Atwood Books

Handmaids Tale: According to Offred, the heroine of Atwood’s chilling future tale, Fear is an exceedingly powerful stimulant. Trained at the Leah and Rachel center and habited in the red, Offered is a member of the two-legged wombs or sacred vessels, a quasi-religious order whose main task is to create the next generation of the governing elite in the Gilead Republic. Gilead is a Puritan autocracy setup, after the successful assassination of the president and the United States Congress. Offred is confined to Cambridge City, Massachusetts, where local University is closed, and the American football stadium is used for execution of the public. In this book, the name Offred has been used rhetorically to either refer to Offered and Off-red. A majority of Atwood’s novels have not been written using a specific formula.

Like all of the other novels, this book is a starkly individual performance and unrepeatable. Furthermore, it is the science fiction fable, which Atwood had constantly hinted that she has intended to pen down.

Edible Woman: In the novel Edible Woman, which was published in the year 1969, one of the main characters was looking forward to the life after the cataclysm. A time when a birth was going to be essential once more and a new goddess of fertility, Venus Genetrix, was going to rise again. Despite the fact that the setting and structure of her novels is entirely different, there is a decipherable formula of Atwood’s heroine. They are observant, resourceful, frightened and wary. They are also determinedly free.

Apart from Offred, the author also introduces the reader to The Commander, who is a scientist involved in market research. Later on, it is hypothesized that he was indeed one of the architects of the republic and its laws. With that said, The Handmaid’s Tale is a compactly well-ordered reading experience.