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Amber Anthony is an American author that writes erotic romance tinged with strong elements of BDSM. The author only appeared on the literary stage in 2017, hitting the ground running with ‘Blood Rising’, a novel about an immortal vampire that runs a sex empire.

It should be noted that Amber Anthony is a pen name used by Nancy Reynolds and Patrice Hough Bader.

Order of Blood Trilogy Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Blood Rising 2017 Description / Buy
2 Blood Emerald 2018 Description / Buy
3 Blood Dragon 2018 Description / Buy
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Patrice and Nancy’s collaboration started in film and television. The pair was granted the opportunity to work on multiple television and movie scripts. It didn’t take them long to realize just how well they work with another.

So they took to the publishing arena with a fervor and begun to churn out paranormal romance novels dripping with sex, electric passion and heroes to die for.

Patrice calls the Midwest home. There wasn’t any particular moment in her life when the author knew for certain that she would grow up to write fiction. If anything, Patrice did a lot of meandering as a young lady.

She completed her studies in Dance and Performing Arts. And rather than pursuing a career in the arena, she went ahead to pursue political science studies. Beyond college, Patrice worked in Sales and marketing. She also did some freelance work as a writer and even dabbled in the pharmaceutical arena before finally settling down to operate a tavern with her husband.

Nancy was a little more focused in her pursuits. Like Patrice, she showed an interest in the arts at a young age. In fact, her twenties were spent in acting. Though, Nancy did not exactly garner the success she hoped for. The author spent a few years in the healthcare arena before her love for the arts flared up once more and she started to write for movies and television.

By the time Patrice and Nancy combined forces, they knew they wanted to produce fiction that featured gorgeous alpha males with supernatural gifts and more charm than they knew what to do with.

The pair also sought to create smart heroines with plenty of heart and charisma. And they did just that with ‘Blood Rising’, the first book in a trilogy featuring hot vampires stumbling into mind-blowing sexual encounters with submissive human females.

Best Amber Anthony Books

Blood Rising: Matt Brenner is drop dead gorgeous. And that isn’t his ego talking. Women have told him as much. Matt has never had much trouble drawing feminine attention. And becoming a vampire elevated his sex appeal to new heights.

Most people would bask in the joys of immortality. But Matt has struggled in his efforts to accept life as a vampire. Though, he will be the first to tell you that an immortal existence has its perks.

The irresistible hunk thought he could get by on the sexual encounters he orchestrated in his BDSM Empire, an entity that spans numerous clubs designed to connect dominant vampires with willing subs in a transaction of blood and ecstasy.

With his fellow vampire Richard Hiatt, Matt should have been soaring. And you won’t find him complaining. The clubs make his life manageable. But Matt cannot escape the void of passion in his heart. For him, life as a vampire is generally uninspiring.

And as an immortal, Matt was ready to resign to his fate. But then he met Catherine Temple and realized that inspiration, while difficult, was still attainable.

Matt knows what it means to get involved with human women. The dangers to both parties are obvious and even when he engages in sexual encounters with them, the immortal is careful to avoid emotional attachments.

Unfortunately for Matt, Catherine is the one woman capable of enticing him into breaking his own rules, to the point where he has actually begun to consider taking a drug that will allow him to live a human life with the first real love of his life.

Blood Emerald: Rick Hiatt has spent the last five centuries maneuvering the complexities of Dom/Sub relationships. He never thought there was anything more to aspire to until Anna Curley came into his life.

The guileless woman collides with Rick at a time when he must face off against Veronique Moreau, an enemy hell bent on breaking the veil between vampires and mortals.

When Does The Next book come out?

The next book by is Blood Dragon and will be released on June, 21st 2018. It is the newest book in the Blood Trilogy Series.