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Carmen Amato is an award winner that writes the Emilia Cruz novels. She attended LeMoyne College (BA in History and Political Science) and the University of Virginia (Masters in International Relations).

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Order of Emilia Cruz Mysteries Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Cliff Diver 2013 Description / Buy
2 Hat Dance 2013 Description / Buy
3 Made in Acapulco (Short Story) 2013 Description / Buy
4 Diablo Nights 2014 Description / Buy
5 King Peso 2016 Description / Buy
6 Pacific Reaper 2017 Description / Buy
7 43 Missing 2017 Description / Buy
8 Russian Mojito 2019 Description / Buy
9 Feliz Navidad From Acapulco (Short Story) 2019 Description / Buy
10 Narco Noir 2020 Description / Buy
11 The Listmaker of Acapulco (Short Story) 2021 Description / Buy

Order of Galliano Club Thrillers Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Road to the Galliano Club 2022 Description / Buy
2 Murder at the Galliano Club 2022 Description / Buy
3 Blackmail at the Galliano Club 2023 Description / Buy
4 Revenge at the Galliano Club 2023 Description / Buy

Order of Carmen Amato Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Hidden Light of Mexico City 2011 Description / Buy
2 Awakening Macbeth 2017 Description / Buy
3 The Artist/El Artista (Short Story) 2018 Description / Buy

Order of Carmen Amato Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Insider’s Guide to the Best of Mexico (Short Story) 2017 Description / Buy
2 Insider's Guide to the Best of Mexican Holidays 2021 Description / Buy
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She also went to Institut Catholique (Paris) and the Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University). Praised for writing gripping and highly entertaining books, the authenticity of Amato’s stories can be attributed to her experience as a former CIA officer.

She ran the US National Intelligence Tradecraft School and an Intelligence Collection Program. Her three decades in the CIA included several trips around the world.

The things she did and the people she met influenced her stories. She has encountered lionfish during scuba diving sessions and survived multiple earthquakes. Although her colorful history will surprise the readers she meets because Amato seems so ordinary.

On the surface, the author looks like any other wife, mother, and pet owner. She supports good causes like, drinks coffee, and nurtures a healthy obsession for Furla handbags.

A recipient of the Career Intelligence Medal, critics have compared her police procedurals to the works of icons like Peter May, Louise Penny, and Ann Cleves.

Unlike some of her peers, Amato is an organized writer who kickstarts each new project by creating an outline and then churning out a rough draft. She plasters her wall with vital pieces of information regarding her stories, including character attributes and essential references.

Amato will alternate between writing by hand and on a computer. The computer is faster, but creating compelling prose requires more mental energy. Longhand is more appealing when she’s tired and uninspired. Although, the author performs multiple edits regardless of the writing method she chooses.

She has encouraged aspiring writers to maintain a healthy distance from their first drafts. They must learn to edit and revise until their manuscripts are properly polished.

But they can’t make the necessary corrections if they’ve fallen in love with their first drafts. They are better off developing an attachment to the characters and settings. This will give them the objectivity they need to make the necessary changes.

Where possible, Amato encourages aspiring authors to join writer’s groups, especially if they need feedback and emotional support from fellow writers. A writing partner is even better because they can provide constructive feedback.

You can also rope them into brainstorming sessions. Workshops are just as beneficial because they impart essential wisdom about the business side of publishing.

Some workshops are expensive, but from what Amato has seen, they are more than worth it.

People have commended the author for writing about strong women. Amato takes inspiration from the many strong women she saw growing up. They could make difficult decisions and weather destructive storms without becoming hard-edged.

Carmen Amato Awards

Amato’s books have won the Poison Cup Award.

Best Carmen Amato Books

The author comes from an Italian family. She often congregated with her extended family during the holidays because they lived in the same city. Amato’s best books include:

Cliff Diver: Emilia was the first female police detective the city had ever seen. But the spotlight brought with it a plethora of challenges, the most prominent being her fellow detectives, who were determined to push her out.

The last thing Emilia expected was for the lieutenant to die. She was tasked with leading the investigation. But it was clear that the lieutenant was a corrupt man whose life had been mired in sex and scandal.

Emilia knew that her investigation was a threat to her career. But she couldn’t stop, not when her worst enemy was the prime suspect in the murder.

King Peso: Things are changing. Emilia has been reassigned. Her new unit has the support of Acapulco’s mayor, but that doesn’t make Emilia any less concerned. She doesn’t know what to make of the union strongman overseeing the unit.

And then there’s Franco Silvio. Emilia is still shaken by the death of his wife. But she can’t make him a priority, not when the El Trio murders are still unsolved.

It will take all the cunning the detective can muster to stop the cop killer before he strikes again. But the case of a missing girl from her neighborhood is threatening to distract Emilia from her mission.

When Does The Next Carmen Amato book come out?

Carmen Amato doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Revenge at the Galliano Club and was released on March, 30th 2023. It is the newest book in the Galliano Club Thrillers Series.

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