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Catherine Anderson is an American bestseller that writes romance novels. Born in 1948 in Grant Pass, Oregon, Catherine inherited her obsession with the written word from her mother.

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Order of Comanche Series

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2 Summer Breeze 2006 Description / Buy
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Order of Catherine Anderson Standalone Novels

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Order of Catherine Anderson Picture Books

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Catherine Anderson Anthologies

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1 Tall, Dark, and Dangerous 1994 Description / Buy
2 Three Weddings and a Kiss 1995 Description / Buy
3 Three Times a Bride 1995 Description / Buy
4 The True Love Wedding Dress 2005 Description / Buy
5 Cast of Characters 2012 Description / Buy
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Catherine’s mother was always writing. The author would play at her feet, listening to the clack of the typewriter. When she wasn’t writing, her mother would read her work aloud to her daughter.

Catherine grew to appreciate the magic and wonder of fiction long before she mastered the alphabet, which changed how she played. The author would often create stories about her dolls and their lives.

During her teenage years, she filled several notebooks with stories. Writing wasn’t something she had to force. It came to her as naturally as breathing. She couldn’t have stopped if she tried.

Her friends and family supported her passion. And yet, Catherine did not pursue publishing, at least not immediately. In fact, the author was hesitant to share the stories she penned.

Catherine described herself as a closet writer during those early days. She would produce stories only to hide them in a drawer, unwilling to reveal them to the world.

It took a while before she broke the habit. The praise of strangers did little to coax Catherine out of her shell. She even received a phone call from a college dean who commended the author for her high scores in the entrance exams but then went a step further and praised Catherine’s grasp of English.

But she did not appreciate the significance of the Dean’s call. It took a while for the author to surrender to her passion for storytelling. In the meantime, she searched for and identified a practical career.

Sid, her husband, was an entrepreneur. Catherine decided to study accounting to help him. Her goal was to become a certified CPA, gaining the skills necessary to keep the books for him.

But even though the author excelled in her studies, she hated accounting. The field was claustrophobic and dull. But she couldn’t bring herself to abandon it because of all the money the couple had spent on her studies.

Catherine finally reached her limit when she was asked to join a sorority that celebrated female students who had incredibly high GPAs. The invitation was an honor but it reduced the author to tears because she realized that she was slowly progressing toward a destination that brought her little to no joy.

Left with no other choice, she told her husband that she wanted to leave school to pursue her publishing dreams. She expected Sid to respond furiously. Instead, he bought her an electric typewriter, giving her the push she desperately needed. Later on, Sid bought Catherine a word processor.

Catherine Anderson Awards

Catherine has received numerous Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice award nominations. She has won the Romantic Times Award.

Best Catherine Anderson Books

The author’s fans have praised her for writing delightful yet heart-wrenching stories. Catherine’s best books include:

Annie’s Song: Annie Trimble was misunderstood. People thought she was mentally stunted. Nonetheless, Alex’s brother crossed the line when he raped the girl. Alex was overcome with guilt, and he took responsibility the only way he knew how.

He decided to marry Annie. Alex did not expect to fall for the girl. He just wanted to help her care for her child. But then he got to know her and realized that she wasn’t mentally stunted. The innocent girl was simply mute.

Now, the two must forge a new bond by breaking the wall of silence separating them.

Comanche Moon: Loretta Simpson doesn’t speak. Comanches killed her parents. The terrifying incident left a lasting impression on Loretta, robbing the woman of her speech. Hunter of the Wolf was determined to bridge the gap between him and Loretta.

To him, Loretta was a woman from ancient prophesy, and he was determined to honor her. But to Loretta, he was a monster, an enemy that had stolen her. She had no intention of succumbing to his control
And yet, she couldn’t sustain her hatred, no matter how hard she tried. The more time she spent in Hunter’s company, the more difficult it became to see him as the villain in her story.

When Does The Next Catherine Anderson book come out?

Catherine Anderson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Maple Leaf Harvest and was released on August, 24th 2021. It is the newest book in the Mystic Creek Series.

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