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Victoria Aveyard is American and New York bestselling author of fantasy fiction, young adult novels, and screenplays. She is popularly known for her fantasy book Red Queen. She was born on July 27TH, 1990 IN East Longmeadow in Massachusetts a small local town in the United States. She attended the University of Southern California where she graduated with a bachelor of fine art degree in screenwriting.

Order of Realm Breaker Series

1Realm Breaker 2021Description / Buy

Order of Red Queen Series

1Red Queen 2015Description / Buy
2Queen Song 2015Description / Buy
3Cruel Crown 2016Description / Buy
4Steel Scars (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
5Glass Sword 2016Description / Buy
6King's Cage 2017Description / Buy
7War Storm 2018Description / Buy
8Broken Throne (Collection) 2019Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Red Queen Series

1Queen Song2015Description / Buy
2Steel Scars (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
3Cruel Crown2016Description / Buy
4Red Queen2015Description / Buy
5Glass Sword2016Description / Buy
6King's Cage2017Description / Buy
7War Storm2018Description / Buy
8Broken Throne (Collection)2019Description / Buy
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Aveyard interest in writing sparked at a very tender age since she could physically write. Red Queen Series first novel going by the same name as the series title was published in 2015. The series consists of three books with a fourth book set to be published in 2018.


The young writer, Victoria Aveyard is recognized with notable awards such as the 2015 Buxtehude Bull Award, 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for the best first novel category. She was the winner of the above prizes.


Victoria Aveyard award-winning series Red Queen chock full of diverse themes; fight for social equality, vigilante justice, freedom for information and not to mention the beautiful heroine who possess supernatural powers. The series has been optioned for the big screen and is being adapted into a movie that will hit the movie theaters with a bang.


These are two best books by Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen (2015) & Glass Sword (2016)

Red Queen: In the debut novel of the series Red Queen, it is introduced that blood divides the world and its either you belong to the Reds or the Silver. The Reds are ordinary people without a rank or title but ruled by the silver elite in possession of super powers. For one Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old girl from poverty stricken areas of her town, nothing seems ever to change and if it will change then not so soon.

However, things change for the teenage girl as she soon finds herself working at the silver palace. In the palace, he is surrounded by people that he hates most. By chance, she also discovers that her red blood also possesses a dangerous power of its own; one that provoked would destroy the balance of power.

The Silvers threatened by Mare’s potential plan to hide her in plain sight by declaring that she is the long lost Silver princess and now engaged to the Silver Prince. Even though Mare understands that one misstep would lead to her death, she works secretly and silently helps the Red Guard, a resistance movement so as to bring down the Silver regime.

Unfortunately, this world is full of lies, betrayal, and Mare has joined the hot dance- Prince against the prince, Mare against her will and the Reds against the Silvers.

Like its many predecessors, Red Queen narrates a gripping story about the imbalance of power in the society, which is the root of all evil whether in the fiction world or the real world.

The series presents characters well developed by the author. We have Maven and Cal the Silver Princes who are royals, elites, and possess supernatural X-Men like powers. Also, we have Mare Barrow, the heroine, and despite her red blood she possesses a very different type of superpower.

Red Queen is an influential first book, the plot development is fantastic, the story is fast paced, and you will love the character interaction in the novel.

Glass Sword: Mare Blood is red, the color of the commoners, however, she possesses powers like the silvers, and she can control lightning. The crown calls her fake but she manages to make her escape from the Prince, friend who betrayed her and she discovers something, that she is not the only one with the super abilities.

Now pursued Maven, the prince who betrayed her but now a king, Mare is on the run to find and recruit other Reds of her kind to fight her oppressors. However, she soon finds herself on a dangerous path, one that could make her the monster she was struggling to defeat.

Will Mare break under the weight of the lives responsible for rebellion? Alternatively, will betrayal and treachery harden her forever?

The sequel to the Red Queen rockets the struggle between the bloods segregated the world and the expanding rebel army and put her in a conflict against the darkness that has developed in her soul.

When Does The Next Victoria Aveyard book come out?

Victoria Aveyard doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Realm Breaker and was released on May, 4th 2021. It is the newest book in the Realm Breaker Series.

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  1. We recently read “Red Queen” in my book club and I was glad we didn’t decide to proceed with the series. The book was likable enough, but nothing really “wowed” me. I quickly browsed some reviews of the remainder of the series online, and it seems the books didn’t get much better. I’d be interested to hear from someone who really enjoyed these books. Maybe I’m just missing a plot point or a key, exciting aspect? I’m open to discussion.

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