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Ilona Andrews is the pen name adopted by the formidable husband-and-wife writing duo, and New York Times bestselling authors – Ilona Gordon, a native-born Russian and Andrew Gordon, a former U.S Army communications sergeant. They currently live in Oregon, U.S, with their two daughter.

Order of Alphas Series

# Read Title Published
1 Origins 2016

Order of Grey Wolf Series

# Read Title Published
1 Magic Stars 2015

Order of Hidden Legacy Series

# Read Title Published
1 Burn for Me 2014
2 White Hot 2017
3 Wildfire 2017

Order of Ilona Andrews Short Stories

# Read Title Published
1 Of Swine and Roses (Short Story) 2009

Order of Innkeeper Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published
1 Clean Sweep 2012
2 Sweep in Peace 2015
3 One Fell Sweep 2016

Order of Kate Daniels Series

# Read Title Published
1 Magic Bites 2007
2 Magic Burns 2008
3 Magic Strikes 2009
4 Magic Mourns (Short Story) 2009
5 Magic Bleeds 2010
6 Magic Slays 2011
7 Magic Gifts (Short Story) 2011
8 Magic Dreams (Short Story) 2012
9 Magic Rises 2013
10 Magic Breaks 2014
11 Magic Shifts 2015
12 Magic Binds 2016

Order of Kate Daniels Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published
1 Small Magics 2015

Order of Kate Daniels World Series

# Read Title Published
1 Gunmetal Magic 2012
2 Magic Steals 2016

Order of Kinsmen Series

# Read Title Published
1 Silver Shark 2011
2 Night Shift 2014

Order of The Edge Series

# Read Title Published
1 On the Edge 2009
2 Bayou Moon 2010
3 Fate's Edge 2011
4 Steel's Edge 2012


# Read Title Published
1 Must Love Hellhounds 2009
2 Hexed 2011
3 Angels of Darkness 2011
4 Night Shift 2014
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Ilona Andrews writing genre predominantly leans towards urban fantasy and romance as is evident in their series and books. Notable series that they have since co-authored include bestselling Curran POV, The Edge, Gray Wolf, Hidden Legacy, Innkeeper Chronicles, Kate Daniels, Kate Daniels World, Kozlov Universe and World of Kinsmen. Some of their single books include Alphas:Origins, Of Swine and Roses, Under Her Skin, Grace of Small Magic among others.

Ilona Andrews Awards

Ilona Andrews prolific and well-grounded writing has seen them fetch innumerable prestigious awards throughout their career. They are a 3-times winner of the All About Romance Reader Award, thanks to their bestselling novels Magic Slays(2011), Gunmetal Magic(2012) and Magic Rises respectively(2013), all which are parts of the thrilling Kate Daniels series. They are also a whopping 6-times winner of RT Reviewers Choice Award, clinching the noble award with their bestselling books Magic Burns(2008), On the Edge(2009), Magic Bleeds(2010), Gunmetal Magic(2012) Steels Edge(2012) and Magic Breaks(2014). Also worth noting is that they have been finalists of the Audies Award courtesy of the books Bayou Moon(2011), Burn for Me(2014) and once again Gunmetal Magic(2013). They have as well received other several honors for their outstanding work.

Ilona Andrews Best Books

Gunmetal Magic: In this award-winning urban and romantic fantasy book, the 8th novel in the Kate Daniels series, Andrea Nash isn’t clearly among those who have things figured out. Her existence seems to be in disarray after being expelled from the Order of the Knights. She realizes she has to try hard to compose herself. In doing so she opts to work for Cutting Edge, a miniature investigative firm owned by Kate Daniels, her best friend.Her first assignment comes when several shapeshifters working for Raphael Medrano – the leader of the Clan Bouda and her ex-lover – die mysteriously. She is tasked with investigating these deaths and concurrently has to work with Raphael. In her quest to find the killer which leads her into the secret underworld of supernatural Atlanta, she knows too well that saving the world would mean her feelings for Raphael taking the back seat.

Magic Rises: The 9th novel of New York’s Bestselling Kate Daniels series, this book features the magic-plagued city of Atlanta, and at all costs, Kate Daniels fights to solve the problems arising. Backed by Curran, the Beast Lord, mercenary Kate Daniels struggles to demystify the dreary crisis. Several of the Pack’s shapeshifting offspring don’t survive to adulthood as they are incapacitated to control their beasts. Amidst this crisis, the European shapeshifters selfishly guard the secret to formulating a possible cure, leaving Atlanta helpless.It is unbearable for Kate to keep watching the innocent suffer, but equally painful is the solution she and Curran find. In exchange for the cure, the scheming European shapeshifters demand of the Beast Lord to arbitrate a dispute. Having once been outmaneuvered by the same European shapeshifters, Curran is skeptical and holds suspicions of them being led into a trap. However, with their young ones’ lives at stake they have to take the offer.

Steel’s Edge: The Edge demarcates two worlds, the Broken, where people get to shop at Walmart and magic is but a fairy tale, and the Weird, where aristocratic Bluebirds rule, changelings roam, and your destiny is determined by the strength of you magic.

In Steel’s Edge, the 4th novel of the thrilling The Edge series, Charlotte de Ney, despite her rare magical healing abilities, nothing but pain characterises her life. On the crumbling of her marriage, she heads for the Edge to start a new home for herself, but after not so long her life is once again flipped upside down when Richard Mar is brought to her for treatment.Richard, a swordsman and the heir of his expansive and raucous Edger clan, is on a clandestine mission to banish out slavers perpetuating human trafficking in the Weird. His presence thus leads his perilous foes to Charlotte who vows to help him destroy them. To Richard’s oblivion, the slavers’ operation is far much organized and advanced, and not even Charlotte’s hand guarantees them survival.