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Ilona Andrews is a pen name used by a wife-husband writing team of Ilona Gordon and Andrew Gordon. Gordon is an ex-communications officer who served in the United States marine, while Ilona is a Russian born, American author.

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Order of Hidden Legacy Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Burn for Me ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2014 Description / Buy
2 White Hot ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2017 Description / Buy
3 Wildfire ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Diamond Fire (By: Ilona Andrews) 2018 Description / Buy
5 Sapphire Flames (By: Ilona Andrews) 2019 Description / Buy
6 Emerald Blaze ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2020 Description / Buy
7 Ruby Fever (By: Ilona Andrews) 2022 Description / Buy
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Unlike what many of their readers believe, Gordon never served as an intelligence officer and Ilona, on the other hand, has never at any one point serve as a Russian Spy. Ilona and Gordon met while in College, specifically in the Composition 101 classes, where Ilona used to get better grades compared to Gordon.

Currently, Ilona and Gordon reside in Oregon, together with their two children, a cat, and three dogs. The two authors have created two bestselling fantasy novels, The Edge and Kate Daniels.

Best Hidden Legacy Books

Burn for Me: After releasing the brilliantly written fantasy novel, Magic Breaks, the wife and husband writing team are back again with another exhilarating novel, titled Burn for Me. In Burn for Me, authors Ilona and Gordon prove once again, that they can do anything that they want, and it is going to be hilarious and gloriously entertaining.

Author Ilona and Gordon introduce the readers to one Nevada Taylor, a strong and young woman, who is struggling to keep her business and family afloat. Apart from performing her civil duties, Taylor also pays her taxes, uphold the law and ensures that she retains the estate her family earns. Nonetheless, as Burn for Me progresses, Nevada Taylor is given an extremely difficult task of retrieving a Prime. Failure to retrieve the powerful magical user, Taylor will have no other option other than forfeiting her family’s estate.

Despite the fact that Nevada knows that the mission is suicide, she has no other option. Readers will adore Nevada Taylor. Apart from being a strong heroine, Nevada is also extremely loyal to her family and has a great sense of ethics. Author’s Gordon and Ilona also introduce the readers to Nevada’s family, whom apart from falling in love with, the readers are also going to look forward to meeting them in the future installments.

Mad Rogan is also another noticeable character in this highly intriguing novel, Burn for Me. While Mad Rogan happens to be a powerful Prime, he has a similar mission to that of Nevada. However, despite having a similar mission, Mad Rogan’s reasons are quite different. As the narrative progresses, Mad Rogan decides to abduct Nevada, with the hopes of finding out what Nevada knows. Apart from being an imposing figure, Rogan is also plain dangerous and dangerously attractive. Moreover, he is also intense, insanely hot and quite commanding.

White Hot: This book picks up several months after Burn Me ended; Mad Rogan disappeared from Nevada’s life. Nevada is more than certain that Rogan has moved on and thus she does not bother to look for him. When Rogan and Nevada get mixed up in the same job once again, their paths cross. Just like in Burn Me, Nevada keeps pushing Rogan away mainly because he lacks morals and is not the fuzzy feelings type. Apart from the romance, White Hot is also full of humor and highly entertaining supporting characters.

Many at times the readers will find themselves wanting to jump up while cheering and other times cry. When Nevada discovers that she possesses the magical powers of telling the truth, she decides to force a serial child molester to confess the location where the last child he abducted was hidden. The local police and authorities believe that the last child might still be alive.

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However, unlike many Bed and Breakfast, Dina attends to a special type of guests, the kind of guest that the world should not know about. Some of the guests include a former tyrant with an impressive bounty, Lord Marshall of the powerful vampire clan and a good looking werewolf. Nonetheless, what Dina does not know is that her somewhat normal life is about to be thrown into confusion.

What Is The Next Book in The Hidden Legacy Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hidden Legacy Series. The newest book is Ruby Fever and was released on August, 23rd 2022.


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