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The Innkeeper Chronicles is a series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels written by Ilona Andrews. The books follow the exploits of a young woman called Dina Demille who struggles to contend with the trials of her job as an innkeeper.

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Order of Innkeeper Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Clean Sweep ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2012 Description / Buy
2 Sweep in Peace ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2015 Description / Buy
3 One Fell Sweep ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2016 Description / Buy
4 Sweep of the Blade ( By: Ilona Andrews) 2019 Description / Buy
5 Sweep with Me (Short Story) (By: Ilona Andrews) 2020 Description / Buy
6 Sweep of the Heart (By: Ilona Andrews) 2022 Description / Buy
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In the world that Dina inhabits, aliens are real. Not only aliens from outer space but beings from other dimensions. These entities tend to frequent earth because it is what some might call a Way-Station.

Unfortunately, the earth is still a fairly primitive world. Despite all the technological advancements they have stumbled upon over the centuries, the humans have no idea that aliens exist.

As such, when these beings visit earth, they are expected to remain incognito even as they carry out their purposes. In order to maintain their secrecy, these foreign guests must stay at special inns.

The people who run these inns are called innkeepers. They have special abilities that allow them to not only keep their guests safe and accommodate their every need but to also ensure that human beings never learn about the existence of aliens.

The Innkeeper Chronicles series is told from the perspective of Dina Demille. First introduced in Clean Sweep, Dina looks like any other girl. She operates a seemingly ordinary Bed and Breakfast in Texas with a Victorian theme.

What her neighbors don’t know is that Gertrude Hunt, the Inn, is actually a living sentient being. They also don’t know that, rather than a physical structure on Earth, Gertrude Hunt exists in multiple dimensions of spaces at the same time.

Dina receives guests by using her broom to open portals to other worlds and dimensions. Once her guests enter the confines of her Inn, Dina is expected to protect them at all costs.

She is charged with playing the neutral party in all scenarios. That means giving shelter and protection to the best and the worst the universe has to offer.

The heroine’s days are spent keeping the peace between her guests and making certain that the alien and inter-dimensional activity within the inn doesn’t spill into the real world.

On a personal note, Dina Demille finds herself in a love triangle with a werewolf and a vampire.

It is worth noting that these books began as blog posts on the author’s website. Over time, because of their popularity, IIona Andrews compiled the posts into novels, with the first book being published in 2013.

The books were generally positively received, praised for their magic, rich setting, and humor.

Best Innkeeper Chronicles Books

The Innkeeper Chronicles are typically commended because they do not take themselves too seriously; Ilona Andrews knows that her fictional world is a dangerous yet silly place and she leans into those traits, with some of the best books in the series including:

Sweep in Peace: Dina Demille is an Innkeeper. Her neighbors believe that she merely runs an ordinary bed and breakfast. But in truth, Dina’s Inn is an inter-dimensional creature that plays host to aliens.

Dina’s job is to look after her guests which include a galactic tyrant that is hiding from bounty hunters. Dina knows she should screen her guests more carefully. But she’s desperate. The Inn isn’t doing quite as well as she would like.

The heroine’s life is further complicated when she is asked to host a summit among a trio of species hellbent on destroying one another. Dina needs to keep her guests safe from one another, even if it means putting her own life in harm’s way.

One Fell Sweep: Dina Demille runs a sentient Inn that plays host to inter-dimensional beings. Her guests are quite varied and include a woman who once ruled a galaxy as a tyrant but has now chosen to hide from bounty hunters in Dina’s inn.

As an innkeeper, it is Dina’s job to protect her guests from one another, and the world from her guests. This novel finds her struggling to execute her duties even as she digs into the disappearance of her parents.

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What Is The Next Book in The Innkeeper Chronicles Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Innkeeper Chronicles Series. The newest book is Sweep of the Heart and was released on December, 13th 2022.

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