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Jeff Abbott is a world renowned suspense novelist born in 1963 in the United States. He began his writing career in 1994. At the onset of his career, Abbott mainly authored novels featuring traditional detective fiction. However, in the recent past, he has been writing thriller fiction novels. He is a graduate of English and history from Rice University.

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Order of Jordan Poteet Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Do Unto Others 1994 Description / Buy
2 The Only Good Yankee 1995 Description / Buy
3 Promises of Home 1996 Description / Buy
4 Distant Blood 1996 Description / Buy

Order of Whit Mosley Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Kiss Gone Bad 2001 Description / Buy
2 Black Jack Point 2002 Description / Buy
3 Cut and Run 2003 Description / Buy

Order of Sam Capra Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Adrenaline 2010 Description / Buy
2 The Last Minute 2011 Description / Buy
3 Sam Capra's Last Chance 2012 Description / Buy
4 Downfall 2013 Description / Buy
5 Inside Man 2014 Description / Buy
6 The First Order 2016 Description / Buy
7 Traitor's Dance 2022 Description / Buy

Order of Jeff Abbott Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Panic 2005 Description / Buy
2 Fear 2006 Description / Buy
3 Collision 2008 Description / Buy
4 Trust Me 2009 Description / Buy
5 Blame 2017 Description / Buy
6 The Three Beths 2018 Description / Buy
7 Never Ask Me 2020 Description / Buy
8 An Ambush of Widows 2021 Description / Buy

Jeff Abbott Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Magnolias and Mayhem 2000 Description / Buy
2 ...And the Dying is Easy 2001 Description / Buy
3 The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 5 2004 Description / Buy
4 Greatest Hits 2005 Description / Buy
5 Death Do Us Part 2006 Description / Buy
6 Death's Excellent Vacation 2010 Description / Buy
7 No Rest for the Dead 2011 Description / Buy
8 Robot Uprisings 2014 Description / Buy
9 Dead Ends 2017 Description / Buy
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Jeff Abbott is known for his novels such as the Jordan Poteet Mysteries series, the Whit Mosley series, and the Sam Capra series. In addition, he has written stand-alone novels including the Panic, Trust Me, Collision, and Fear. Abbott’s novels center on the idea that ordinary people get caught up in extraordinary circumstances but keep fighting so as to come back to the usual life.

Jeff Abbott Awards

This great author of suspense and mystery novels has won numerous awards throughout his writing career. Jeff Abbott’s first novel, Do Unto Others, won both the Macavity Award and the Agatha Award, and was nominated for the Dilys Award. His third book, The Only Good Yankee, was nominated for the Writers’ League of Texas Violet Crown Award. He has also been nominated twice for the famous Anthony Award and thrice for the renowned Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award. He also won the Thriller Award for his novel, The last Minute, and was nominated for the same award for his novel, Panic.

Jeff Abbott Books Turned into TV/Movies

A number of companies, including The Weinstein Company, Twentieth Century Fox, and Wilkins Independent have adopted Jeff Abbott’s novels the Panic, Collision, and Adrenaline respectively for film. They are all still in script development. In the near future, you should expect to watch these great novels acted on big screen. It is expected to bring out the true picture expressed in the respective novels.

Best Jeff Abbott Books

Just like any other writer, Jeff has had his ups and downs. Among his best novels and books are Do Unto Others, Panic and Adrenaline.

Do Unto Others: Do Unto Others is his very first book done in 1994. Abbott used it to set up the Jordan Poteet Mysteries series and establish his name as an author. With it, he got the Macavity and Agatha Awards. Jordan Poteet, the main character, is frustrated living in the bog city and wants to avoid the commotion and noise in this place and get a much quieter life. As a librarian, he hopes to settle in a small idyllic town of Mirabeau. His encounter with Miss Beta Harcher isn’t good. To make things worse, he is found murdered. Poteet, as the main suspect tries to clear his name and gain the trust of the people.

Panic: Panic is a standalone novel and one of the author’s latest writing featuring thriller fiction. It was published in 2005 and has once been nominated for the Thriller Award. The novel is about Evan Casher, the main character, a very successful filmmaker. As his career rises, he has all he wants. Unfortunately, his mother calls him back home and upon arrival he encounters her dead body and a hit man just waiting there for him. Things change and take a different direction at this point when he realizes that his girlfriend, parents and entire life are a lie. It is now upon him to learn the entire truth before it is too late. The questions here are, will this happen? What are these secrets kept from him, by her loved ones, for years? And will he take the truth as it is or will he panic?

Adrenaline: Adrenaline is sometimes known as Abbott’s best book. It was published in 2010 and features Sam Capra, who still lives in life of his dreams. As a brilliant CIA agent in London, he lives in a wonderful home and is so deeply in love with his seven-month pregnant wife, Lucy. In just one horrifying moment, they lose all they had hoped for. Lucy calls Sam and requests him to leave the office building. Shortly after he leaves, the building explodes and kills everyone within. He wakes up in a prison cell and is branded a traitor and murderer by the CIA. He escapes from the agency and launches a search for his child and wife. Unfortunately, his destruction was the first step in an extraordinary plot. He now has to strive to be a new kind of hero.

The Three Beths: Mariah Dunning has always believed in one thing, a motto that gets her through her life, and the guiding force that keeps her on the straight and narrow. That belief is that “my mother will always be there for me” and she needs it now more than ever when her mom has been missing for a year now. When Mariah sees her mother across a crowded food court, she knows that her faith and belief was worth it all this time. Or she might be losing her mind and be seeing things.

The disappearance of Beth Dunning a year ago inspired the police to investigate and they began looking at her husband as a possible murder suspect despite no body, no evidence and no signs of foul play. Mariah would give anything to clear her father’s name of the charge (and find her mother), and she seemingly gets the chance when she finds out that three other women have gone missing from their town and they’re all named Beth. Is this an unlikely coincidence or a sinister connection? Her search for the truth takes her close to home and what she finds may be more devastating than she could possibly imagine.

This book proves why Abbott is one of the best thriller writers working today as you will find it hard to tear yourself away from the pages. Psychological suspense, shocking plot twists, and complex characters are some of Abbott’s trademark moves and they are in full display here.

When Does The Next Jeff Abbott book come out?

Jeff Abbott doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Traitor's Dance and was released on August, 23rd 2022. It is the newest book in the Sam Capra Series.

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  1. Read Traitors Dance, first Jeff Abbot book I have read & found it absolutely superb. Just wish I had discovered Jeff Abbott earlier so I could have read all the other Sam Capra books. Just finished another of his books called “Never Ask Me” which was also terrific. I have been reading constantly all my life & can’t believe I have just discovered this great author!!! Just about to start “Panic” & looking forward to reading it. After reading “Traitors Dance” I am desperate to find out if he has written a follow up to this great book!

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