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The name Whit Mosley refers to a series of detective thriller novels written by Jeff Abbott. The books follow the exploits of a judge that solves crimes in Texas.

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Order of Whit Mosley Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Kiss Gone Bad ( By: Jeff Abbott) 2001 Description / Buy
2 Black Jack Point ( By: Jeff Abbott) 2002 Description / Buy
3 Cut and Run ( By: Jeff Abbott) 2003 Description / Buy
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Whit Mosley isn’t your average man. A resident of Port Leo, Whit acts and dresses like a beach bum; so it always comes as a surprise when people stumble upon him in a courtroom, adorned in a Judge’s robes and sitting behind the Judge’s desk.

The law was the path Whit’s father chose for him, and Whit decided to walk that path to atone for the sins of his past. Whit is a decent enough judge. He is somewhat indecisive but his heart is always in the right place.

And more than anything, Whit just wants to do right by the people that walk into his courtroom. It is for that reason that the hero spends so much time reading legal documents and books. Whit believes that the more he knows, the better the decisions he will make.

The events of A Kiss Gone Bad immediately make it clear that Whit isn’t your average judge. The first novel in the Whit Mosley series, A Kiss Gone Bad introduces readers to Port Leo at a time when the town is being ravaged by a series of murders.

Things take a turn for the worst when the son of a senator joins the list of murder victims. Rather than sitting back in his chambers waiting for the police to present a murder suspect and a case, Whit jumps right into the thick of things.

He joins forces with a local police detective called Claudia Salazar and a fishing guide by the names of Gooch. The trio steps up to the plate to catch the criminal terrorizing their town and quickly finds that a nefarious conspiracy involving drug trafficking and pornography might be at play.

This opens the doorway for further investigations into even more dangerous crimes by Whit and his crew down the line. The Whit Mosley series initially manifests the signs of a cozy mystery, especially when one takes into account the idea of a judge investigating his town’s murders and the cast of quirky characters that surround him.

However, as one proceeds to read anyone novel in the Mosley series, it quickly becomes clear that these books are much darker than the average cozy mystery. In fact, the books inject so much detail into the exploration of off-putting crimes like rape and murder that many cozy mystery fans have admitted to giving up on the series as a whole.

Whit Mosley Awards

The first Mosley novel was nominated for an Anthony Award. The second one earned Anthony Award and Edgar Allan Poe Award nominations. The third one also earned an Edgar Allan Poe Award nomination.

Best Whit Mosley Books

The Mosley books tend to attract divisive opinions because of their excessive violence and rapid string of twists and turns, with some of the best titles in the series including:

A Kiss Gone Bad: The town of Port Leo in Texas is in the thrall of a killer. As the bodies begin to mount, Whit Mosley, the local Judge, is called to the scene of a senator’s son’s murder.

Some people think it was suicide but Whit isn’t so sure. Someone is playing a dangerous game with the people in Whit’s town and he will do everything in his power to find and stop them.

Cut and Run: Whit Mosley’s mother abandoned her family, found a lover and fled with a hefty sum. But then she learned that the money had ties to the mob and immediately gave it back to them.

The Mafia was pretty impressed and wasted no time in bringing her onboard, and Ellen thrived in their family.

When Whit learns that his father is at death’s door, he attempts to fulfill the old man’s one wish by bringing Ellen back to face the sins of her past.

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What Is The Next Book in The Whit Mosley Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Whit Mosley Series. The newest book is Cut and Run and was released on January, 1st 2003.


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