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A.J. Rivers is an author that writes mysteries and thrillers. A.J. spent her childhood in a sleepy town. She had little in the way of activities to keep her occupied. Fortunately, she had books. The author had an insatiable thirst for mystery and crime fiction.

Order of Emma Griffin FBI Mysteries Series

1The Girl in Cabin 13 2019Description / Buy
2The Girl That Vanished 2020Description / Buy
3The Girl in the Manor 2020Description / Buy
4The Girl Next Door 2020Description / Buy
5The Girl and the Deadly Express 2020Description / Buy
6The Girl and the Hunt 2020Description / Buy
7The Girl and the Deadly End 2020Description / Buy
8Dangerous Waters 2020Description / Buy
9The Girl and the Secret Society 2020Description / Buy
10The Girl and the Field of Bones 2020Description / Buy
11The Girl and the Black Christmas 2020Description / Buy
12The Girl and the Cursed Lake 2021Description / Buy
13The Girl and the Unlucky 13 2021Description / Buy
14The Girl and the Dragon's Island 2021Description / Buy
15The Girl in the Woods 2021Description / Buy

Order of A.J. Rivers Standalone Novels

1Gone Woman 2020Description / Buy
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She read every novel and watched every movie in the genre that she could find. Eventually, reading wasn’t enough, and neither was watching. A.J. started creating her own stories. She crafted clever adventures that provided the escape she needed.

Back then, A.J. was convinced that she would grow up to follow in the footsteps of her favorite detectives. She was determined to become a crime fighter. It wasn’t until she got to college that A.J. veered from this path. She realized that she did not have the stomach to solve mysteries and to fight crime in the real world.

So she decided to do the next best thing. A.J. decided to write fiction for a living, using the publishing arena to explore her love for mysteries and thrillers. She was inspired to write her first novel after stumbling upon the story of a woman that had gone missing from a small town.

Once she read the news article, A.J. couldn’t get the case out of her mind. She pulled out her journal and started jotting her theories down with regards to who had taken the woman, what had happened to her, and why.

As she wrote, a new story began to take shape. Even though the woman was never found, A.J. realized that she could use her stories to give the victim the justice she sorely needed. The author’s life doesn’t revolve around her writing efforts. She has a husky that keeps her company. She takes the dog on hikes.

Best A.J. Rivers Books

When she was growing up, Sherlock Holmes was the author’s favorite fictional character. While she couldn’t become Sherlock Holmes, A.J. wrote several novels featuring daring crime solvers. Her best titles include:

The Girl In Cabin 13: The town of Feather Nest was consumed by fear. A string of disappearances had terrified the local population. The FBI had sent Emma Griffin to resolve the matter. Emma stood out because she had a relentless determination to find the truth.

Her past was littered with mysteries. Her mother was dead. Her father and boyfriend had disappeared. She had tried and failed to solve all three cases. But she hadn’t given up. That drive to find the truth had pushed her into the arms of the FBI.

And now, the people of Feather Nest were looking to her for answers. Emma’s first major clue was the dead body. Someone knocked on her door. When she responded, the agent found the dead man on her porch with her name on his hand.

But what did it mean? How was it connected to her past? What secrets was the sleepy little town hiding? Why did Cabin 13 make her so uneasy?

The Girl That Vanished: Someone was watching Emma Griffin. She did not know this for certain. But she couldn’t ignore her gut feeling. Something wasn’t right. Feather Nest had taken a lot out of the FBI agent. The revelation she had made was more than she could take.

She was determined to spend her vacation unwinding. But Sheriff Sam Johnson made that impossible when he called her out of the blue. The two hadn’t spoken in a long time. Johnson had an urgent matter.

Two children had gone missing and Emma knew one of them. Despite her trepidation, Emma made the decision to return to her hometown even though doing so meant facing the past. It did not take her long to regret the decision.

It began on her birthday. Someone left a mysterious package for her to find. It was enough to confirm her suspicions. Someone was watching her. Someone was getting too close. But for what purpose? What did they want from the FBI agent?

How were they connected to the ghosts of her past? What about the missing children? Who had taken them and for what purpose? What hope did she have of unearthing the truth the close-knit town was hiding? What would happen if she finally got the answers she had spent so many years seeking?

When Does The Next A.J. Rivers book come out?

A.J. Rivers doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Girl in the Woods and was released on September, 29th 2021. It is the newest book in the Emma Griffin FBI Mysteries Series.


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