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A. J. Steiger is an American author that writes science fiction. She studied fiction writing at Columbia College (Chicago). Her life has always revolved around the Chicago suburbs. She doesn’t do that much traveling. A freelance writer and transcriptionist, Steiger calls herself a homebody that isn’t too keen on venturing beyond the places she knows.

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Order of Mindwalker Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Mindwalker 2015 Description / Buy
2 Mindstormer 2017 Description / Buy

Order of A.J. Steiger Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 When My Heart Joins the Thousand 2018 Description / Buy
2 Cathedral of Bones 2021 Description / Buy
3 Eye of a Little God 2024 Description / Buy
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Steiger has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. She believes that if she wasn’t a writer, she would have pursued some sort of artistic endeavor. She has a creative spirit that needs an outlet; though, she admits that writing isn’t the most financially stable career, which is why she needs a day job.

Steiger read a lot as a child. She remembers discovering and falling in love with Stephen King, though his later works did not speak to her quite as powerfully as his earlier novels. Steiger enjoyed the darkness in King’s work, not to mention the elements of humanity and hope.

Her teachers at Columbia did a lot to encourage A. J. Steiger’s writing endeavors. However, she started pursuing the activity before she met them. After spending so many years in her head from where she would create characters, scenarios, and stories, Steiger was 12 when she finally decided that she wanted to write for a living.

She was no longer interested in pursuing it as a hobby. This compelled the author to write her first fantasy novel in her teenage years. The volume was far from impressive and Steiger admits that it was littered with cliches. But the fact that she had successfully written a full-length book gave the author the drive she needed to keep persevering.

The author was determined to see the covers of her books on the shelves on bookstores in the near future. So she kept writing until she published ‘Mindwalker’, her first novel in 2015. The novel is set in a dystopian future in which human beings can eliminate painful memories.

Steiger wrote the novel in the hopes that it would teach her readers the importance of discovering and facing individual and societal truths. While the story it told was fictional, she used it to explore contemporary issues like domestic terrorism and surveillance.

None of the events were influenced by her personal experiences. Though, Steiger used some of her traits when she created some of her characters. She imputes some of her success to the support she got from her friends, agent, and partner.

The writing process wasn’t always pleasant. Steiger learned over time that she had to keep pushing in the absence of inspiration. She had to keep writing even when it felt like her story wasn’t coming together.

But her skills have grown with each novel she publishes. She still struggles with the endings. She doesn’t always know how her stories will close. But Steiger has discovered the importance of persistence. She relies on the revision process to iron out the weaknesses in her stories.

Steiger encourages aspiring authors to find beta readers, specifically people that understand their genre. Only through the feedback of a beta reader can a writer grow. She also encourages them to master the art of writing query letters.

Best A. J. Steiger Books

Steiger is an anime enthusiast that is proud of her classification as a nerd; when she isn’t writing, she visits museums and zoos. She also draws; some of the best novels in her bibliography include:

When My Heart Joins the Thousand: Alvie Fritz never felt like she belonged, probably because of all the meds she swallowed and the bad advice the doctors gave her. Alvie’s only hope was the advent of her 18th birthday. Depending on how things played out, she would either become emancipated or return to the group home.

Alvie had no interest in growing closer to Stanley. She did not care for humans which is why her only friend was a one-winged hawk. But Stanley was stranger than she was, more fragile, and Alvie had to decide whether she could escape her past long enough to care for him.

Mindwalker: Lain was alone. Her father had died unexpectedly. But she was a prodigy, capable of erasing traumatic memories with frightening accuracy. Lain had no idea what to expect from Steven. Everyone warned her to stay away from the boy. Apparently, his scars were too deep. Lain did not listen. She tried to erase his childhood experiences and discovered a secret.

When Does The Next A.J. Steiger book come out?

A.J. Steiger doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Eye of a Little God and was released on January, 2nd 2024.


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