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A. J. Stewart is an American author that writes mystery suspense. He has done quite a bit of traveling, having lived in places like Japan, the UK, South Africa, and Norway, to mention but a few. A husband and father, Stewart loves Los Angeles. Some people have classified him as a tropical writer.

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Order of Baskin Island Mysteries Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Clearer Waters 2022 Description / Buy

Order of Lenny and Lucas Action Adventure Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Tropical Snow 2024 Description / Buy
2 Emerald Dawn 2024 Description / Buy
3 Lion's Shadow 2024 Description / Buy
4 Red Sunset 2025 Description / Buy

Order of Miami Jones Florida Mysteries Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Three Strikes 2012 Description / Buy
2 Stiff Arm Steal 2012 Description / Buy
3 Offside Trap 2013 Description / Buy
4 High Lie 2014 Description / Buy
5 Dead Fast 2015 Description / Buy
6 Crash Tack 2015 Description / Buy
7 Deep Rough 2016 Description / Buy
8 King Tide 2017 Description / Buy
9 No Right Turn 2017 Description / Buy
10 Cruise Control 2018 Description / Buy
11 Red Shirt 2018 Description / Buy
12 Half Court Press 2019 Description / Buy
13 Past The Post 2020 Description / Buy
14 The Ninth Inning 2020 Description / Buy
15 Big Thaw 2021 Description / Buy
16 Devil's Backbone 2022 Description / Buy
17 Below The Belt 2022 Description / Buy
18 Making The Drop 2023 Description / Buy

Order of John Flynn Thrillers Series

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1 The Final Tour 2017 Description / Buy
2 Burned Bridges 2018 Description / Buy
3 One for One 2018 Description / Buy
4 The Rotten State 2020 Description / Buy
5 Lost Luggage 2021 Description / Buy

Order of Lenny and Lucas Adventure Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Temple of Gold 2019 Description / Buy

Order of Danielle Castle Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Little Packages (Short Story) 2019 Description / Buy

Order of A.J. Stewart Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Hard Road 2013 Description / Buy

Order of Tropical Adventure Series with Nick Sullivan, David F. Berens, Wayne Stinnett, Deborah Brown, Steven Becker, Chris Niles, Don Rich, Nicholas Harvey, John H. Cunningham, Douglas Pratt

# Read Title Published Details
1 Graceless ( By: Nick Sullivan, Wayne Stinnett, Nicholas Harvey, John H. Cunningham) 2022 Description / Buy
2 Timeless ( By: Nick Sullivan, Wayne Stinnett, Nicholas Harvey, John H. Cunningham) 2022 Description / Buy
3 Shameless ( By: David F. Berens, Steven Becker, Chris Niles, Douglas Pratt) 2023 Description / Buy
4 Priceless ( By: Deborah Brown, Don Rich, Nicholas Harvey) 2023 Description / Buy
5 Faceless ( With: Nick Sullivan, Chris Niles, Nicholas Harvey, Douglas Pratt) 2023 Description / Buy
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Best A. J. Stewart Books

Stewart has a reputation for writing engaging stories that balance intrigue and humor, with some of the best novels in his bibliography including:

Stiff Arm Steal: The Heisman Trophy was named after John Heisman. Created in 1935, it was meant to honor the best player in American College football. It is probably the most valuable item a college athlete could own. BJ Baker was proud of his Heisman trophy. As such, the former NFL hero, and media personality was less than amused when someone stole it from him.

He was left with little choice but to ask Miami Jones for help. Jones wasn’t afraid of challenges. However, Baker hated him with a passion; Jones wasn’t fond of Baker either. And yet, once Baker came calling, having concluded that he was the only man that could find his trophy, Jones acquiesced.

Unfortunately, the objective he had promised to fulfill wasn’t quite as easy as he had imagined. Florida was full of retired footballers anyone of whom might have had a good reason to take Baker’s trophy. Jones also had a jealous ex-husband and a feisty ex-con to consider, not to mention the police detective that had nothing but ill intent towards him.

Jones wasn’t sure whether any of his suspects was willing to kill to claim a football trophy. But Jones had no intention of giving up, regardless of the obstacles that had arisen to stop him.

Stiff Arm Steal is heavily steeped in sports. The mystery at its center is concerned with football. As such, a lot of time is spent delving into football-related settings and characters. The novel definitely appeals to lovers of sports.

That being said, A. J. Stewart makes every effort possible to keep the layperson engaged. This is a hard-boiled detective story first and a sports mystery second which is why it can appeal to so many types of readers.

Miami Jones, the hero of the story, has a background in baseball. He was a minor league baseball player in a past life and he uses some of the lessons he learned as an athlete to tackle the challenges he comes across.

The book is written in the first person. Stewart uses a lot of short sentences, similes, and metaphors. This allows his writing to flow, making the novel a quick read. Jones is a laid back hero and this makes his point of view fun and quirky.

Deep Rough: Miami Jones thought he had a fairly simple case on his hands. A South Florida Golf Club had no idea what to make of a series of suspicious events. They had a tournament to host and they needed answers before these events disrupted their preparations. Miami Jones was supposed to provide some much-needed answers to their problems.

But then Jones clashed with a caddy and everything went wrong. The caddy was reported missing and all eyes, naturally, turned to Jones. He had become a critical element of the investigation and he had to solve it before his troubles took a turn for the worst.

Unfortunately, the investigation required Jones to insert himself into a wrangle between billionaire property developers who would not hesitate to make death threats to get their way. There was also the state investigator who wanted Jones to believe that the interest he had shown his girlfriend was strictly professional. Except that Jones wasn’t convinced.

Readers have commended this novel for its humor, momentum, and strong writing. Even though this is the sixth novel in the Miami Jones series, one can understand it without reading the novels that came before.

A. J. Stewart provides a lot of interesting tidbits about golf courses that people who are new to that world will find interesting. The author creates a strong balance between the sports elements and the mystery. This allows the novel to appeal to fans of golf as well as every other reader that doesn’t follow sports.

When Does The Next A.J. Stewart book come out?

The next book by A.J. Stewart is Red Sunset and will be released on January, 1st 2025. It is the newest book in the Lenny and Lucas Action Adventure Series.


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