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A.L. Jackson is a bestselling author that writes sexy, emotional contemporary romance novels. Jackson doesn’t remember a particular moment in which she decided to pursue writing and publishing. As far as she can tell, she was always writing.

Order of Bleeding Stars Series

1A Stone in the Sea 2015Description / Buy
2Drowning to Breathe 2015Description / Buy
3Where Lightning Strikes 2016Description / Buy
4Wait 2016Description / Buy
5Stay 2017Description / Buy
6Stand 2017Description / Buy

Order of Closer to You Series

1Come to Me Quietly 2014Description / Buy
2Come to Me Softly 2014Description / Buy
3Come to Me Recklessly 2015Description / Buy

Order of Confessions of the Heart Series

1More of You 2018Description / Buy
2All of Me 2018Description / Buy
3Pieces of Us 2019Description / Buy

Order of Falling Stars Series

1Catch Me When I Fall 2020Description / Buy
2Kiss the Stars 2020Description / Buy
3Falling into You 2020Description / Buy
4Beneath the Stars 2021Description / Buy

Order of Fight for Me Series

1Hunt Me Down (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
2Show Me the Way 2017Description / Buy
3Follow Me Back 2018Description / Buy
4Lead Me Home 2018Description / Buy
5Fight for Me 2019Description / Buy

Order of Hollywood Chronicles Series

1One Wild Night (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
2One Wild Ride 2018Description / Buy

Order of Regret Series

1Take This Regret 2011Description / Buy
2Lost to You 2013Description / Buy
3If Forever Comes 2013Description / Buy

Order of A.L. Jackson Standalone Novels

1Pulled 2011Description / Buy
2When We Collide 2012Description / Buy
3Hold on to Hope 2019Description / Buy
4Give Me a Reason 2021Description / Buy

Order of A.L. Jackson Short Stories/Novellas

1Something About a Hot Guy (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

A.L. Jackson Anthologies

1 Glamour2017Description / Buy
2 One More Step2020Description / Buy
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Though, it wasn’t until she got to college that she started making more of a serious effort to write. At the time, she had a journal that she would fill with her thoughts in between classes. She wrote about her life, the challenges she encountered, the interesting twists that her love life would take, the people she met.

She also wrote poems. Fiction wasn’t in the picture, at least not yet. Eventually, finding the time to write became a challenge. She left school and got married. Not long after, her children entered the picture.

With a full-time job in tow, Jackson had too much on her plate to write. As such, she abandoned the practice. But she never forgot about it. In fact, she missed writing. She couldn’t fit the activity into her schedule but she wasn’t happy that she had sacrificed it.

It took five years for Jackson to rediscover her passion for the written word. She had a story she couldn’t eject from her mind. She shared it with her friends. They liked it. More importantly, they encouraged her to explore it, which she did, turning the story into her first novel.

Fans of ‘Pulled’, the novel in question, might be surprised to learn that A.L. Jackson figured out the ending before she had planned out the rest of the novel. The ending was the first thing that came to her.

She could clearly see the final chapters of the novel. She also had a vague idea of the circumstances that led to that happy ending. She spent the next few weeks brainstorming the backstories of the characters. Once she knew the events that had paved the way for the happy ending, Jackson sat down to write the novel.

The other novels in her bibliography did not necessarily follow the same development path. However, the author tends to plan meticulously before she writes. The characters are the first component she sees.

She doesn’t know where they come from or what inspires them. They just materialize in her mind. Once she has a cast she likes, Jackson will outline the story chapter by chapter. Like most of her peers, she leaves plenty of room for things to change.

She knows that, as her understanding of her characters grows, she may change her mind about the way they respond to certain events. But for the most part, Jackson needs to know the beginning, middle, and end of her stories before she writes them.

Her biggest challenge is the speed at which she writes. Jackson knows that she is slower than the average writer. Sometimes, it takes her an entire day to write a thousand words. But her slow pace doesn’t frustrate her as much these days. Because she dedicates so much time to each section, the author doesn’t have to do as much editing at the end.

Best A.L Jackson Books

In the beginning, Jackson used a small Australian publishing house to publish her books. But she realized that she preferred the freedom that self-publishing offered. After a while, she secured book deals with various major British and American publishing houses. Jackson’s best books include:

Come To Me Quietly: Jared Holt couldn’t live with himself. To escape the biggest mistake of his life, he had convinced himself that he did not deserve love. When his childhood best friend invited him to share an apartment with his sister, Jared did not expect Aleena to steal his heart. She wasn’t the little girl he remembered. But Jared’s past wouldn’t let him accept her love. He couldn’t risk destroying her.

Take This Regret: Christian knew what he wanted. He was determined to take his place beside his father in the old man’s law firm. He was willing to sacrifice anything to achieve the dream, even if it meant cutting Elizabeth and their unborn child out of his life.

Five years later, Christian regrets his decision. He wants a second chance. But Elizabeth has spent the last five years doing everything in her power to keep her child safe and comfortable. After everything she has sacrificed, can she afford to forgive the one man that caused her so much heartache?

When Does The Next A.L. Jackson book come out?

A.L. Jackson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Give Me a Reason and was released on August, 30th 2021.


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