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Abby Jimenez is an American author that is as famous for her cakes as she is for her romance novels. Abby and her husband, Carlos, met under unusual circumstances. Abby was trying to board a plane when Alex, a friend that knew both of them, gave Abby Carlos’ bag.

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He told her that Carlos had gone to buy some food. Alex couldn’t wait for Carlos to return because his flight group was boarding. He expected Carlos to return before it was time for Abby’s group to board.

But Alex was wrong. Carlos took too long. Once it was time for her group to board, Abby gave Carlos’ bag to an airport employee. She told the woman that she had no idea who the bag belonged to. Once security collected the bag, Abby boarded the plane.

20 minutes later, Carlos joined her. He had his bag but he looked disheveled because airport security had just strip-searched him. He wasn’t happy. He told Abby his story and they ended up sitting together.

At the time, Abby had no idea that Carlos would become an integral part of her life. She waited until they were married to tell him that she was responsible for his ordeal at the airport. The two were already together when Abby lost her job in 2007.

Her third child was already on the way. With her retail job gone, she joined a local cake-decorating class. The author started putting her lessons into practice by making cakes in her home and selling them.

She was doing so well that another baker in the neighborhood tried to shut her down. With her husband’s help, Abby responded by opening a legitimate bakery. The couple spent $125,000 on the business. They charged it all to their credit cards.

It was a risky undertaking but it paid off handsomely. Today, Abby is a famous baker. Her bakery has shops in various locations. She was famous before she became a published author. Though, some of her readers discovered her novels first before they realized that she was a renowned baker.

Abby never dreamed of becoming a published author. In the beginning, writing was just a hobby. She started reading romance novels at a young age. But because she had no formal training in the area of creative writing, it never occurred to her to turn her love for romance into a writing and publishing career.

Her family pushed her to give it a go. She was tempted to explore an idea she had for a YA romance, and after quite a bit of prodding from the people closest to her, she decided to surrender to that temptation.

She wrote the YA romance novel. Unfortunately, it was terrible. The first agent she sent it to told her as much. But she also encouraged Abby to get help from a critique site. Abby listened. She joined Critique Circle.

She learned a lot from the people that reviewed her chapters. Abby appreciated the patience her husband displayed during this period. She was spending so much time reading, writing, editing, and re-writing. She did this while running Nadia Cakes, the couple’s bakery. But Carlos did not complain. Her hard work bore fruit when Forever Romance (Hatchet Book Group) gave her a three-book deal.

Best Abby Jimenez Books

The author hates the way people dismiss romance novels. The genre matters to her because it explores the struggles that real people face. Abby’s best books include:

The Happy Ever After Playlist: Sloan lost her fiancé two years ago. She never recovered. Tucker changed everything. The dog brought a spark to Sloan’s life and she wasn’t happy when Tucker’s owner reached out to her. He wanted his dog back. When Sloan first started texting with the touring musician, she did not expect Jason to steal her heart.

The Friend Zone: Kristen couldn’t get enough of Josh. She wasn’t the easiest woman to be around. And yet, Josh seemed to get her. Her sarcastic wit did not offend him. Kristen couldn’t ask for a better mate. But she couldn’t give herself to him. From what she had gleaned in the little time she had known him, Josh wanted a big family.

But Kristen was about to undergo a medical procedure that would make her infertile. She knew that she was better off keeping him at arm’s length. But the more time they spent together, the more difficult it became to ignore her desires.

When Does The Next Abby Jimenez book come out?

Abby Jimenez doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Just for the Summer and was released on April, 2nd 2024. It is the newest book in the Part of Your World Series.

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