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Abbi Glines is a bestselling author (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today) that writes romance novels. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she spent her childhood in Sumiton, a small town.

Order of Existence Series

1Existence 2011Description / Buy
2Predestined 2012Description / Buy
3Leif (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
4Ceaseless 2012Description / Buy

Order of Sea Breeze Series

1Breathe 2011Description / Buy
2Because of Low 2012Description / Buy
3While It Lasts 2012Description / Buy
4Just for Now 2012Description / Buy
5Sometimes It Lasts 2013Description / Buy
6Misbehaving 2013Description / Buy
7Bad for You 2014Description / Buy
8Hold On Tight 2014Description / Buy
9Until the End 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Vincent Boys Series

1The Vincent Boys 2011Description / Buy
2The Vincent Brothers 2012Description / Buy

Order of Rosemary Beach Series

1Fallen Too Far 2012Description / Buy
2Simple Perfection 2013Description / Buy
3Never Too Far 2013Description / Buy
4Twisted Perfection 2013Description / Buy
5Forever Too Far 2013Description / Buy
6Rush Too Far 2014Description / Buy
7Take a Chance 2014Description / Buy
8One More Chance 2014Description / Buy
9You Were Mine 2014Description / Buy
10Kiro's Emily (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
11When I'm Gone 2015Description / Buy
12When You're Back 2015Description / Buy
13The Best Goodbye 2015Description / Buy
14Up in Flames 2016Description / Buy

Order of The Field Party Series

1Until Friday Night 2015Description / Buy
2Under the Lights 2016Description / Buy
3After the Game 2017Description / Buy
4Losing the Field 2018Description / Buy
5Making a Play 2019Description / Buy
6Game Changer 2020Description / Buy

Order of Once She Dreamed Series

1Once She Dreamed: Part One 2016Description / Buy
2Once She Dreamed: Part Two 2016Description / Buy

Order of Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach Series

1Like A Memory 2017Description / Buy
2Because of Lila 2017Description / Buy
3Best I've Ever Had 2019Description / Buy

Order of South of the Mason Dixon Series

1Boys South of the Mason Dixon 2017Description / Buy
2Brothers South of the Mason Dixon 2018Description / Buy

Order of Sweet Series

1Sweet Little Thing 2017Description / Buy
2Sweet Little Lies 2017Description / Buy
3Sweet Little Memories 2017Description / Buy
4Sweet Little Bitch 2018Description / Buy

Order of Black Souls Series

1Charmed Souls 2020Description / Buy

Order of Abbi Glines Standalone Novels

1As She Fades 2018Description / Buy
2About Tomorrow... 2020Description / Buy
3Glitter 2021Description / Buy
4Lyrics of a Small Town 2021Description / Buy
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She was 18 when she left with her high school sweetheart. She married him, paving the way for a life filled with hectic schedules and demanding school activities. The author’s life is never dull. She maintains a pace that few other authors can match.

Glines publishes so many novels each year because it only takes her a week to write her first draft. On most days, she writes for six to eight hours. But she isn’t afraid to work for 12 hours straight where necessary.

Juggling her writing schedule with the demands of her family is challenging. Sometimes, she overworks herself. She has to take deliberate steps to keep from burning out. But she wouldn’t change a thing because she has dreamed of writing fiction ever since she was a child.

Though, at the end of the day, Glines’ family comes first. She won’t hesitate to put her manuscript aside to focus on her children. The author’s interest in stories was born at a young age.

As a child, she was always telling stories. Unfortunately, she presented some of her stories as though they had actually happened. Her mother did not appreciate Glines’ penchant for telling lies. However, she also noticed that her daughter had a gift, which is why she bought Glines a notebook when she was nine.

Glines was expected to put her stories on paper rather than telling them to other people. The notebook changed the author’s life. It introduced her to the joys of writing. She started dreaming of a future in which she wrote for a living.

It took several years for her dream to come true. ‘Breathe’, her first novel, came out in 2011. While it wasn’t the first story she had ever written, it was the first novel she wrote to completion.

She had started several novels in the past but she had failed to finish them because her abilities as a writer were lacking. When she completed ‘Breathe’, the author realized that she had successfully eliminated the weaknesses in her craft. She was finally ready to give writing and publishing a serious go.

Back then, the author made the mistake of using a small indie publisher. She did not know any better. It took her a while to realize that the indie publisher had nothing to offer her career. She encourages aspiring authors to focus their publishing efforts on the five biggest publishers on the market.

Otherwise, they are better off self-publishing their manuscripts. Glines has emphasized the importance of hiring a professional editor and cover artist. She believes that newcomers should start by nurturing a loyal fanbase through platforms like Amazon and Barns & Noble as opposed to hunting for traditional publishers and agents.

Glines eventually became a traditionally published author. However, the years she spent in the self-publishing arena had transformed the writer, teaching her everything she needed to know about the industry. In 2011, when her first novel debuted, Glines was not ready to navigate the waters of traditional publishing.

Best Abbi Glines Books

The author finds inspiration in music. She associates many of the books she has written with specific songs. The best books Glines has written include:

Fallen Too Far: Blaire Wynn was naïve. She had dedicated the last few years of her teenage life to her sick mother. Now, she was starting over, having abandoned Alabama for Florida in the wake of her mother’s death.

Life in Florida was complicated. Her rich father had a new wife. The couple had gone to Paris for the summer, leaving Blaire alone with her stepbrother. Suddenly, the spacious beach house was too small.

Blaire couldn’t stay away from Rush, a gorgeous young man that kept getting under her skin. Rush knew better than to surrender to his feelings for his step-sister. She was off-limits. But he couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

Never Too Far: Blaire had ruined her life. She had dared to fall for her stepbrother. Rush had responded to her feelings by revealing a secret that shattered her world. She couldn’t forgive him, so she fled back to Alabama. But Rush had no intention of giving up on Blaire.

When Does The Next Abigail Glines book come out?

Abigail Glines doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Lyrics of a Small Town and was released on July, 28th 2021.

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