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Adrian McKinty is an award-winning novelist from Ireland that writes crime, mystery, and YA novels. Born in 1968 in Belfast, McKinty was one of five children. The son of a welder and boilermaker, he read a lot of science fiction and fantasy when he was young. But publishing wasn’t necessarily on his radar, not where his career path was concerned.

Order of Michael Forsythe Series

1Dead I Well May Be 2003Description / Buy
2The Dead Yard 2006Description / Buy
3The Bloomsday Dead 2007Description / Buy

Order of Lighthouse Trilogy Series

1The Lighthouse Land 2006Description / Buy
2The Lighthouse War 2007Description / Buy
3The Lighthouse Keepers 2008Description / Buy

Order of Detective Sean Duffy Series

1The Cold Cold Ground 2012Description / Buy
2I Hear the Sirens in the Street 2013Description / Buy
3In the Morning I'll Be Gone 2014Description / Buy
4Gun Street Girl 2015Description / Buy
5Rain Dogs 2015Description / Buy
6Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly 2017Description / Buy

Order of Adrian McKinty Standalone Novels

1Orange Rhymes With Everything 1997Description / Buy
2Hidden River 2004Description / Buy
3Fifty Grand 2009Description / Buy
4Falling Glass 2011Description / Buy
5Deviant 2011Description / Buy
6The Sun Is God 2014Description / Buy
7The Chain 2019Description / Buy
8The Chase 2022Description / Buy

Adrian McKinty Anthologies

1 Belfast Noir2014Description / Buy
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McKinty attended the University of Warwick from where he studied Law. He also dipped his toes into politics and philosophy (University of Oxford). But his was hardly the life of a scholar. The father and husband moved to the US in 1993.

After settling down in New York, he did a number of odd jobs, working as a bartender, librarian, and a rugby coach, to mention but a few. McKinty only found stability once he moved to Denver, becoming the English teacher at a high school.

His writing career officially began in 2003 when ‘Dead I Well May Be’, his debut novel, was published. He became a full-time writer in 2008 after moving the family to Melbourne in Australia; though, McKinty’s career was far from conventional.

He kicked his career off with the Michael Forsythe Trilogy. Then he jumped into the YA science fiction arena with the Lighthouse Trilogy. However, none of those works produced the traction that McKinty’s career needed.

Everyone that read his stories took note of his talent. However, his novels were not popular enough for McKinty to categorize himself as a successful author. The people that knew him at the time will tell you that the Sean Duffy series changed everything.

The books told the tales of a constabulary sergeant plying his trade during the troubles. Their success convinced Adrian McKinty that he had been right to dedicate his life to writing and publishing. They didn’t sell all that well.

But at the time, that did not matter. The series was a critical hit, earning McKinty the best reviews of his entire career. The books also received numerous awards and nominations. It was all the encouragement the author needed to keep writing the Sean Duffy series.

He admitted later on that he was a little reluctant to tell so many stories set during Northern Ireland’s darkest years. But he was also certain that his hard work would produce dividends down the line once his writing star exploded and the financial rewards started pouring in.

It came as quite a surprise for McKinty and those who knew him when the author quit writing. This happened in 2017. Despite all the rave reviews surrounding his work, McKinty wasn’t selling enough copies of his books to earn a decent income from his writing.

He finally threw in the towel when his family was evicted from their house. Certain that the publishing field had nothing more to offer him, McKinty started driving for Uber and bartending to make ends meet.

He was quite sure that his writing days were behind him. It took a conversation over the phone with producer Shane Salerno to change his mind. Don Winslow, a fellow writer, heard about McKinty’s situation. He reached out to Salerno who called McKinty, offering him a $10,000 advance to write a new book.

Grateful for the money and the opportunity to write again, Adrian McKinty wrote ‘The Chain’, the book that finally brought a tangible change to his life. It secured the author a six-figure book deal and cemented his place in the publishing arena.

Adrian McKinty Awards

McKinty’s novels have won the Edgar, Ned Kelly, Barry, Audie, and Anthony Awards.

Best Adrian McKinty Books

McKinty has been praised for his use of irony, humor, and classic noir tropes, with some of the best books in his bibliography including:

The Chain: The Chain asks readers to imagine a bizarre scenario in which a parent’s child is kidnapped. The only way to get that child back is to kidnap another parent’s child. It is a chain, one in which old parents draw new parents into a kidnapping scheme in an effort to safeguard the life of their child.

The Cold Cold Ground: Detective Sergeant Duffy is a catholic policeman trying to keep the peace in 1981. Because it’s 1981, no one trusts him. People are rioting. Communities are starving. A serial killer is on the loose, and Duffy must catch him despite the opposition that meets him wherever he goes.

When Does The Next Adrian McKinty book come out?

The next book by Adrian McKinty is The Chase and will be released on February, 15th 2022.

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